Peyton Manning activated, will practice on limited basis

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Here’s something that will make Colts fans smile: Indianapolis activated Peyton Manning from the PUP list on Monday.

The four-time MVP will return to practice on a limited basis. The Colts don’t explicitly say that will happen Monday, but it’s fairly safe to assume that since they are activating him.

“He will participate in practice on a limited basis. All of his practice work will be scripted and on a controlled basis,” the Colts said in a statement.

It’s a good sign for Manning in a weekend full of them. He sounded rather optimistic speaking to CBS, and Colts coach Jim Caldwell did as well when talking about Manning.

Practicing on a limited basis is different than getting crushed by 270-pound defensive ends, but this is a big step.  The chances of Manning being ready for Week One certainly look better than they did a week ago.

29 responses to “Peyton Manning activated, will practice on limited basis

  1. Yea, but Manning still can’t run the ball, stop the run or pass, and he can’t play special teams. He may get them to the playoffs, but this team is not going anywhere anyways…

  2. Manning want’s Favre’s consecutive game record so bad he can’t stand it.

    Short of being in a wheelchair he will not miss the opener. Take that to the bank.

  3. @pkrjones,
    But it won’t be Collins that gets cut.
    The love affair the Colts have with C. Painter means D. Orlovsky will probably be the QB to turn his play book in.

  4. They only did it, because if he wasn’t taken off the PUP list, he’d have to miss the first 6 games of the season. No way he’s ready to play in week 1.

  5. “Here’s something that will make Colts fans smile: Indianapolis activated Peyton Manning from the PUP list on Monday.”

    That goes for Fantasy Football Owners as well.

  6. I said a couple of weeks ago that Irsay was messing with people’s minds with all that tweeting and that Peyton would be under center week one. What puzzles me is giving Kerry $4 million guaranteed – seems like a bad business decision, which is unusual for Bill Poliam (aside from the Jerry Hughes first round pick).

  7. People who are saying this was a publicity stunt or a ploy to get media attention are insane…

    Why would Manning (a practice fanatic) miss all that practice time w/ his WR’s and TE’s just for the heck of it?? Why would the Colts bring in Collins and pay him $4 million of there is nothing wrong with Manning??

    How can anyone bash Manning for not wanting to miss a game. Most of us get excited when we can take a day off of work. Now you have a guy who has commited himself to being there on gameday every single day, if at all humanely possible.

    People rip players like MJD and Cutler for not going out there and playing when injured…. then they’ll also rip someone like Manning who go out there and play despite injuries…. sometimes people just love to hear themselves bit** and moan

  8. Good news for Colts fans, but the bad news is they still have their hopeless excuse of a head coach who makes Kubiak and Del Rio look like Lombardi & Noll.

  9. @ jimcaldwellsucks

    Awesome screen name, its the most truthful one I’ve ever seen

    @ kom2K10, you’re 100% right too. People are just straight up haters!! They lose track of which side of the argument theyre on, they just like to complain. Its pretty sad

    no way he plays week 1 huh?? I’d love to put some money down on that one. I only take cash, no rubber checks

  10. aside from TEN in 08′, the Colts have won their division every year since 2003.

    Could this be the year where the wheels start to come off in Indy? Now the Great Peyton Manning is showing chinks in the armor.
    No one beats old man time…

  11. @RED513

    I believe Collins was signed more as a replacement of Painter due to him sucking, and the fact that Manning is coming off of surgery as opposed to him actually replacing Manning for any period of time. More of an insurance policy in case Manning does get hurt during the year.

    With that sad Colts + Painter for 16 games = 1-15 @ best. Colts + Collins for 16 games would allow them to push for a 5-11 or 6-10 record.

  12. Like stated a couple times above, they pretty much had to take him off the PUP this week so that is not big news. The hardest part about his injury is it’s a nerve issue, nobody can ever say 100% when a nerve issue will be over. But yes I think that Manning will play in week 1 rather he is 100% or not.

    To all those now thinking the Texans don’t have a chance now that Manning is playing, the Texans beat them week 1 last year after a full camp by Manning. How soon people forget.

  13. I’ve had C-5, 6, 7 fused and I can’t imagine how he could play if he has any nerve damage from it. Plus, the muscles and tendons take forever to recover.

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