Rex Ryan needs more from Aaron Maybin


The Jets have given former Bills first round pick Aaron Maybin a chance to revive his career. Instead, it looks like he’ll go the way of Vernon Gholston.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said Maybin is “going to have to do more” to make the team, before pointing out that Jamaal Westerman and Garrett McIntyre have played well at linebacker.

“I think he can play in this league. We’ll see if he can play for us,” Ryan said.

Translation: He’s not making this roster unless something crazy happens Thursday.  (Injuries or an incredible outing by Maybin.)

We called Gholston one of the biggest defensive draft busts in recent history on Monday, but Maybin deserves consideration too if he falls out of the league only two years removed from going No. 11 overall.

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  1. If his problem is putting on weight to get back up to OLB size, he’s got the right coach.

  2. As a Redskin fan Thank the Lord 100 times for the Bills drafting this guy and not Brian Orakpo for good ol Vinny wouldve drafted Maybin if the Bills scooped up Rak. Thank you Buffalo!!!!

  3. Translation: Rex wants guys that will put Brady’s face in the dirt, and Maybin isn’t one of them.

  4. Does this surprise anyone in buffalo or new york? The guy is a bum. He was inactive for five straight games last year. If you can’t even play special teams for the 4-12 bills, there’s a problem. He exemplifies what was flawed with the old draft system… One year wonder in college, training camp holdout, received an exorbanient amount of guaranteed money and then he did absolutely nothing in the pros. You $uck Maybin

  5. if gholston and maybin can teach college athletes anything it’s that if you have a couple good games you should roid up. it will trick someone into paying you.

  6. Maybin doesn’t seem to have much of a position in the NFL. Struggled to fit as a 4-3 player in Buffalo and obviously isn’t doing much in the Jets 3-4.

    His best bet is to go to a team who needs a pass rusher and will be dedicated to develop him and play to his assets. Greg Williams in New Orleans comes to mind.

  7. If Ryan is saying that about one of his own players, it must be really, really bad.

  8. flagstaffphotos says:
    Aug 30, 2011 2:33 PM
    Translation: Rex just wants to see Maybin’s toes and he will make the team


  9. Hmm. Wonder if Chicago will pick up Maybin next. Like they tried to earlier.

    Sometimes the offseason is one giant game of “pass the trash (with potential that no one can tap)”

  10. Maybin : here to play coach Ryan.
    Rex : i need the bills playbook.
    Maybin : I don’t have it I never got to play defence in buffalo .
    Rex to media : we need to see more from Aaron Maybin.

  11. Why are Redskins fans thanking the Bills for not taking Orakpo? You could have taken Freeman.

  12. Well, I am now plum dang confused because according to Jets fans, Sexy Rexy is one of ‘dem der genius types and he was going to turn Maybin around and that was going to be yet another piece of the ‘ole SB puzzle.

    At least that’s what I think several of them said. Hard to tell given how illiterate most Jets fans are. Heck, they can’t even say Jets without someone having to spell it out for them.

  13. If Chan Gailey couldn’t get anything out of Maybin, how was Rex Ryan gonna do any better?

    Go Bills!!!!

  14. As a Penn State Alum, I watched Maybin in college and thought he had the makings of a decent pro. I was surprised when he came out early and shocked when he was picked so high. I thought he would be a 2-4 round pick. Some of these guys just get picked too high and start to believe their own scouting reports. If he was picked around the 3rd round, he might have come to camp with a little humility, knowing he had to work to make the roster. Instead he came in late with a boat load of cash – I hope he saved some.

    If he or Gohlston can get their head on straight and accept that they have a lot to learn – they still might make it back. Look at how many times James Harrison was cut.

  15. Jets fan while Maybin the Bills: “He stinks”

    Jets fan after NY picked him up: “It’s big! Rex will make him a star!”

    Jets fan after NY cuts him: “Who cares, he stinks”

  16. Mike Mamula has 2 new coaches at his school” Combine Academy”. A place where a freakish athlete can learn how to steal money from NFL organizations. Among the staff members-
    Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Laurence Maroney, Chad Jackson(picked one after another. I’m a Pats fan)….wow, this could become a pretty long list of staff members….

  17. OK…The “feet” thing is old now boys and girls…Tell your parents to come up with something new for you to type in here.

  18. andrewfbrowne:

    Why would Rex Ryan need the Bills playbook? They got killed in both games last year. And this is coming from a Bills fan. I’m being negative, I’m just being realistic.

  19. How about calling out the personnel departments who think these guys warrant that place in the draft instead of calling these guys a bust. Maybin never should have been picked there.

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