Colts add Michael Hamlin

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Though the big news in Indianapolis today related to the status of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, the team has made another move.

The Colts have announced that defensive back Michael Hamlin has been signed.  To make room for Hamlin, the Colts waived/injured defensive back Cornelius Brown.

Hamlin was a fifth-round draft pick of the Cowboys in 2009.  He has played for the Cowboys and the Jaguars.

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  1. He had a lot of injuries his rookie year and never seemed to recover. He just didn’t play well in Dallas or Jacksonville.

    He’s JAG

  2. You never know how a guy might work out in a different system. If he was injured, just being healthy might make a big difference. I’m sure it’s a low risk for the Colts to bring him in to see if he can help.

  3. Pains me to say this as a recent Clemson alum who was there to watch Mike play, but he is just not very good.

    Also to my point, if you are a safety and can’t make the Cowboys that speaks volumes…

    Good guy though and a hard worker, hope he can make it somewhere.

    And to the guy above me,

    “stoptrippn says:
    Aug 29, 2011 4:14 PM
    Dallas were idiots not get Taylor Mays. I can’t wait for him to have a break out year. Shove it up 49ers ——”

    Yeah because that pick really worked out well for San Fran, they are trying to dump him after what, 1 year, as a second round pick?

  4. More proof of the turing of the tide down here in Jax…..last year we were starting guys off the waiver wire at DB and WR, this year the mighty Colts and Patriots picking up our DB and WR scrubs (Hamlin, Underwood)

  5. yeah, if this guy couldnt cut it in dallas as bad as their secondary is than that says something. oh well, best of luck in indy

  6. He never really made it off the practice squad. Was inactive for most of his Cowboy career. Doesn’t mean much since the Boys don’t have the best track record in finding and keeping talent these days…

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