Vick’s guaranteed money raises questions


Astute football fans are smart enough to know that a six-year, $100 million contract may have more holes than Sonny Corleone at a toll booth.  And so the number that has gained the most traction among knowledgeable followers of football is the reported $40 million in guaranteed money.

But as pointed out during today’s PFT Live, it’s unclear how much of that amount is fully guaranteed, for injury, skill, and salary cap.  And that will be an important aspect of the assessment of the deal.  If half of the $40 million is guaranteed for injury only, the Eagles can avoid $20 million in supposedly guaranteed money if Vick’s performance sputters, or if he suffers a non-career-ending injury that undermines his overall skills and abilities.

Also, the total amount of the guarantee, even if it’s truly guaranteed, suggests that Vick has concerns about injury or overall ineffectiveness.  Indeed, Vick already was due to earn a fully guaranteed salary of $16.2 million this year under the franchise tag.  By February 2012, if Vick were to be franchised again, Vick would have been entitled to another $19.44 million in guaranteed money.

That’s $35.64 million in guaranteed money, earned only if he plays well enough over the next four months to convince the Eagles to use the franchise tag on him again.

Instead, he’s getting $40 million in guaranteed money, all of which may not be fully guaranteed, as part of a six-year commitment.

In the end, Vick apparently opted not to assume the risk of injury or ineffectiveness arising from the 2011 season.  Yes, he’s making a lot of money.  But he’s not as far ahead of the game as he could have been if he’d rolled the dice in 2011 and made it through the season at a level of health and performance that would have enticed the Eagles to use the franchise tag again.

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48 responses to “Vick’s guaranteed money raises questions

  1. I actually applaud Vick and the Eagles for agreeing to an incentive-laden, guaranteed money deal. If nothing else, it shows that Vick is willing to bust his butt…because if he doesn’t, he’s only costing himself money.

  2. He just put a big down payment on a new dog killing gulag. Rape poles, electrical wires, shovels, food for 37 “cousins”… plus the mortgage. It all adds up. Take the money now.

  3. Calling Michael Vick…Calling Michael Vick, your armored car has been pulled around to the front of Lincoln Financial Field…It is parked in the Green Zone!!!

  4. But with a new deal, Vick gets a big bonus up front, can pay off the bankruptcy court, and free himself from their limits on his spending.

  5. No clauses for good behavior that’s what’s being reported…

    if so, a real head scratcher…

    I’m not sure what’s worse this contract or the one Arizona gave Kolb…

  6. This just isn’t passing the “smell test”…..the Eagles have not been known to throw money around like this and besides, he may have had a good year last year but the guy isn’t worth that kind of money. After teams got enough tape on him in the Eagles system, they learned real quick how to defense him…..pressure, pressure, pressure. He can’t read blitzs or defenses and while he can still motor with his legs, he is slowing down. I think when his contract is finally analyzed, we will find out there’s a lot of hot air involved, incentives that can’t be reached etc. etc.

  7. Good observation that its essentially a 5 year extension with a $24M guarantee. Good contract for the Eagles and for Vick.

    For the Eagles – Not a huge outlay for a 5 year contract.

    For Vick – Probably gets him out of Bankruptcy Court oversight and resolves his outstanding financial issues. Plus being part of a winning team with long term stability probably really helps him with endorsement deals such as Nike. I can see where both Nike and the Courts would pressure him to do this deal.

  8. achap39 says:
    Aug 30, 2011 3:31 PM
    I actually applaud Vick and the Eagles for agreeing to an incentive-laden, guaranteed money deal. If nothing else, it shows that Vick is willing to bust his butt…because if he doesn’t, he’s only costing himself money.

    I think you misunderstand this. What the article is saying is that if Vick were to have underperformed he wasn’t guaranteed a contract next year under the franchise tag. Now the contract he has is guaranteeing that he will have money next year, and the next year. So pretty much the Eagles are high risk here. Vick, not so much.

  9. Smart move by Vick. As for the Eagles, it’s like they don’t want their jobs anymore. Maybe the longeswt tenured coach in the NFL si going senile.

  10. Look at the guys making the money or close to him. Jay Cutler, Eli Manning. Please….. you people need to get off this guys jock.

  11. That’s a pretty negative way to look at things, Mike. Pretty sure a pro athelete wouldn’t underestimate himself by only focusing on playing out one year, and the Eagles CERTAINLY don’t want to take full cap hits of 15+ million in consecutive years.

  12. Andy Reid wrote this huge contract. Because now he has an outlet, a safety valve…a QB whose own poor decision making (forcing passes, failure to read the blitz, happy feet) can mask his own inability to manage a clock.

    If Vick makes all the mistakes before Reid gets a chance to botch a 2-minute drill, everyone will forget about that and just blame Mike. That works for Andy!

  13. Well now,,we all can agree . . .

    the Eagles have the
    “Smartest Front Office” in the NFL . . .

    it looks too easy for Andy,Howie and Joe.

    As of right now . . .
    Current Estimated Cap Room – $3,962,010

    Let’s go do some Free Agent Shopping.

    Wooo Hooo . . . Go Eagles Go !

  14. When you view the landscape of stiffs making millions, who have no track record, the most exciting players in the game is worth every penny. As a matter of fact, he should get residuals every time his likeness is run on ESPN, NFLN, NBC, FOX, ABC and the others. He is box office gold and has earned as much as the market will bear.

    Any talk about anything but football is even important.

  15. greengob1in says: Aug 30, 2011 3:53 PM

    I’m an Eagles fan, he was overpaid. He hasn’t proved he isn’t Donovan McNabb 2.0 cause it’s starting to look like it.

