No Frank Gore extension, yet

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The twitter account of an agency of which we’ve never heard posted earlier today a message of congratulations to 49ers running back Frank Gore on his new contract.

The only problem?  There’s no new contract, yet.

Matt Maiocco of reports that, per a team spokesman, Gore has not signed an extension.

We’ve separately learned that a deal isn’t done yet.  But stay tuned.  Something could be happening.

Gore is in the final year of his contract, at compensation of $4.9 million.  He reportedly wants DeAngelo Williams money — five years, $43 million, with $21 million guaranteed.  The team has expressed an interest in making Gore a “49er for life,” but perhaps not at that level of pay.

UPDATE (8:10 p.m. ET):  An agreement in principle has been reached on a three-year deal.

7 responses to “No Frank Gore extension, yet

  1. I love Frank. He’s been the only consistent bright spot on our sorry ass team for the last 5 years but he just can’t stay healthy for a full season any longer.

    Two years, 12 mill is all I’d offer if I were the Niners bean counter.

  2. If they extend him at anything close to what he wants, they’re incompetent.
    It would be idiotic to tie up big money in a beat up running back who’s not going to get better from this point.

  3. No RB is worth $10m a year. Not AP, not CJ. These fringe Pro Bowl guys who want more money like Gore and Forte have to realize that this position has evolved.

    Ideally, you want about 3 different backs who can all fall forward with the ball, have good ball security, and can read and pick up a blitz. They rotate depending on who is hot and who is healthy.

    Sorry, but I’d have no interest in paying an elite NFL back. Not in this league when most teams treat them like a 3-pack of paper towel.

  4. Frank gets an extension on his contract, but will never be more than his listed height of 5-9. If that.

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