Saints cut Alex Brown

Alex Brown is out in New Orleans.

Brown, a defensive end who started all 16 games for the Saints last season, revealed on Twitter today that he has been released.

“It saddens me to say that I have been released from the Saints because their a first class organization,” Brown wrote.

The 32-year-old Brown made clear that he expects to play somewhere in 2011, saying, “Still have some football left in me.”

Brown, who played eight seasons in Chicago before heading to New Orleans last year, had a career-low 2.0 sacks in 2010.

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  1. I’m always shocked when a college football player is ruled academically ineligible. It must be pretty bad when the guys who can’t tell the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re” somehow graduate from college.

  2. 2 sacks last year and he started 16 games?

    That’s 2 more then a dead man.

    Not much gas left in that tank.

  3. I actually agree with this move. When we brought in Brown, I know that he had a reputation as a run-stopping end, but he wasn’t exactly a world beater at that. We need to put more pressure on the QB and Brown wasn’t going to help us get that done. This now gives first round pick Cameron Jordan the opportunity to step up, because he has done next to nothing in the preseason. This move is comparable to the Jon Stinchcomb move…you hate to see it, but its necessary. I wish Alex Brown the best.

  4. Brown is a nice guy who has made a great career for himself. I remember when the Bears chose him they viewed him as a flyer they were only taking because they had an extra pick and saw him as a lottery ticket. He was part of several great Bears defenses through the years and I’m sure he’ll find a home for 2011.

    PS: His days as a starter may be over, but sacks were never his game, he was a hard-nosed run stuffer who could play the tackle position and still pressure the QB.

  5. dudicle says: Aug 30, 2011 2:41 PM

    I’m always shocked when a college football player is ruled academically ineligible. It must be pretty bad when the guys who can’t tell the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re” somehow graduate from college.


    Yet it is perfectly OK here, in this cesspool of our language to chop and mash it up hourly. Yes, we expect more from our role models. We should be expecting more from ourselves. How about taking a little pride in the way we talk/write/spell and not expect ‘spell check’ to polish us up? And please, for he love all that is honest and good and right, do not ever, under any circumstance, use the non-word “prolly” ever again.

  6. I thought the Bears gave up on him too soon last year (although part of that was salary related), but seeing a second team cut him again a year later, maybe the Bears were right. Still, Brown was a class guy and an alternate defensive captain his final year in Chicago. Hope he finds an opportunity somewhere if he still wants to play.

  7. With all the negative Bears stories being posted here, the odds are probably less than 50% that my comment even goes through, but here goes…

    Alex is a class guy. When Peppers was brought in last year and AB let go, there were a lot of people saying he should have been kept. The Bears didn’t want to pay him $5 mil, so he was cut and went to NO. After the season last year, both by the Bears D-line and AB, no one is complaining anymore.

    I think it is going to play out the same way with Olen Kruetz. He is declining and got bull rushed back on his butt too many times last year. The Bears O-line has looked much better this preseason than they did last preseason and through the year. NO will cut Olen next year just like they did AB after his decline.

    I still wouldn’t want to meet Olen in a dark alley.

  8. @dudicle Said: It must be pretty bad when the guys who can’t tell the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re” somehow graduate from college.

    @yem123 Said: Sorry to hear that Alex. Sorry to also hear that you don’t know the difference between “they’re” and “their.”

    How much $$ would you wager–on the fact that these are two “Nerdy Internet White guys”? Worrying about proper speech/grammar on a Football news site. C’mon guys who cares?! This is the Gridiron not a Mensa meeting. Has to feel good that these guys couldn’t decipher “Their” or “There”–makes you feel much better that you can do something better than them.

    Besides the fact that they are playing a “GAME” for MILLIONS. They don’t even know you exist, yet you know them. And please don’t post back to me calling me racist. I’m not in the least bit–I just see the “Ire” drawn for Black athletes from couch potatoes. Most “Minorities” could careless about that type of stuff–we just care about the sport..

  9. To you knuckleheads that have nothing better to do than criticize somebody for “their” grammar, I’m the master of grammatical correctness. But instead of pointing fingers at Alex Brown on this one, perhaps you might notice that “there” is a good chance that this was his spoken word and not written. I wonder more about the writer of this article, because it’s apparent “they’re” going to need more schooling.

  10. travisblink619:
    So rich football players have voice activated Twitter accounts? I see. Your supposition is only supported that way. You used the word Master. Wow. Cool. So when you see the non-word “Prolly” you scream and stab yourself in the eyeballs with your red editor’s pencil? You dry heave when the apostrophe is placed to give the word ‘walks’ possession of the word ‘around’, right? You’d better. You walk into businesses and ask to speak with the person that agreed to spend company startup money to call themselves “Carpet Pro’s”. Thank God. You slapped them, right? Someone has to do it.

    And I have many things better to do. But I comment here, just like you do. I get my important stuff done, too. I can walk and chew gum. I can write AND spell. I can make a sentence AND get the words correct, just like you.

    As the Master of grammatical correctness, how do you get around in society? You must not have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. Prolly a big MySpace user, though.

  11. Okay…so, I stand corrected. I admit that I didn’t have all my thoughts together about the “their” statement. I, for some reason, overlooked the fact that it was an Alex Brown tweet. Still, even the most professional of English linguists have made the “their” “there” “they’re” error. Kind of a cheap way to take stabs at a player who has remained classy for most of his career.

  12. I’m not really ragging on Alex Brown in particular – this is a widespread issue with pro athletes who’ve graduated from college and yet lack BASIC spelling and grammar skills. Roddy White, for example (who I’m a big fan of), used to tweet “Good Mourning World.” Once, he tweeted that he rode a “fairy” to an island, lol. Honestly, I’m not judging them for not being able to spell – I could care less. I’m just shocked that someone who graduated from college can’t spell. To me, it demonstrates that the NCAA is basically a cover for farm league football.

  13. I couldn’t agree more. I think it blows when a very average scholar gets a free ride because they have exceptional athletic ability. There are thousands of graduates every year that I honestly believe are more deserving of these scholarships. This treatment of students and athletes only adds to the conundrum that is our educational system. More young people are trading in their books, papers and pencils for jockstraps, cleats and balls.

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