    The Eagles should be so lucky. If he’s McNabb 2.0, he’ll earn every penny.

  16. randolph32 says: Aug 30, 2011 3:50 PM

    …and what did Crosby and Nash sing, ‘…take the money and run….’

    Negatory, bubba….. Steve miller band, look ’em up!

  17. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! JEEEEZ!! I have never heard so much barkin about the breakdown of a contract. P.Manning got paid with a busted up swivel and I didn’t hear a thing about the breakdown of his millions.

  18. Not only is this guy becoming on of the better quarterbacks in football, but everyone else in the league wants to pay for him. WIN WIN move.

  19. The “smartest office in the NFL…”

    ….that’s never won a damn thing.
    And won’t again this season

  20. Whatever!…Thats alot of money for a guy who (as far as im concerned) has not convinced me he can play great consistantly…In my eyes hes hot&cold When hes on hes FANTASTIC! When hes not …he sucks!!….Big gamble

  21. But with a new deal, Vick gets a big bonus up front, can pay off the bankruptcy court, and free himself from their limits on his spending.


    I bet he can’t wait to get his entourage back!

  22. the Eagles have the
    “Smartest Front Office” in the NFL . . .


    Somebody give them a bronzed nerdbucket, that trophy case is just too empty.

  23. I’m an Eagles fan, he was overpaid. He hasn’t proved he isn’t Donovan McNabb 2.0 cause it’s starting to look like it.


    Except McNabb actually won a playoff game or two for the Eagles, didn’t he?

  24. They shot Sonny on the causeway…


    And there was a toll booth on the causeway. Sonny paid the toll and Barzini’s guys blocked him in, the toll booth guy closed his window and the guys got out of the car and killed Sonny. I think there were more guys in the other toll booth, too.

  25. “I’m an Eagles fan, he was overpaid. He hasn’t proved he isn’t Donovan McNabb 2.0 cause it’s starting to look like it.”

    The McNabb haters really need to actually watch a few games sober. Yes McNabb was not Montana, Brady, P.Manning etc…. but he was one of the best quarterbacks in franchise history if not the best. He definitely fell off in his later years but this is a guy who was knocking on the Super Bowl’s door with receivers like Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Marvin Harris………oh wait sorry……he had James Thrash, Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston.

    Now not to hate the WR’s we had…but again there were no Pro Bowlers except for T.O. and that season he made it to the Super Bowl.

    It boggles my mind to hear Eagles fans talk bad about McNabb. The guy gave his all for many years. Have all of you forgotten the Doug Peterson year or the BOBBY HOYING year???? Maybe you would like it if we had Bubby Brister still (i liked him – he played with heart)……Maybe Rodney Peete?

    In the Super Bowl years the list of great Eagles QB’s is

    1.Mcnabb & Jaws (both #1s both made it to SB)
    3.Cunningham (wish K’r made that FG for MN)

    Who else? The Detmer’s are on the list. Who else? Again not many. Respect the guys we have had that have played hard and well for us. There aren’t many in the QB position.

    Vick’s place on the list remains to be seen but he is obviously up there. Hopefully we will finally “bring it home for Jerome” in the next few years and he will be number one.

    Oh and a final note for the McNabb haters….maybe you should throw Antone Davis on the list and you can tell us how we coulda and shoulda……………………

  26. WOW seriously people? I have seen the comments and they almost all about the dogfighting jokes and comments. Get over yourselfs. Your trying to make Vick out to be the bad guy but your actually just making yourself look bad. Right now I’m inlicned to think that Vick is a better person then you. I mean seriously let it go already. Don’t you guys have your own life to worry about?

    Oh wait…

  27. Wow that is just a ridiculous line of reasoning. No player in the league would risk playing 2 full seasons in the NFL without a contract. Why do you think every player hates the franchise tag? Its not because of the money. Its because of the security that getting franchise tagged takes away from you.

    Anyway if Vick would have waited and played under the tag for the next 2 years all the stories would have been about how Vick is being greedy and holding out for more money. Then you guys would be saying that he hasnt really changed and that it obvious that he really didnt want to play in Philly.

  28. Was a Vick fan before all of the dog fighting and soured on him after. But the dude paid his dues, and is doing everything he should and I applaud him for that. And I agree with achap39 on his deal. Vick is getting a ton of dough, but the fact that a lot of it is incentive based is awesome for him and the team.

    And i’m sure his creditors are happy with it too. Not a jab, but he’s taking care of all aspects of his life.

  29. Vick is a rare athlete that does things we are not used to seeing from his position. That does not mean it has translated into a lot of success in his career. When stacked up to the elite quarterbacks in the league, Vick simply can’t compare when it comes to throwing the ball in adverse situations, against better competition, putting the team on his back, and helping them win games.

    Vick was the top pick in the 2001 draft. He signed a record contract in 2005 that made him the highest paid player in the league. He breaks another record by signing his second $100M contract this week.

    Yet a decade later, and we are looking at a quarterback with two playoff wins, one 3,000-yard passing season, and some rushing records for his position. How many athletes have ever cost so much, and produced so little?

    Chuck D said it better than us: don’t believe the hype.

  30. Why are we obligated to accept the ridiculous notion that Michael Vick was entitled to absolute redemption? And why is it so difficult to understand that there are people who will always despise him for the crimes he committed? The fact that he is a mediocre, overrated football player is sometimes a secondary consideration.

  31. You bastards! No one checked Manning’s or Brady’s contract. Straight garbage. I’m glad this black QB gets this contract. Trust this…if he has 2 great years he will redo the last 4 yrs. Haters! BTW…they were just some damn dogs! Dogs, man!!!!

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