ESPN analyzes Arian Foster’s MRI

We’re not done with Arian Foster tweet analysis this afternoon, but this has nothing to do with his comments on fantasy football.

As a goof, Foster posted a picture of his MRI on Twitter.

“The white stuff surrounding the muscle is known in the medical world as anti-awesomeness,” Foster wrote.

The ESPN medical team sprung into action. John Clayton said Foster’s hammy was torn, presumably after consulting a medical professional.

And then: “ESPN’s Dr. Michael Kaplin thinks Arian Foster could be out three to four weeks with his hamstring injury. He’s done light jogging for 2 days,” Clayton wrote.

Foster wonders why so serious?

“If I had a ‘significant injury’ why post it? I’ll be fine, it was jus meant to make fun of the whole situation. Humor is lost nowadays,” Foster wrote.

We’re not sure what to make of ESPN’s report, but we generally don’t trust medical opinions from third-party doctors not dealing with the patient.  They are just guessing.

We also suspect the Texans, in a fit of anti-awesomeness, will advise Foster not to post any more MRIs.

(Photo courtesy of Foster’s Twitter account.)

27 responses to “ESPN analyzes Arian Foster’s MRI

  1. I like how down-to-earth this guy is.
    – Coming from someone who didn’t draft you in fantasy football (No offense, Went with Gore/Hillis)

  2. As good a RB as Foster is, he is also way out there! It would not surprise me if that isn’t even really his MRI. Yes it has his name on it but has anybody ever heard of Photo Shop?

    Even if he is out 3 to 4 weeks that means his misses the 1st and maybe 2nd reg season game. I will take that if it means him coming back healthy.

  3. “…we generally don’t trust medical opinions from third-party doctors not dealing with the patient. They are just guessing.”

    Exactly. TV pundits trying to sensationalize any and everything.


    This dude cracks me up. I LOVE the way he is toying with the media hacks.

    This guy was jogging and stretching at practice the last two days, do you really think he could do that if he had a torn hammy?

    Check ACTUAL sources Clayton, you jacka$$, not run with items from a twitpic.

  5. You can kind of see the date 8/28 on the top-right corner. My thought on this is, I have yet to see a single tweet from a member of the Houston media confirming any of the medical guesswork by ESPN to be true. Until I hear it from the horses mouth, I am calling BS on John Clayton and the so-called doctor that analyzed this camera-phone picture of a computer screen showing a hamstring that may not even be Foster’s. Hell, the flagship station of the Texans in Houston hasn’t even made mention of it 30 mins into their afternoon show. If this was all true, the media here in Houston would be blowing up Twitter.

  6. Tedy Bruschi and Cowherd (who Gregg hates) absolutely bashed him for posting this.

    Bruschi was visibly upset at the idea of giving opponents doctors a view at his injury. He railed that in doing so he saved the Colts and other teams a lot of game planning time by showing he’s at least not playing in the first game.

    I agree with them about not giving another team any advantage. I’m sure the Texans coach gave him a reaming over that as well as the team doctor as well as the gm…

    Probably the first and last time any player will post any injury stuff. ahh twitter gotta love it.

  7. btw, for those doubting the pic or have never seen an mri before, it’s got his patient number, birthdate and name.

  8. “We’re not sure what to make of ESPN’s report, but we generally don’t trust medical opinions from third-party doctors not dealing with the patient. They are just guessing.”

    They aren’t “just guessing” if they’re looking at the MRI.

  9. ““We’re not sure what to make of ESPN’s report, but we generally don’t trust medical opinions from third-party doctors not dealing with the patient. They are just guessing.”

    They aren’t “just guessing” if they’re looking at the MRI.”

    That’s the thing. The “ESPN Doc” isn’t looking at the MRI, he’s looking at a CELL PHONE PICTURE of an MRI. Not to mention a typical MRI has what….20-30 slides? He is looking at 1.

    That’s a hell of a Doc to be able to decide that he tore something based on a cell phone pic…….

  10. I dont care about your x-ray. I need you back. I drafted you in my fantasy team for god sake. Put a shot in the leg and get the moving. Your just a stat to me. Just fantasy points thats all. Now get your pansy butt up and go to work.

  11. MRI findings are rather objective by the way. There is either an abnormal appearance of the tissue or there is not. The “whitish” area is most probably indicative of edema (increased water content due to vascular permeability) in the muscle, as it appears to be what is referred to as a T1 weighted image with gadolinium (contrast) enhancement. I don’t believe one could conclude that there is definitely a tear from the single image provided at low resolution, but tears are often associated with significant muscle edema.

  12. Oh Look! The x-ray has his name on it … so it HAS to be real . . . right?

    I mean, there’s NO WAY you could fake that … right?

    Oh by the way, the History Channel just showed a clip of Big Foot talking into the woods … and all the experts on the show are explaining why it HAS to be real – stride length, arm swing, head & neck position …

    There’s NO WAY it could be a guy in a gorilla costume!

  13. Foster isn’t being paid enough money. Texans wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) dare try to boss him around for what he wants to do off the field. Foster isn’t going Chris Johnson on the Texans like he could so they should just be grateful to have him.

  14. Highest attempts 327 & yards 1,616. Signed a new contract for the league minimum $525,000. He’s much dumber than even I thought!

  15. I read a post his Mom made on a Texan forum and she said he’s fine. Would a mother lie? I don’t think so.

    It is nice to have a player in this league that can have some fun with the fans and media, not take himself so seriously and just go out and play the game. He’s a hoot.

    The NFL would do well to have more like him and Andre Johnson and less of (insert diva here) that are constantly in trouble, can’t make a complete sentence in the English language and do not have enough sense to see a dentist……

  16. Arian knows the only way he can get the insurance to cover his medical expenses if he reveals an injury with in 3 days of finding out about it. Its a smart strategic move on his part.

  17. Would any self-respecting, legitimate doctor agree to doing a diagnosis, complete with an estimated recovery time, off of a cell phone pic? What was this, Michael Jackson’s doctor?

    Props to Foster. He seems like an awesome guy with a great sense of humor.

  18. I know when we’ll know the truth. Week 1. Until then it’s all speculation. Even the week 1 injury report may not tell us the truth. You all watch the same game I do, right? Then just prepare for him to sit and set your fantasy line-up 5 minutes before the game. Besides, if you need Foster to make your team a decent team, then you probably didn’t draft so well in the first place.

  19. lol “ESPN medical team sprung into action.” Man their pathetic..and everyone knows it except themselves. Overanalyzin meaningless and hilarious tweets instead of talkin about him as a player or the team.

    I’m so followin Arian on twitter now!

  20. Whether the injury is serious or not I can’t imagine a single NFL coach liking their players doing this.

    Foster will find out the hard way when he’s playing and opponents do everything they can to get at the injury site. It’s a fact of NFL life that opponents will do everything legal and illegal to take advantage of a guy’s physical ailments which is why I am 100% in favor of 0 injury report requirements (and yes I know gambling yada yada…don’t care).

    Coaches need to be able protect their players from further injury first and foremost.

  21. As a Colts fan, I won’t complain if it is a torn hammy, but I do hope him a speedy recovery from his anti-awesomeness affliction. Feel free to return during week 2!

  22. Looks like drafting Ben Tate with the 192nd and last pick in the draft was a good move on my part.

    I must be SICK.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way Adrian, you are underpaid. How about a nice hold out after your hammy heals?

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