NFL, NBC tackling challenge of scheduling conflict with Obama speech

One of the best facets of the new real-time media is that information can be harvested just as quickly as it can be disseminated.

Moments after posting our latest item regarding the decision of President Obama to move his Congressional address regarding jobs from September 7, which would have conflicted with a Republican presidential debate in California, to September 8, which conflicts with the Saints-Packers NFL regular-season opener, PFT dispatched e-mail messages both to the league and to NBC regarding the unexpected development.

“We’re aware of the situation and are communicating with the NFL,” an NBC spokesman told PFT.

No word yet from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello.

Given Tuesday’s surprisingly good news that former NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol has returned to the company as an advisor for NBC’s coverage of the NFL and the Olympics, we’ve got a feeling that Dick will be doing some advising on this one.

133 responses to “NFL, NBC tackling challenge of scheduling conflict with Obama speech

  1. Just don’t put Ohbama on, there’s no conflict. Nobody cares about anythign he has to say. Just play the damn game!


    Give your plan to congress and let them review it.

    NBC better show the game.

  3. thumbs down if you are gonna watch the speech thumbs up if you are gonna watch football

  4. The solution is simple. The speech can be shown on MSNBC and CNBC while the game is shown on NBC.

    The game will have higher ratings anyway because the politicians keep promising us a pot of gold, but keep delivering us a pile of crap.

  5. Whats the over under on the liberal network NBC caving into the president. NFL Network will cover the gam until after the speech ends, and then the coverage will revert to NBC?

  6. A speech about jobs that Americans can’t seem to find thanks to the policy of shipping those jobs overseas for cheaper mass production and importation of crappy goods so he can make some more cash for all of his rich little buddies in the giant corporations and therefore adding to the record deficit that has burdened this great country for generations while he continues to write checks that the American people can’t cash.

  7. If Obama has any sense in his head whatsoever he will not try and compete with the NFL for our time.

    If he thinks his chances of winning 2012 are tough, he has no idea.

  8. The game is scheduled for 8:30 kickoff, and we all know that NBC’s pregame BS will push that back to around 8:45 like always.

    So just do that speech at 7:30 ET. Should be done in plenty of time. This isn’t that hard to figure out.

    Wait, its Dick Ebersol. He’ll figure out a way to screw it up.

  9. If Obama is Truly a NFL fan (as he proclaimed to Bill O’Reilly during the Super Bowl), he will reschedule…As would all of us die hards.

  10. Besides, given the choice between Obama’s BS enployment growth plan or Saints/Pack…I’ll choose the latter.

  11. You’ve done enough to this country. Leave my football, and especially my Packers, ALONE.

  12. I can guarantee you that there are more people in this country interested in watching football than there are in watching politicians spew nonsense at each other.
    They specialize in empty words that mean nothing once they’re elected.

  13. Just show the damn game! Let the people turn the damn channel if they’re in the mood for an fearful of BS. I would love to hear how many people shunned the Pres for a football game, and get the idiots in D.C. to realize we are all sick of their lies and give them a symbolic and collective middle finger.

  14. NFL, NBC tackling challenge of scheduling conflict with Obama speech

    Really?! What challenge? Hmmm…Season opener or more Gov’t crap? NBC would be total morons not to show the game.

  15. I loved his last stimulus. Every time I saw a sign at a road project bragging about stimulus money on the project, I also saw herds of immigrants standing around watching a couple of guys work.
    Discussing how much of the stimulus money they were going to send out of the country to their families, no doubt.
    Great idea, that stimulus. Looks like it worked real well.
    Uh.. Not so much.

  16. Maybe he’ll announce that all NFL apparel will now be made in the USA instead of some rice paddy…….

  17. Sounds like a 6PM EST time start for a speech and an 8PM EST start for a game. All the talk can happen in between (it’s all opinions anyways)

  18. Let me see, he tried to do it Wednesday but poor little John Boehner had his widdle feelings hurt. so the PRESIDENT has to move it to thursday.

    1 out of 10 americans are out of work, OUR President is trying to do something about it, and you guys want to bitch about a football game ? really?

