Hillis not thinking about Madden game

The new Madden game is released at midnight, and it features Browns running back Peyton Hillis on the cover.

But Hillis says he isn’t thinking about the fact that his face will be on a plastic box that will get cast aside in millions of homes after the contents are placed in one of the various consoles on which it can be played.

“No, just because we are in the middle of football now and the regular season is in a couple of weeks,” Hillis said Monday.  “We have our last preseason game.  I am more focused on that right now instead of the game.”

Still, he likes the fact that he was voted by fans to appear on the cover.

It’s exciting,” Hillis.  “I’ve been very blessed and I am kind of speechless at times, but you never can lose focus.  You never can stay enough humbled.  You just have to go out there and do what you can.  I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had, but it’s time to move on and get focused on more important things.”

Helping Hillis stay focused is the presence of Montarrio Hardesty, a second-round pick in 2010 who missed all of his rookie season with a knee injury.  Coach Pat Shurmur recently gushed about Hardesty’s potential.

“I know why [G.M.] Tom [Heckert] drafted him because I evaluated him when he came out,” Shurmur said Saturday.  “I just had a different mailing address.  I think we’re starting to see what he is and was in college.  I’m hopeful that he’s going to get to that level.”

So what does Shurmur like about Hardesty?  “I think he’s quick,” Shurmur said.  “I think he’s got excellent vision.  Again, much like a lineman blocking in there, the holes and creases aren’t always large and you’ve got to be able to press it and jump through it.  I think he can do that well.  He has the instinct to run to daylight. I think he’s a solid guy in terms of his physique where he can be a good pass protector and I think he also catches the ball well.  That’s what we expect to see.”

If Hardesty stays healthy, the Browns could end up having a Warrick Dunn/Mike Alstott dynamic, possibly with both players on the field at the same time.  (Actually, given Hardesty’s size, it could be more like a Mike Alstott/Mike Alstott dynamic.)

“I think we’ve put in packages of plays that we can either run with a fullback and a traditional tailback, two tailbacks or two fullbacks,” Shurmur said.  “How we use those guys would be based on who’s healthy and available each week.  If we have a roster where we’re going in and playing a game where Montario and Peyton are both available I think it makes sense to put them in there a small percentage of the time.”

For now, Shurmur can experiment with his H&H formations on Madden; Hillis provided the coach with a free copy of the game.

The only problem?  Hillis gave Shurmur a copy of the game for a system other than the system that Shurmur’s kid uses.

23 responses to “Hillis not thinking about Madden game

  1. Madden is a terrible game year in and year out. This is what happens when you have no competitors in a market.

    People keep buying this garbage.

  2. I just hope Tebow can do enough this season to get the Madden cover next year. The cover will be him in a white robe walking on water.

  3. @trbowman……u are obviously no good at that game hence the hatred. I would rather have my kid playing that than messing with some hookers and having a kid at 16.

  4. LOL, “Mike Alstott.” I love how people don’t dare compare a white football player to anything other than another white football player. Never mind that Hillis is twice the battering ram Alstott ever was.

  5. anyone who’s played madden in the last 10 years would tell you. Its the same game every year with new rosters for 60 bucks.

  6. look, it was cute to see the guy have a good year but lets be honest, he is not a rb that will strike fear in other teams this season. they all have tape on him, will know his style and reign him in. face it, he is a big white guy and never will have the talent of a black guy as a running back. just saying the truth.

  7. polishkingski says:
    Aug 29, 2011 9:10 PM

    they all have tape on him, will know his style and reign him in.
    Don’t *all* teams have tape of all other teams? Then why aren’t all RBs reigned in every game, if all it takes is their opponents watching them play on tape?

    Did you mean the tapes of Hillis knocking players into the ground and bulldozing other players for 5-10 yards? Those tapes?

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  9. One year wonder? ummmmm…..just had 3 carries for 18 yds against philly with a hurt neck. He is a beast that people have to gameplan for. They lined him up at wideout too. He’s got speed and power. A one hit wonder doesn’t run for almost 200 yds on the Patriots. Talk about one hit wonders lets go to houston. Arian is batttling leg injury after leg injury this preseason. Should be an interesting year with a hurt hamstring for that fella.

  10. Since I bought my ps3 and madden 10 back in march of 09 I havnt got threw one season,I never play it,used to play a lot on ps2.maybe its changed for the worse or I’m getting older,in my lower 30s now. Weird though.

  11. EA is garbage. Both NCAA and Madden are always so loaded with bugs that it needs 2-3 patches before the game is even playable. So what’s the point of buying on release day? EA got me again this year with NCAA (STILL waiting on that 2nd patch to drop to “fix” the game, unbelievable), should have learned my lesson. From now on EA sports games are a no go for me.

  12. Hillis is a quality back – remember he lit it up in Denver in ’05

    But you probably forgot that because he got hurt. As he did a bunch last year. Truth is he is injury prone. The only difference is this year people will say it is the Madden Curse.

  13. I must have missed the part where Hillis actually helped the Browns win more games. The Clowns were 5-11 the year before Fumbillis and 5-11 with him last year. Where exactly is the improvement. The only thing he led in the NFL last year was fumbles among RBs, and that’s the truth. Over-hyped one year wonder. Anyone can run behind Joe Thomas and Mack.

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