Patriots cut James Sanders


James Sanders is out in New England.

The Patriots informed Sanders today that he’s being cut, his agent Gary Uberstine told Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Sanders started at safety for last week’s preseason loss to the Lions, when the Patriots’ secondary was picked apart by Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Sanders played in 15 games for the Patriots last season, starting nine and intercepting three passes.

34 responses to “Patriots cut James Sanders

  1. The Patriots will be shopping for Safeties now and looking closely at cut downs. Time to see what Ras-I Dowling can do at that position, IMO.

  2. That sucks. I like him. Nice solid player, hard worker, good citizen and always a good teammate. Not a playmaker @ safety, but usually doesn’t make the glaring errors either (cough…Meriwether…cough).
    I wish him nothing but the best wherever he ends up…even if it’s somewhere I hate.

  3. solidmarine says:
    Aug 29, 2011 1:51 PM
    Somewhere in Foxboro, Andy Hart’s head just exploded.


    Funny!!! Thats the same exact thing I thought when I finished reading the story

  4. Wow, Sanders had the biggest play of the year for the Pats when he picked off Manning on that final drive last year. I guess like Lawyer Milloy its ‘what have you done for me lately’ with Bill Belichick.

  5. iflounder says:Aug 29, 2011 1:47 PM

    tom probably threw a hisssy fit he wouldn’t swallow. call me tom.

    Whatever that means and i do enjoy when andy hart looks like the retard he really is

  6. duncanthecat says:Aug 29, 2011 1:53 PM

    Haynesworth should also be cut. What a fat slob.
    Does he even have a tackle this preseason?

    First of all, he’s in shape. I know it’s fun for you cartoon fans to say ‘Fat Albert’ but there are 4 DL men on the Pats heavier than him.

    RMoss didn’t have a catch in 2007 preseason. Not saying AH is a good guy, but on the field, watch what happens.

  7. Sanders’ role as of late was the “veteran, calming presence who knew the system well”.

    Sounds like Belichick sees a roster spot he can fill up somewhere else. Sanders was reportedly a great guy, but I’m fine with it. GL Sanders.

  8. Who’s Andy Hart????

    Just the biggest hom….homer for James Sanders. He’s one of the writers for Patriots Football Weekly and also a commentator for the Patriots web radio. He’s really talentless and Erik Scalavino is so much better and more insightful….just sayin’

  9. Even though they still have”Pro Bowl” safety Brandon Merriweather, this still seems like a bad move right now. I say right now because other moves that the Patriots have made in the past seemed bad at the time, but worked out just fine for them. They always seem to know when to let guys go (Richard Seymour, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, etc.)

  10. racerx1225 says,

    they let Seymour go too. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Well said, since you know better than anyone else being an expert at “stupid”.

    Love the know nothings who post messages displaying their lack of knowledge.

    FYI , Seymour was traded for the 1st round pick this year the Pats used on Solder.

  11. The blame game is beginning in New England. This season might turn into an epic disaster quickly.

  12. The Jets NEED to bring him in! Knows the Pats defense WELL and would be great to pick his brain and give depth at Safety!!

    Also, @flagstaffphotos :

    “The blame game is beginning in New England. This season might turn into an epic disaster quickly.”

    Are you serious? Pats disaster this season? I’m a Jets fan and I’m fairly convinced the Pats will win MINIMUM 10 games- Worst Case Scenario (unless Brady goes down)- and will likely win 12-14 games.

  13. They did something about the S spot.

    The New England Patriots signed safety James Ihedigbo today.
    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Patriots signed safety James Ihedigbo today. Terms of the contract were not announced.

    Ihedigbo, 6-1, 214, is a veteran of three NFL seasons with the New York Jets. He originally joined the Jets as a rookie free agent from Massachusetts on May 15, 2007. After beginning his rookie season on the practice squad, the 27-year old from Northampton, Massachusetts was signed to the 53-man roster and played in eight games, mainly on special teams.

    Ihedigbo has played in 37 career games and has accumulated 11 total tackles and 25 special teams tackles. In addition, he has played in four postseason games and has six total tackles and eight special teams tackles.


  14. He sucks. About time BB sent him packing. But then, we don’t have much going on at S anyway.

  15. I am a bit shocked by this. We is a very steady player, and is by far the most consistent safety they had. I cant believe this guy got cut before that genius Merriweather did. They already lacked depth at safety

  16. @flagstaffphotos–what are you talking about? What “blame game “? It’s a carefully calculated decision by BB…nobody’s blaming anybody for anything.

  17. Sanders did everything asked of him in New England. He was a veteran who came up with big plays when needed, and was relatively inexpensive. James Ihedigbo is really going to make this roster and Sanders isn’t? James Ihedigbo the guy Rex Ryan wanted to cut on the spot for blowing special teams assignments and letting Ted Ginn run amuck on the Jets? I can’t wrap my brain around this.

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