Gore, Niners agree to three-year extension

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Last hour, the 49ers and running back Frank Gore had not agreed to terms on a new deal.

This hour, they have.

Per a league source, the player and the team have agreed to terms on a three-year extension.

The extension has $21 million in new money, with $13.5 million guaranteed.

Coupled with his current deal, which pays out $4.9 million in 2011, Gore can earn $25.9 million over four years.

It’s a far cry from DeAngelo Williams money, but no one not named Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson is going to get close to what Williams got.

54 responses to “Gore, Niners agree to three-year extension

  1. finally frank gore budges god!!!!!!! now can we get chris johnson of tennessee to sign a deal now im anxious to see how he does this year jesus christ almighty we need chris johnson deal to get done!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. I’ll bet whatever the deal is worth that he’ll be cut or the it’ll be restructured before 3 years.

  3. That may be a record even for you guys. You posted earlier that there is no contract yet. There aren’t even any comments posted on that story and here is a new story saying that there is a contract

  4. Good for Frank, but I suspect this will be seen as yet another bad deal in a couple of years.

  5. cletusvandam says: Aug 30, 2011 8:16 PM

    That’s a lot of money for the 8-10 games they’ll get from him this year.

    I’m sure some of that $ is in incentives. still, 6 mil a year is a very good deal for a top 10 back that top 5 potential if he stays healthy.

  6. You muppets claiming Gore is injury prone dead set need a lobotomy. He has averaged 14 games a year, hardly the 8 to 10 that you goobacks keep saying. This is a good deal to keep a well respected member of the locker room and not to mention the focal point of the 49ers offense happy

  7. If F. Gore was on any other team he would be a house old name. But alas, he is on the 9er’s.

    It’s too bad Frank Gore is only good for one sprained ankle that will cost him four games.

  8. Hater be quiet even being hurt in the past more teams are affraid of that man playing than about 90% of the backs in the league . Its a good move on both sides , frank gets a lil more money and the team has the centerpiece to the offense and watch him stay healthy and post top 3 numbers

  9. If Arian Foster comes close to replicating his 2010 season, Bob McNair will make sure he’s at the head of the best paid RB’s in the NFL class.

  10. Look at all you haters…the dude is a beast..My favorite player..He deserves it…hes been the lone brightspot besides davis for the past 4 years….He is our offense. Hell be a great mentor for hunter but with gore and hunter in the backfield we will be unstopable..Niners for life baby….

  11. I agree he will be out with injury by week 8. With Smith at QB
    they will use and abuse Gore

  12. where are the people saying this organization doesnt know what they are doing now?

    they didnt budge with Crabtree.

    they didnt give Frank what he wanted. the 9ers ultimately won the negotiation again. good deal for both. run along Rosenhaus.

  13. nomoreseasontix says: Aug 30, 2011 8:18 PM

    Good for Frank, but I suspect this will be seen as yet another bad deal in a couple of years.
    Completely agree…with the statement and your name! I hung my season ticket cleats up this year…too much hassle to watch my Niners get roasted 31-0 by the Bucs. I have seen some miserable games this last decade and something tells me there’s more to come.

  14. I am happy for Frank though and right now it seems to be a good deal for both teams, but in today’s game paying a RB past 30 isn’t very smart.

  15. I like Frank Gore but he hasn’t played a healthy season since High School… Not that much money paid out so not that big of a deal I guess… He is one of few bright spots in San Francisco…

  16. It’s a fair deal. It’s not a boat load of cash & not a pittance either. Keeps Gore a Niner until we no longer need him, & keeps him happy at the same time.

    I’m sure if he falls too far off the map later down the road the Niners will cut him if they deem it appropriate.

  17. As a fan of football, not just 49ers, I wish Gore/49ers had managed to work a deal sending him to a contender. Great talent, albeit on the downside, and a terrific ambassador for the game. He is the anti-T.O. Somewhere, Steven Jackson is thanking the Rams for Bradford, while Gore is “cursing” Smith. Can you imagine Gore in NE, Philly, or Indy?

  18. Good job Frank,take the money & run..they still have more than enough money to offer Alex Smith another extension

  19. This, along with all big money contracts, are a bunch of garbage. Rarely does a player get all the money stated in their contract. And the players did well in the CBA? Sounds more like another case of Goodell having the NFLPA by the balls.

  20. Terrible deal for Niners. He is on the decline and won’t stay healthy through the whole season. What is with teams lately giving rb’s in their late twenties new deals in the middle of the old one. 28 year old D Williams gets new deal from panthers and same age Gore gets a new deal. At 28 nowadays a rb is as good as done. That’s wasted money.

  21. tsimpson50 says:
    Aug 30, 2011 8:49 PM
    The over/under on the Season Ending Injury is 6 weeks.
    Over/under for him being upset with his contract 2.1 years.


    This isn’t a Mike Vick article…I think that’s where you wanted to post

  22. There once was a 9’er named Gore.

    His lack of bacon made him want more.

    So San Fran will pay,

    Twenty-one will stay!

    How soon till his legs get sore?

