Falcons sign Kelvin Hayden


The Atlanta Falcons are continuing to add veteran depth to their secondary.

Kelvin Hayden, a free agent cornerback who has played his entire six-year career with the Colts, has agreed to terms with the Falcons, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports.

When healthy, the 28-year-old Hayden has been a starter for the last four years in Indianapolis. But injuries have caused him to miss 12 games in the last three seasons.

The acquisition of Hayden comes a day after the Falcons signed veteran safety James Sanders.

16 responses to “Falcons sign Kelvin Hayden

  1. Great news. I’m glad we addressed our needs. Great run football team. LET’S GO FALCONS!

  2. That picture does not ooze confidence in me at all, he looks like he has been burn by a touchdown and he has been cursed out by his coach.

  3. Hayden will be the nickel. Sanders will be the first safety off the bench. The Falcons’ secondary looks much better now than it did forty-eight hours ago.

  4. Hayden’s still injured boys, don’t look for any early help….if he wasn’t the Bears would have snagged him right up, even at a steep price, then, I’m sure it’s less now.

  5. Even if he is injured, we don’t play Green Bay until Week 5, Indy Week 8, and the Ain’ts twice after the bye. Philly is the only passing attack we need to concerned, and Vick will be lucky to make it out that game without a career ending injury.

  6. paulitit74, What’s with the “we”? Are you a mouse in Mike Smith’s pocket ’cause I know you don’t play. By your comments one could think you believe the Falcons could only lose 4 games this year. You do play the Bucs I believe. As well as the Texans. For a team that’s won nothing and has a QB that can only play during the regular season, you’re counting your chickens way to early.

  7. Another player the Bears probably should have looked at.

    They are clearly neglecting the O-Line; at least grab some sill position guys that make sense. Roy Williams, Marion Barber, and Vernon Gholston are NOT guys that make sense.

  8. The falcons have 2 good starting corners,,, ( they 2nd best corner made the pro-bowl last year )they do need a seasoned nickel CB and always a experince back-up, there young CB aren;t ready yeat !! Bears and Giant fans ,there signing with thr falcons because the falcons are a better team, and have a better coach and ownership and are going on a superbowl run this year .. so they chose the falcons over your bears and giants please !! There back-ups and nickels here when they would start on ya’lls team !! who would you play for ?

  9. Why do people get upset when a fan says ‘WE’ when referring to their team? I mean, as a fan, I spend easily over a thousand dollars a year on going to a game or two, buy the NFL Ticket, a new jersey sometimes, 60-100 dollars worth of beer at a game, food, stupid stuff for the kids, and I cheer and yell my ass off when i’m at the game. So ya…I feel like part of the team. So I’ll say ‘WE’ if I want too.

  10. discountusabiz says: Sep 1, 2011 7:38 AM

    And saints fans ya’ll change the core of your team trying to keep up with the falcons, you better pray it works !!

    What are you talking about, Saints are one of the few teams experiencing major consistency, the team to go the longest with the same GM, head coach, and quarterback, and on a third year with the same DC. If you think trading Reggie Bush or upgrading defensive positions is “changing the core” of the Saints, you obviously don’t know the Saints. The only area of concern really is the OL because it has two new starters on it. And that was by necessity, not to “keep up” with the Falcons who have beaten the Saints twice out of their last 10 meetings.

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