    Honestly it’s high time woman take over the running of this country, men seem utterly clueless as to priorities at the moment.

  19. Obama just can’t stop messing things up can he? Unreal!!!!! He wants to get his word out to as many as possible and of course that would be to the football fan base on opening day, what he does not realize is that if he does this he will end his chance of ever getting re-elected as president the minute he starts talking if there ever was a chance in the first place. What a joke he is, all he has done from the start is lie lie lie, and it is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @mrbigass

    How dare you say that NFL apparel will be made in the USA. Are you supporting the government take over of Reebok? How un-American of you to suggest that Reebok should manufacture anything in the USA. A good Capitalist would support Reeboks decision to take jobs over seas.

    (Insert Sarcasm)

  21. After all of the labor issues and the real possibility that there would be no football, next Thursday is the time to kickoff the season. You would have to be a seriously stupid politician to schedule your speech to conflict with the opening of football season. Jobs have been a huge problem for a long time so what’s the rush now????? Obama seriously underestimates how important that game is to America and if he had his finger on the pulse of the American population he would not even consider preempting that game.

  22. Its really sad that the prez has to move a speech to not conflict with the opposing party’s debate AND the public realizes the PR plunder it will be when the game has higher ratings then the speech and his team does not.
    He had no advisors smart enough to see this embarrassment flying down the turnpike?

    Remember he waited until now to do the speech instead of before heading up to New England. And no one realized the troublesome timeline with Labor Day, Football, the debate and 9/11?

    NBC should not worry, just scroll that the speech is on the other NBC channels and show the game. We can decide what to watch. Why does every TV channel have to show it? Why cant you choose to watch regular TV, but you can choose to go to a movie or to a game? TV “has to show it.” Why dont movie theaters and the megascreens at sporting events have to show it too? Why is it only the most important thing if you are home with the TV on?

  23. I’m sorry but you all sound like a bunch of idiots. No one will miss one down of next Thursday’s game and this scheduling lunacy is as much Boehner’s fault as it is Obama’s.

  24. There is more in play here other than the wishes of the President or the network. Since the infamous ‘Heidi’ game, I believe that the NFL has made sure that the networks CANNOT cut away from a live game. I’m pretty sure that NBC is contractually obligated to show the game. The fact that the Republicans and Democrats could not come to an agreement should not be a surprise. If one said the sky was blue, they would argue about what shade, spend $30 million creating a sub-committee to research and then come to no conclusion in the form of a 300 page report.

  25. Those of you who think that Obama will go in and make a short speech need to remember he’s asked to speak before a joint session of Congress. With all of the applause he’ll be given by his side of the aisle, his speech and, of course, the Republican response we’ll be damn lucky if NBC shows us the game by 9pm. Also throw in the talking heads leading up to it and throwing in their comments afterward. Just think State of the Union speech time-wise. The networks have always allowed the President an open forum and I hope that NBC makes an exception in this case but since they kow-tow to the liberals we fans might just be screwed. Please don’t let that be the case!

  26. It is a trumped up campaign speech that the idiot Republicans are allowing to occur. Of course NBC, which is Obama’s personal network, will pre-empt the game for this. I wonder how many jobs GE can go create in China during this campaign speech.

    2012 can’t get here fast enough………..

  27. @mmmpieyummy

    Um… George Bush is no longer president, and you sir are an idiot. Try to help your country and stop talking like a hateful moron.

  28. Face it folks, the game will be delayed until the prez is done. What does he have to lose. It’s his best shot at a big audience, agitated as they may be!

  29. This wouldn’t have happened if Obama had debuted his “jobs plan” before taking yet another vacation.

  30. Let’s see – we’ve had over 2 years of his self-professed “laser-focus” on jobs. What’s really happened is he’s turned the EPA into the economic gestapo and will soon have his socialistic government health insurance curse REALLY start wreaking havoc on businesses…and now he wants to lecture everyone on his vision of command economy employment…

    Flush this guy and bring on the football…

  31. Hey Mike,

    With all this political talk someone’s going to confuse you with George Stephanopoulos (yes, I had to spell check that).

