Andrew Whitworth signs extension with Bengals


The Bengals locked up one of the most underrated tackles in all of football for another two years.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Andrew Whitworth agreed to a two-year extension with the Bengals, keeping him under contract until 2015.

Whitworth was arguably one of the best tackles in football last year. He was named the MVP of the team by the Cincinnati Pro Football Writers.

The Bengals had a ton of cap room, and now figure to focus on an extension with cornerback Leon Hall.

UPDATE: The Bengals have confirmed the deal.

16 responses to “Andrew Whitworth signs extension with Bengals

  1. A very shrewd move by the Bengals to lock up the most underrated LT in the game. He’s the unquestioned team leader of the offense and is right in his prime.

    Most people bash the Bengals but this is a very smart move. Use all that cap space to extend solid veterans before they even sniff Free Agency.

    Leon Hall’s extension is next with Kyle Cook on deck.

  2. IMHO, the best player with the Bengals over the last two seasons.

    This guy absolutely owns Harrison and Suggs. Any other team, and he’s an automatic Pro-Bowler.

    Dude has earned his raise.

  3. It’s the one player Cincy has I would swap my teams LT for in a minute , and my team has a very good LT (Jason Peters) . I honestly think Whitworth is that good . Good move Cincy !

  4. Take the money and run. You play for the Bengals, so winning is just not an option.

    Guy is a really good football player. Being a Ravens fan I see both him and Joe Thomas from the Clowns. Personally, I think he is as good as Thomas if not better. But Thomas gets all the pub because he was a very high pick, because ESPN still has a love affair with the Clowns and frankly because he plays for the Bungles and the only pub they get is bad, bad, or worse.

  5. @ ‘ppdoc13’……..

    “you play for the Bengals, so winning is just not an option”…..

    You obviously weren’t paying attention in ’09 when Cedric ran all over your junk, beat you twice like a drum in having 2 x 100 yard games, and swept the division 6-0……..

    @ ‘talkintrashallday’

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention either. The Bengals have just declined the option they had to extend Andre Smiths deal from 2013 thru to 2015.

    I hope the Ravens themselves however have been paying attention to the Bengal tackles in camp. They’ve been running a play, where Whitworth, Smith, Cochart the two guards and Pressley all lead Cedric over the left side.

    Thats about three and a half tons of Mars bars for Suggs and Lewis to try and stop. Hope you have about as much luck in stopping Benson this year as you did in ’09.

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