Eisen graduates from Total Access

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He’s been the regular host of NFL Network’s signature show since NFL Network debuted on November 1, 2003.  Now, Rich Eisen is moving on — and up.

According to USA Today, via SportsBusiness Daily, Eisen no longer will be hosting Total Access.

Eisen will continue to host the network’s on-site game coverage, and he’ll anchor the marathon coverage of Sunday regular-season games.

He’ll also focus on his popular podcast, which is now also a telecast.  Even though it’s still called a podcast.  (I’m still not up to speed on these newfangled tech terms.)

Hopefully, Mr. Big Stuff will still have time to visit with PFT Live once in a while.

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  1. Eisen is what makes that show as good as it is. NFLN has some good former players/personalities but their analysis seems more geared to benefit their friends but every once in a great while some real insight accidentally slips out.

  2. “Does anyone else notice that his speech is slowing down and he seems more depressed?”

    He’s a “Michigan Man”. I would be depressed too if I were an alum of that clown college.

  3. This sucks, as far as I’m concerned. Darren Horton is way too dry and Fran Charles says “Um” or “Uh” every other word. the only other guy who would be good for the gig is Charles Davis, who left NFLN to do College FB for Fox. I’m about to give up on Total Access, between Fran’s hemming and hawing and Jamie Dukes’ loud mouth arguing, I’ve had about enough. The good old days with Rich, Terrell Davis and Rod Woodson are long gone and I, for one, am not happy.

  4. Charles Davis, Jamie Dukes are probably up next. Dukes is a loud mouth, but he’s entertaining. Why Eisen is moving is beyond me…he’s the best thing going on that show.

  5. I have always like Rich Eisen, and I used to love him when he was paired with Stuart Scott on ESPN. ESPN did him wrong at the end of his deal, but he turned those lemons into a lemon grove with NFL Network. I am going to miss him on NFLN’s Total Access, but the network has a stable of capable football specialists including Francois Charles (I just wanted to say Francois).

    Rich Eisen is great at what he does and though he is a Michigan man (Go Bucks-7 straight years **cough**), he seems to be a great guy and a huge fan of the game, not just a broadcaster, plus he is funny as hell, too.

  6. NFL Network seems to be drawing a lot of retired divas. This has to be Ray Lewis’ next stop.

    Sapp, Sanders, Irvin, Ray Ray. That’s classy.
    Even Marshall Faulk gets dragged down by these divas.

    They should stick with guys like Jamie Dukes, Willie McGinest, Baldinger and Sterling Sharpe.
    Guys who want to talk about what happens on the field, not the baby mama drama.

  7. Eisen is gold. Glad he moved away from Mickey Mouse. ESPN is so corporate with its canned re-broadcasts, it’s hard to watch – over and over and over. Did I say over.

  8. Fran Charles is terrible. The thought of hearing him on a regular makes me want to stop watching it. And Darren Horton… Couldn’t be anymore boring unless he said nothing at all. Sapp and Faulk are the only 2, imo, worth listening to.

  9. Good. Now maybe I’ll watch the show. He is so smug, and has no insight what so ever. When the NFL announced that they would have a network, I thought I’d watch it nonstop, but his presence stopped that real quickly.

  10. 15 years ago, if someone would have told me that there was going to be a station solely dedicated to the NFL, I would have been ecstatic. It has the potential to be so great, but often times, it’s completely unwatchable.

    For all the greatness of what guys like Mike Mayock and Rich Eisen bring to the table, NFLN destroys their reputation by having guys like Jamie Dukes and Warren Sapp dominate their signature show, especially Dukes.

    Jamie Dukes is the worst football person on TV. The. Absolute. Worst. And that includes idiots like Joe Theismann. No small feat.

  11. I stopped watching total access anyway when Jamie Dukes started overtaking every single conversation while he talks down about players like he was Reggie White.

  12. My problem with NFL Network besides the promos that run over and over (guys here’s a professional concept – make multiple versions – doh!), is the endless parade of hosts on TA at the expense of good ones left off.

    Willie McGinist over Kurt Warner? Please. They have way too many fumblin, stumblin exjocks on there. Get six good ones and stay with them. Taking Isen off is a bad idea too. A little Fran Charles goes a long way.

  13. I like Jamie Dukes, I think he has improved much since the show began.

    I don’t like Warren Sapp. He just doesn’t seem to provide the insight that Dukes does.

    Dukes is less hype and more analysis than Sapp. I would never paint Dukes with eht same brush as Sapp.

  14. I cannot describe to anyone how bad Jamie Pukes is. He doesn’t know anything about the game, and his love fest for Jay Cutler is just terrible. BTW, who the hell is he anyway? I will ALWAYS turn the show off if he is on it. By far the WORST commentator in all of sports. I would rather get run over by a bus than have to be subject to watching him spew diarrhea out of his mouth all show long.

  15. Rich Eisen has seemed a little more confused and less informed recently. I have noticed the change in his demeanor. I wonder if he just got exhausted with the gig…I hope he doesn’t become another pompous Dan Patrick.