    My bad, I couldn’t resist.

  32. It’s simple.

    Boehner, Obama, and the whole crew are clueless. Worse that Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith.

    Boycott all political reporting. Vote for John Madden. Accept no substitutes.

  33. All the players who got cut in the roster moves to get to 53 will be interested in the speech about jobs.

  34. Test the pulse of the nation, don’t air the President on NBC. Allow the other networks to do so. See who draws higher NFL or The President.
    Bread and Circuses…give the people what they want.

  35. As a Southern Democrat, this really sucks. If I miss my football for your stupid plan, then you just lost my vote…

  36. Off course the National Barrack Channel is going to cave to Obama and the Dems. You think all those Liberals in the News Room are gonna let the sports guys win out on this one?

  37. I’m betting he’s already got the speech written. How about going ahead and giving it? Does he REALLY need a joint session of congress sitting in front of him? We know what’s going to happen. Half the room will sit on their hands while the other half stands up and cheers. If he says something about how great America is, or in support of our men and women in uniform, everybody stands and cheers. We’ve seen these things before, and it’s always the same thing.

  38. hussein needs to move his speech to Friday when everybody is leaving for the labor day weekend.

    God Bless America and George W. Bush

  39. Would it be the end of the world if NBC didn’t carry Obama’s speech? There are plenty of other stations that people can watch it on if they so choose. What’s wrong with giving the viewers a choice?

  40. It’s already a non-issue…

    A White House official says “We won’t conflict with football,” meaning an early time frame for the speech.

    Done deal.

  41. How can the leader of the free world
    And a sports fan think itagood
    Idea to address the nation the nation the same time the NFL season kicks off. No wonder we are struggling as a

  42. I wish he WOULD preempt the game with his hot air. I’m sick of this hack and his empty “speeches”. You are setting yourself up to SURELY not be reelected if you preempt football.

  43. You guys are all retarded. Republicans made Obama move it. Republicans must be pissed the lockout wasn’t continued. If they ran the NFL, all the games would be outsourced to India n china

  44. Obama has set a ecord for the most speechs by President in office. Set this unbreakable all-time record by the time he had the job less than 2 months into office. Will never be broken!

    My favorite is when he attempred to give a speech pretending it was a toast to the Queen of England while the royal band was playing the British national anthem. The embassment on Obama’s face made George Bush look like a genius compared to him.

  45. myspaceyourface says:
    Aug 31, 2011 10:37 PM
    ———————————————————————————–That’s President Obama sir. I never comment on the political or race related stories, but it just bugs me when people refer to any president as Mr.

  46. There’s 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter, we’re pinned on our own 1 yard line, no time outs, facing fourth and 10 and down by six. That’s the position our economies in. Can our “quarterback ” win the game for us?

  47. It wasn’t really a decision on his part, the speaker of the house of representatives refused him the request for the previous day, and it requires the approval of the leader of both houses of the legislature.

    I’m so glad Gregggggg didn’t write this one : )

    I was pissed when the SOTU address ran over Alf, and I’ll be pissed if this runs over football.

    I never forget

  48. What I see happening is this:

    Obama’s speech is on Thursday as scheduled (this type of speech can’t really be before 8:00 PM because it’s only 5:00 on the west coast). The game either is pushed back to 9:30 PM ET (to allow for any responses from Republicans) or the NFL is granted a one-time-only waiver and the game is moved to Friday, September 9, so the pre-game festivities can also proceed as scheduled on NBC that would be otherwise lost (with the game remaining at 8:40 PM ET).

  49. You are not bigger than the NFL Barry ! Show us you have some testicular fortitude NBC, show us the game unimpeded and in it’s entirety !

  50. Does he actually think anyone cares what he has to say. Or should I say read off the teleprompter what was written for him ?

  51. The speech was SUPPOSED to be on Wednesday before the whiners in the GOP went “WAH, WAH, WAH…it’s SOOOOOO unfair! We should cut taxes on billionaires to make up for it! WAHHHHHHHHHH!”

