Brian Brohm lands in the UFL

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The guy that once was supposed to challenge Aaron Rodgers to start will instead challenge for a job with the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives.

Brian Brohm was signed by Jim Fassel’s squad. Brohm will enter a four-man quarterback competition.  The other guys:  Chase Clement,  Zac Lee, and Chad Friehauf.

Brohm was last with the Bills, but the team chose to retain Levi Brown as their No. 3 quarterback this year.

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  1. Why do guys sign contracts in a league that’s about dead? Are they even going to play any games this year?
    How can these guys expect to get paid if there is no income for the team?

  2. Honestly, I’m shocked that this guy fizzled out in the NFL.

    In the prime of his college career he seemed to have all the tools to become a great pro. And I for one thought he was gonna be just that.

    Really surprised he didn’t pan out.

  3. He is one of those QBs I wish I had a good explanation for why he can’t succeed in the NFL. He’s got the tools, is it is attitude? What? Anybody have any idea?

  4. He always looked like a great NFL quarterback… right up until the snap of the ball.

    What’s that saying? 90% of the game is mental – the other half is physical?

  5. rukiddinme29,

    It’s attitude. He just didn’t work as hard, didn’t prepare the way he had to. Matt Flynn came in as a 7th rounder with a chip on his shoulder. He’s a gamer, throw him in there and he’ll play school yard football if he has to. Brohm was similar to Rodgers in that neither had that personality. They both came in entitled and arrogant. However, whereas Rodgers learned a lot of humility and put his nose to the grind stone in terms of knowing the offense, improving physically and bonding with teammates, Brohm did none of that. He made no improvement from year 1 to year 2, despite having every opportunity.

    Other thing is, he had small hands for a QB. No one has giant Favre hands, but Brohm had some trouble slingin’ it. Ron Wolf always said never to draft a QB with small hands to play on a cold weather team. Brohm was no exception.

  6. No one knows why this happened. Ted drafted Brohm in the 2nd and Matt Flynn in the 7th round of the same draft. Brohm was given two full training camps to be ahead of Flynn and never even came close. He’s not a head case at all, he just doesn’t have “it”.

    Meanwhile, Flynn has quietly become one of the best backups in the NFL. Tough to figure out.

  7. Brohm was last with the Bills, but the team chose to retain Levi Brown as their No. 3 quarterback this year ??????
    Brad Smith is #3…. Levi is #4

  8. He played so terrible for Green Bay that it was almost sad to watch him. His arm was weak, and his pocket presence was similar to one that plays kids flag football. Seemed like a good kid but he doesn’t have “it”. The video of all of the highest paid analysts talking so highly about Brohm was amusing to watch though. Just goes to show that those idiots are getting paid for nothing.

  9. Brohm was bad, he just never developed. Flynn looked bad initially too, but seems to have developed to the point where he could be a solid QB.

    I do remember when Flynn played vs. Tampa in 2008. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He was so bad that Rodgers came back in the game with a separated shoulder.

  10. If anybody knows if there is a football league smaller and more pathetic than the UFL, please call me at 1-800-Colt Brennan needs a job.

    Thank you.


  11. I remember when he came out of college this guy seemed really good. I wanted the Falcons to pick him up. They got Matt Ryan instead. Guess that’s why I’m not an NFL scout.

  12. Green bay is excellent at mentoring young quarterbacks. Just look at what they did with 7th round pick Matt Flynn and undrafted Grahm Harell. If Brohm couldn’t make it there, he won’t make it anywhere in the NFL.

  13. Was pretty sure before I clicked on the comments that there’d be at least one from a Vikings fan taking a shot at Ted Thompson. Sure enough. Sun rises in the East again.

  14. Buffalo brought him in hoping that with all the Aaron Rodgers hype in GB, that maybe the Packers somehow let go of a gem.

    It didn’t take long to figure out that he just didn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL.

    Go Bills!!!!

  15. You do have to admit that Brohm had every opportunity show what he could do in the NFL.

    Fortunately he was NOT drafted by some hard-up QB-desperate team and tagged “QB of the future.”

    Like those six guys drafter high this year.

    How many of them will “Brohm”-out?

  16. “Another great second-round choice by the genius Ted Thompson.”

    Your probably the only one who is still trying to make Thompson look bad by saying he is a bad drafter. Sorry but after the season the Packers had last year, your making yourself look like a huge idiot by saying that.

    Come up with something new before spewing your stupidity all over this site.

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