Happy with Commisioner’s decision, Talib’s not out of the woods yet


As pointed out in the Monday morning one-liners, the Bucs are happy about the decision of Commissioner Roger Goodell not to suspend cornerback Aqib Talib, who has been indicted on charges of aggravated assault in Texas.

Talib understandably is also pleased.

It was a great decision, man.  I respect the Commisioner’s decision and just focus on Sept. 11,” Talib said after the team’s recent preseason game, via JoeBucsFan.com.  “Happy it’s over with.  A big burden off my shoulders, man, and I’m ready to get it in on that level.

“It was something I had to go through.  Something I had to do.  And it turned out good, man, so it’s kind of behind me now.  I had no idea how it was going to go.  I felt like the meeting went good. I’m just happy with the decision.

“It went down where [I gave] the Commissioner the rundown on what really happened and everything and my lawyer did a good job giving him information he really didn’t know about.  I think it was a good meeting and we definitely respect the Commissioner’s decision.”

Fine, but the incident isn’t really behind Talib until the charges in Texas are resolved.  He’s accused of pistol-whipping and then firing shots at his sister’s boyfriend.  If Talib ultimately lands behind bars, he’ll necessarily be suspended.  The bigger question is whether Talib would face punishment from the league office if he’s convicted but not jailed.

I’ll have some more thoughts on this — and the Kenny Britt non-suspension — during today’s edition of PFT Live.  You may call that a tease.  I prefer to think of it as me being too lazy to type any more about it right now.

16 responses to “Happy with Commisioner’s decision, Talib’s not out of the woods yet

  1. i thought it was hsi sisters girlfriend?

    at least it happened in Texas, hell Plax coulda got off if he was in Texas…

  2. This is what happens when there’s a million websites trying to find content. Let it play out.

  3. In general…guys who beat on women should be pistol whipped. Maybe Talib should have hired the local “crew” to do the work for him.

  4. Why have more thoughts on it later you hack, this site had sources that said Talib would be gone for 4 games. Your credibility on this subject is shot, but thats par for the course.

  5. I’d like to get Ben “Not charged or indicted” Roethlisbergers reaction to these latest non suspensions…..

  6. “[I gave] the Commissioner the rundown on what really happened and everything”

    As some PFT readers clearly pointed out in Ben’s case, what you think happened and what really happened are two different things.

  7. Can the Commissioner be summoned to testify now on what Talib told him about the case and what happened? It looks more like the commissioner is reserving judgment until the court hears the case. Talib better mind his p’s and q’s for the rest of the season, dawg.

  8. Talib is not Pacman Jones.

    The ONLY witness the state has is the supposed victim himself, who actually fired a weapon first from the cover of the woods. He claims he tripped and the gun went off…how should anyone else know that?

    But even if such were not the case…the man beat Talibs sister multiple times and hte plice did nothing. The man raped a 13 year old girl previously!

    This man didn’t deserve a pistol whipping, he deserved to be shot. So Talib, in my opinion, showed great constraint.

    So which is it? Support abusings and raping or support justice? If you can’t choose, shut your mouth.

  9. Okay, so “sue everyone” if he gets suspended, but if he doesn’t, well he should know that it really isn’t over yet. Really?

  10. How Talib and Britt escaped suspension is beyond me. For all of you who have said you can’t suspend someone just because they are indicted, did you have the same reaction to Big Ben’s suspension? He Has never been indicted, never mind found guilty of a crime.

    Or does your approach vary based on how much or how little you like a player?

    And yes, I do think Big Ben deserved a suspension – although two games would have sufficed. However, the inconsistent approach makes me wonder what the heck the commish is thinking. Britt is clearly a repeat offender and yet he gets nothing? Makes no sense to me.

    Talib? He mayb be a world class jerk and ghetto clown but that may not make him suspendable, although if found guilty one can only presume he would be. Heck, better be.

  11. I think I speak on the behalf of many Kansas fans when I say, Aquib:

    1. Thanks for helping the Hawks win the Orange Bowl in 2008. Without you it probably doesn’t happen.

    2. You can go away now.

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