  52. Here’s a jobs plan: Stop asking what the government should be doing for you and stop looking at the government to create jobs. Instead, demand that the government ease taxes, highly restrictive regulations, and abolish constitutional healthcare programs so business owners can thrive for a change. More important, lets play football and you want to listen to campaign speeches and political rants, turn it on MSNBC, Fox, CNN or CSPAN

  53. No one cares what Obama has to say…all he’s done is waste billions of taxpayer dollars…I don’t want to hear his plan for wasting more. Stop messing with our football if you want to keep America happy. If not then GTFO!

  54. I sure hope these comments are offering a little insight into how the country feels across the board about this President. THAT would be the kind of hope and change I could embrace!

  55. “Packers > Obama”

    As far as I’m concerned, you can throw any of the thirty-two teams into that inequality.

  56. I dislike politics.
    I dislike politics on sports blogs etc.
    I really cannot stand Obama and all his BS. He should just go watch the game, smoke a cigarette, drink some beer and hang out at the barber shop with the rest of his entourage. Get the hell off the air during prime time football jerk off.

  57. NFL should leave the game scheduled as is if they want to have the highest ratings of any football game ever. With all the other channels showing Obama’s speech, NBC will have a captive audience. I generally watch presidential speeches, but won’t this time because he will have nothing new to say.

  58. Obama can’t move his speech to Friday because both sections (House and Senate) are only in session together on Wednesday and Thursday next week. That’s why Obama scheduled it for Wednesday in the first place.

    What I now see Godell doing is pressuring the Republicans to move their scheduled debate to Friday, Sept. 9 (from Wed. 9/7), which would allow Obama to have his speech as originally scheduled for Wednesday 9/7 and the NFL game unopposed by either. The NFL can’t move their game to Friday 9/9 barring getting a waiver from Congress (as noted above would have to happen) because of laws in place to protect college and high school football dating back to the early 1960’s that forbid the NFL from televising games outside the home markets between 6:00 PM ET Friday and 11:59 PM locally on Saturday.

    The one and only way the NFL can get around this entirely would be to move up the Saints-Packers opener to Tuesday 9/6 barring getting a waiver from Congress, which would be strongly opposed by school districts because it would adversely affect attendance at high school games that Friday if the game were moved to Sept. 9. That’s why I think Godell might pressure the Republicans to move their debate to Friday 9/9 regardless of logistical issues.

  59. What a bunch of shmoes. It was John Boehner and the rest of the GOP do-nothing-but-whine-bitch-and-complain-about-health-care-and-taxes-for-rich-whiny-ass-bitches who forced the speech to move from Wed to Thu. Or do you not read the articles and just make comments based on headlines?

    Frigging duh, Champs.

  60. This will probably get all the birthers stirred up again since they will say you can’t be American and not have known when the first regular season NFL game is.

  61. This whole thing has to do with a President that has no idea what he is doing and bone head Boehner who wants to show his power. All current politicians should be booted out as soon as they are up for election. And I mean everyone of them.

    Show the game! Forget the useless speeches! They gave our jobs away.
    Our clothes made in china by the way no longer come with permanant press!

  62. mmmpieyummy says:
    “…so he can make some more cash for all of his rich little buddies in the giant corporations and therefore adding to the record deficit that has burdened this great country for generations…”
    Wait, I’m confused. when did we start talking about George Bush?

    [and that’s not even mentioning the billions and billions spent on that stupid war against a guy that didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction and didn’t have anything to do with 9/11]

  63. Wow, these political opinions on this site have done a complete 180. It’s beautiful to see actually. All of DC is corrupt and failing us. I think it would be a great thing if they aired it at the same time with the exception of NBC. Let’s show them what we really care about with our television sets.

    By the way, for you politically ignorant blaming the republicans for this. The President wanted to have this thing during the Republican debate. An event that has been planned for months. It was a slimy political move and the republicans made him change it as they should have. Had Bush done this during a Democrat debate everyone would have gone nuts and rightfully so.

