Eric Steinbach officially out for season


Browns guard Eric Steinbach was placed on injured reserve Tuesday after undergoing surgery on his back.

The news ends speculation about Steinbach’s season, was in doubt over the weekend. We have to wonder if it will end Steinbach’s Browns career as well.

The nine-year veteran signed a seven-year, $49.5 million contract with the Browns back when Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel were running the team.

The Browns are on the hook for $6.25 million this year to Steinbach.

17 responses to “Eric Steinbach officially out for season

  1. blessing in disguise – he was not playing very well the last 2 seasons – may have been due to injury – but the bottom line is he was not very good. I hope the rookie can step up – if so, CLE has a real nice and young O-line

  2. bearsblow says:
    Aug 30, 2011 5:27 PM

    “I think the brownies are a garbage organization period. Year after Year they suck…”

    …said the Lions fan.

  3. Too bad the highlight of the Browns’ season will be the featuring of Hillis on the Madden cover.

  4. Steinbach was once a really, really good player, the Browns have been, for decades, a truly pathetic organization. The fit was never there to begin with. Sympathies, Eric, but, on the bright side, maybe it gets you out of Cleveland.

  5. My first post here….all I can say is: didn’t your mothers teach you that, if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say it. Not quite sure why there is so much hate for the Browns organization on this board.

  6. Sure wish the Browns wouldn’t have offered Steinbach that ridiculous contract. My Bengals went south after he and Braham left. Eric was a great player for us.

  7. Anyone who hates the Browns is probably a front runner. How can you hate a team that rarely make the playoffs. The Bungles are a dumpster fire compared to Cleveland. I bet the Browns win 7 games easy.

  8. Why so much hate for the Browns? Ummm…maybe because of their obnoxious, whining fans who act as if there are no sports fans as strong or as loyal as them? That kind of stuff tends to tick off the rest of us who realize that most (not all) NFL towns have some pretty damned hardcore fans. Although I must say, as lousy as Cleveland has been in every sport since I’ve been alive (when was the last championship team in Cleveland? was it the 50’s or the 60’s?), it does take a measure of dedication to be a Cleveland fan… And no one – not even Cleveland – deserved to be treated the way LeBron treated you…

  9. @pbrev – when you say 7 games easy, what do you really mean? Do you mean that they easily win at least 7 games? Do you mean that the 7 wins are easy wins? Tiz very confusing….

    How about this. If the Browns win 7 games the season will be considered a rousing success. Given that this team hasn’t done squat from squano for a decade or so, getting as close to 500 as possible should be the first goal. Given their easy schedule this year, that is a distinct possibility. What is not a distinct possibility is that their 7 wins are easy ones. They will be lucky to be on the positive side of one or two laughers. That just doesn’t happen in the NFL.

    If they can finish ahead of the Bungles and within 2 or 3 games of the Steelers (who btw will be looking at the Ravens a$$ by seasons end) then the Browns can look back, say it was a good season and try to build to have a winning team the year after.

    But knowing Browns fans as I have come to learn, if they finish 7 – 9 or even 8 – 8, there will be so much trash talk about how they are going to win the division and go deep into the playoffs, it will once again become nauseating and make it fun to make fun of Cleveland.

  10. ppdoc13: When did making fun of Cleveland stop being fun? Did I miss something? Did they do something about that awful smell or the fatbodies that inhabit that tear-filled cesspool? Did its citizens suddenly become literate or develop legitimate senses of humor?

  11. Like I said no sense of humor. Cleveland, seriously, if you don’t laugh at yourselves, what do you really have? The James-less Cavs? The Superbowl-less Browns? That puke-stained city? The years of losing?

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