Greg Toler, starting Cardinals cornerback, suffers torn ACL

The Arizona Cardinals have taken a major hit in the secondary.

Greg Toler, who was a starting cornerback in Arizona last year and was expected to start this season, has been lost for the year with a torn ACL.

The injury, which Toler suffered during Saturday night’s game against the Chargers, looked bad at the time, and the medical staff has now confirmed the worst.

With Toler done for the year, it will be even more important for the Cardinals that No. 5 overall pick Patrick Peterson is ready to go from Week 1.

18 responses to “Greg Toler, starting Cardinals cornerback, suffers torn ACL

  1. That stinks. I feel especially bad for guys when a season ending injury happens before the season even starts.

  2. I think they will go with Jefferson and Marshall as starts, Peterson will work his way in there. With injury to Adams they will look for a nickel DB, Hanson might be to expensive.

  3. Big blow. I liked the physical play of Toler. He was not scared to tackle like corners in the past. Get well soon buddy.

  4. He was a weak spot any ways. This whole secondary is looking pretty gross. If you have to count on a midget (mike adams) corner to play nickle and dime you’re screwed.

  5. Couldn’t have happened to a better and harder working guy. It’s a shame because he really has stepped it up since DRC left and i was really excited to see what he was gonna bring to the table this year. I hope you have a speedy recovery GT. See you next season

  6. Now all that needs to happen is to watch the inevitable disaster which is Kolb’s starting career begin to crumble, and it’s a complete fleecing the Eagles put on these guys.

    Peterson seems to me like he will be a better fit as a safety than corner, but time will tell there. Toler was back pocket insurance the Cardinals had to make that ridiculous trade for “the new Scott Mitchell” Kevin Kolb. Losing Toler is big, and will really hurt this teams competitive chances. Without a solid defensive backfield to protect “track meet” games with other high powered offenses, Kolb will not succeed. He’s just not a leader or a competitive type, and he struggles in games where crucial decision making and making strategic reads are key. But AZ fans will find out soon enough about that.

  7. Karma! This is for all those horrible sins Arizona players have committed over the years. This and losing the SB. Yeah. Karma.

    I am sorry. I was just behaving like the morons out there who trot out the karma angle every time something bad happens to a team they don’t like (of which said team happens to have a player who did so e wrongdoing ala Big Ben).

    Never mind the question of why the cosmos would care more about football and less about real atrocities such as those committed in places like Somalia, Iran, Syria, etc. Sorry, too busy applying Karam to the Steelers or Patriots – no time to apply karma to something as minor as genocide.

    Seriously, best of luck to Toler in his recovery. If he played in a major market I suspect he would get a lot more attention for his quality play.

  8. Greg Toler….is toast.

    That is all I can think of every time I see his name written.

    And if anyone knows what the hell I’m referring to, we should go bowling sometime.

  9. Here’s hoping Toler heals as quickly as possible, also the Cardinals better have a heck of an offense and a pass rush to be competative this year.

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