  23. lol look at the haters.

    you call Gore injury prone. he missed games here and there, but what RB doesnt? he is in the upper echelon of RBs when it comes to being healthy. with that said, he is gettin older and he could start missing more games than usual, but the comments about him being injury prone are a joke. an absolute joke. is Darren Mcfadden injury prone? because he has played 12/13 games a year since hes been in the league.

    ya, foot meet mouth.

    he probably wont finish all 4 years with the team, but that doesnt make this a bad deal. the total $ isnt ridiculous and he deserves his share. he has produced every year and has never been anything but a model citizen on and off the field. he has backed every coach, each new staff. to be honest i wish he would speak out against some coaches and the teams apporach but hes been positive through thin and thinner.

  24. Yea its not Deangelo Williams money but it shouldnt be either. Frank Gore is old for a running back. The last few years, especially last year, Gore has seemed to be on the cusp of breaking down. I dont mean phyiscally I mean production wise. It happens with every running back one year they are tearing up the league and the very next year they are a shell of themselves. Shaun Alexander being the strongest example. But it has happened to every big name rb over the last decade. It happened to Westbrook,Marion Barber, Clinton Portis, Brandon Jacobs, LT, Marshall Faulk, Eddie George, Edgrenin James, Fred Taylor, Ahman Greene, Corey Dillon, Derrick Ward, Terrell Davis, Warrick Dunn, Deuce McAllister, and the list goes on.

    With that type of history their is no way a guy of Gore’s age and a guy who has shown all the signs that he is about to lose it, should get anywhere near top dollar. I think it was a mistake by the 49ers and a huge Coo by Frank Gore and his Agent.

  25. Kind of funny all these people hate, it’s obviously because their teams overpay rbs. The niners will get three years out of him, then he’s done. 3 years not deangalo money, not ap money not chris Johnson money, but the perfect amount. Jealousy is great!

  26. socalboy08 says:
    Aug 30, 2011 8:36 PM
    Look at all you haters…the dude is a beast..My favorite player..He deserves it…hes been the lone brightspot besides davis for the past 4 years….He is our offense. Hell be a great mentor for hunter but with gore and hunter in the backfield we will be unstopable..Niners for life baby….

    Did Patrick Willis get traded? Or Vernon Davis? If they had an actual QB, he probably would be elsewhere next season. good back, but the position is unfortunately a dime a dozen in the now pass happy league.

  27. Obviously most of you don’t understand the impact of this transaction for the 49ers and for us fans….through every ebb and flow, Gore has been there, taking our offense through every crap situation you can think of…he’s been there through thick and thin, a pillar of our offense and team….sorry boys but us 49er faithful are, and always will be, stoked to have Gore representing our team/organization for life….glad to have you back Gore!! Much Love!!!!

  28. This is a good deal for both teams, plus we know that GM’s never honor contracts so its not like the 49ers have to keep him for 3 more years. And for anyone who says hes on the decline obviously doesn’t watch the 49ers play, the other teams constantly stacks the line with 7-9 defenders and he still averages 4.5 yds a carry with defenses daring the 49ers to use anyone other than Gore, Id say Gore is playing great!

  29. Certainly can’t blame Gore for going for money at this point in his career. Kinda wish that the 49ers would throw some money at fixing the Offensive Line, but that would probably make too much sense.

    I hope Gore has a good four years and plays out the rest of his contract. I don’t feel confident however. He’s been a good player despite injuries and the 49ers have what looks to be a solid but unproven backup in Hunter. Certainly this can only help the 49ers in the short-term because even if he is injured this won’t break the bank on this season and there are other options.

    However, remember that when Shaun Alexander was Gore’s age (28) he ran for 18,880 yards and 5.1 yards per carry and the next year his numbers dropped by half followed by two seasons of continual decline. Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James also had a similar slump at this point in their career. While it can be argued that they carried a heavier load then Gore, I’m not sure that is in Gore’s favor since he has always been more injury prone then those players.

    Gore has only been healthy in one of his six seasons as a 49er, every other season he has lost time to injuries including five games last season.

    People are saying look at the numbers and you should. Gore was ranked 25th in the league last season in yards per carry. 4.2 yards per carry is solid but not extraordinary. His best year was in 2006 with a fantastic 5.2, but that was a long time ago and unless he’s extraordinarily resilient (and considering how much weight will probably be put on his shoulders this season since the offensive line can’t seem to do anything but run block) that time isn’t coming back.

    The real question is where will we be two or three years down the line? Even though most fans don’t want to admit it, this team is in a rebuilding mode. The Texans and the Saints had their way with this team to an embarrassing extent. The Raiders game looked better but the raiders have a horrible defense and almost no pass rush. In some of the preseason games the 49er starters were getting beaten by second team defenses. Unless Harbaugh has some sort of trick up his sleeve this is going to be a long year. Where will Gore’s contract leave the team in two years when he will almost certainly not be the same player he is today, especially if Hunter turns out to be the running back of the future?

    I guess fans had better hope that Gore is extraordinary these next four years and defeats the odds. I hope so, nothing would make me happier. But they seem like long odds.

  30. The good thing about this deal is by the time it ends Frank Gore should be the 49ers all-time leading rusher. I think for all the work he has put forth he deserves to have that distinction if the team can’t get to the playoffs to try for a title.

  31. i love how everyone is talking trash. Ill put gore up against any back in the league still to this day. hes a work horse. and im glad hes a niner for life. the seahawks must be really mad.

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