  16. Good bye total access. Now i have a good excuse to watch the Food Network. Better than Dukes and Sapp and Fran Charles. where did they find charles any way? And, did they have a casting call for the females? all but kara henderson are horrible.

  17. Eisen was great on NFL Total Access. I wish he was still going to be on the show.


    mac3333 says:
    Aug 29, 2011 9:31 AM
    “Does anyone else notice that his speech is slowing down and he seems more depressed?”

    He’s a “Michigan Man”. I would be depressed too if I were an alum of that clown college.

    I’d bet $100 that mac3333 is your standard internet troll who barely (I mean barely) got his high school diploma.

  18. People I enjoy most on NFL Network, Rich Eisen, Mike Mayock, Brian Baldinger. I personally have no problem with Darren Horton, Fran Charles and Charles Davis as emcees (hosts)-people who really know what they’re talking about and can speak without the street vernacular. However the rest need to find another job, I don’t feel like taking 20 minutes to write down all the names but it starts with Jamie Dukes, Warren Sapp, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin etc. My plea to the NFL Network is please try to acquire some “professionals” and less with the ex-football goof offs. By the way-was the fact that Rich Eisen always having work with and listen to the inane dribble of Jamie Dukes and Warren Sapp have anything to do with him leaving?

  19. I can honestly say I haven’t watched ESPN for anything outside of a football game in nearly over five years.

    NFL Network had become home and Eisen was the key.

    NFL Network is now out of my viewing package too.

    Frankly, these channels are really making me wonder why I pay for extra cable channels.

  20. Total Access Monday-Friday no longer a must see. Eisen was the best thing about the show, even though he’s been faded out recently anyway. At least he’s on on Sundays.

  21. mac3333 says: Aug 29, 2011 9:31 AM

    “Does anyone else notice that his speech is slowing down and he seems more depressed?”

    He’s a “Michigan Man”. I would be depressed too if I were an alum of that clown college.

    Says the guy who would kill to have gone to ANY college. Bet ya went to THE Ohio State Community College huh? SAY…I hear they play their players rather well over there…

  22. “Jamie Dukes is the worst football person on TV. The. Absolute. Worst. And that includes idiots like Joe Theismann. No small feat.”

    I have never heard Jamie Dukes say anything of substance…..ever.

    They have too many “personality” analysts for my sake, and they all suffer from diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.

    Eisen and Mayock are HUGE losses. I’ll tune in occasionally to see what they’re doing for replacements, but if they run with people like Jamie Dukes I will never watch the show again.

  23. Nooooooo. Sniff. Please tell me he’ll still anchor the Combine coverage. It wouldn’t be the same without his run at the end.

    Love Eisen the way I once loved the ESPN team back in the day before they became intolerable. Perhaps they could lure Stuart Scott–he’s the only ESPN guy I still enjoy. And they need a professional broadcaster to balance the ex players.

  24. I can’t watch Jamie Dukes unless Michael Lombardi is on the with him. The way the two of them bicker is hilarious because Dukes acts like he knows it all and Lombardi looks like he wants to slap him.

  25. Wish NFLN would run NCAA football news. It’s as logical as running CFL games. Then I’d only have to watch ESPN for Monday or college games.

  26. NFL Network needs to re-air more “Classic Games” tbh.

    Can’t be any worse than pulling a ESPN and re-running the same 1 hour of sportscenter … over and over and over.

    I love that NFL Replay they got as well..

    kinda suprised the NFL haven’t released a ton of dvds like “Best Games of 2010” , “best Superbowls!” and what not, you see a million WWE dvds at wal mart, wouldn’t mind seeing more “Classic NFL games” dvds at stores.

  27. Just for the record, here, imho are the best announcers at NFL network: Eisen, Charles Davis (probably the best of everyone), Mike Mayock, Marshall Faulk (though he needs to show a little more humility and a little less I know everything attitude) Kurt Warner (you have it Kurt), Brian Baldinger (can’t keep my eyes off his warped fingers LOL), Steve Mariucci. Most of the other guys are marginal including Deon Sanders, Jamie Dukes, Warren Sapp, Darren Horten, Fran Charles, all the women, Michael Irvin (wtf did he say?). Is this so difficult to ascertain?

  28. @ 1phd:

    Great takes – especially nailing the Charles Davis call. Love that dude.

    Agree with damn near all of it – though I love Faulk’s attitude, and think he’s a real gem.

    Also, sure – Mike Irvin may not always speak in the Queen’s English, but he’s passionate, extremely likeable (IMO) and just a lot of fun. Not a Cowboy homer (hate the Cowboys), but really like Irvin’s spunk, spirit and playfulness.

    As for which NFLN commentators I don’t like – none of them are nauseating …. like a lot of the talking heads ESPN props (or has propped) out there: Theismann, Salisbury, Berman, etc. Just brutal — whomever ever is head of H.R. (i.e., casting in that industry) needs to go.

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