  64. Ditto to all those saying to ignore Obama and get on with the game. We need to keep the game if for no other reason than to allow the public a choice. Who cares what Obama says – it will be just more baloney, lies, and damn lies to try to turn us into socialist zombies!

    On with the game.

    Saints and Packers Fan, I am.

  65. all this obama bashing is corny… all you have to do is show pip ( picture in Picture) of obama speech while still showing the game with no sound… i hope ebosol have that in mind… you know a national station have to show a president speech…. i rather see the game than the speech also…. but still alot pple with no jobs dont give a ish bout the game also………

  66. “onkorules says: Sep 1, 2011 6:08 AM

    WOW alot of uneducated people on here who think Obama makes laws. Blame congress they actually run this country and dictate the policies.”

    Whether it is from ideals or actually writing, the majority of legislation has always come from the White House. Not to mention as leader of the democratic party, Obama had complete control for 2 years.

  67. The White House should put this speech and the conflict with kickoff game in a context the NFL can understand. Just days before the military and patriotic extravaganza that will be opening day on 9/11, Obama should play his commander-in-chief card. That and suggest that if the league wants another fighter jet flyover during his presidency, they better play ball.

  68. Not trolling when I say that the majority of responses on here are some low-IQ reactionary nonsense. The u.s. Is in the crappy state it’s in because of your collective ignorance, not the president (who you seemingly think has trashed the country in 2 years… Yeah… It’s all his fault…). I’m not happy about the scheduling mix-up either, but as people have pointed out, this is congress’ fault too for not agreeing to let him do it Wednesday. In the grand scheme of things, you’re not even pissed about the game. You just had you little Internet soapbox to make your misguided, chest-puffing comment. It’s weak-minded and foolish. When the world burns, I’d like to think that you’ll take some responsibility for it, but you’ll just be blaming it on whatever convenient ghost your idiot brains can find. You all can rot.

  69. onkorules says: Sep 1, 2011 6:08 AM

    WOW alot of uneducated people on here who think Obama makes laws. Blame congress they actually run this country and dictate the policies.

    I dont disagree with your point at all. BUT, when Bush was in office, everyone pretended that the President is the end all be all, but now that Obama is in office, we conveniently acknowledge there is more to it than that, lol. Which is why it is always funny that Bush gets such a bad rap. The Democrats controlled the House and Senate after the ’06 elections. When did the economy tank? The answer of course is 2007…just saying

    PS, I am not a Republican, I am a Pats fan from Mass, is there a state more Dem than Mass?

  70. Do the speech at 2pm EDT. People WITH jobs will be at work and don’t need to hear it anyway. The unemployed will have something other than Law & Order reruns to watch. The news outlets will have four hours to compete the autopsy on what Obama said, so in essence no one will miss his speech. Play the game at the regular time. Everybody wins. (except the Saints). This isn’t rocket science.

  71. Just scroll the words he was going to read from the teleprompter across the bottom in small font during the game.

    Nothing he was going to read has any meaning anyway…

  72. That being said, Obama’s speech conflicting with the opening NFL game is maybe his worst political blunder in an administration full of them.

    As much as I hate the Teabaggers, Obama’s pretty much a sham Democrat and won’t win re-election not because his ideas are bad, but because he never stood up to the tyranny of idiots on the other side and abandoned liberalism, which got him voted into the White House in the first place.

  73. bearfan51 says:Aug 31, 2011 11:40 PM


    How dare you say that NFL apparel will be made in the USA. Are you supporting the government take over of Reebok? How un-American of you to suggest that Reebok should manufacture anything in the USA. A good Capitalist would support Reeboks decision to take jobs over seas.


    Have you two economic genii ever considered that if you watched football on a US-made television it would cost twice as much and work half as well?

  74. I think the NFL, NBC and Barack should conspire to put all the kick-offs and the teleprompted campaign speeches all together at the end of the football game. That way we can all go to sleep and dream about jobs and the old style kickoffs. I hate to miss a good pre-game over a campaign speech.

    Recession = Neighbor loses his job
    Depression = When you lose your job
    Recovery = when Hussein loses his job

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