Nighthawks have Tiki Barber’s rights


As Tiki Barber waits for his phone to ring, it’s believed that his UFL fallback would be the Las Vegas Locomotives, given the presence there of former Giants coach Jim Fassel, who has openly made a pitch for Tiki’s services.

For now, the Locos wouldn’t get a shot at Tiki.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Omaha Nighthawks currently hold Barber’s UFL rights.

And they’d sign him in a heartbeat.  And they’d give him a way to show what he can do, with the ability to jump back to the NFL by early November.

Still, to have a shot at Tiki, the UFL likely would have to give him the ability to leave at a moment’s notice, no questions asked and no fees paid, if he were to get an offer to join an NFL team.

With the 32 pro football franchises planning to soon dump a collective 864 players and with only one team — the Dolphins — giving Tiki a look-see, his best chance for a comeback could come from a league that is hanging on by a financial thread.

21 responses to “Nighthawks have Tiki Barber’s rights

  1. What? You mean NFL teams aren’t drooling to sign some stupid, washed up, unfaithful loser? Color me shocked.

  2. skinsrock says:
    Aug 31, 2011 1:39 PM
    I said it before & I’ll say it again… Over / Under on how many teams Tiki plays for this year: Zero.

    There’s always a chance.

  3. Tiki’s little blonde tart didn’t sign up for the UFL, she only wants the best. If she knew this she wouldn’t have stolen him from his Asian wife. He better get on a NFL team pronto or she walks…

  4. skinsrock – I’ll take the over & I’ll bet $1 trillion.

    Since you set the over/under at 0, we push if he doesn’t play for any teams. No money is exchanged. If Tiki plays for 1 team, you owe me $1 trillion. If Tiki plays for -1 teams, I owe you $1 trillion. I like my odds, since it’s impossible for Tiki to play for -1 teams.

    You’re obviously not a bookie, or math major. But well, you are a Deadskins fan, so I guess that explains it.

  5. If he goes to the UFL, Colt Brennan will give him a discount on a hotdog.

    Seriously, Colt Brennan is now selling hotdogs for the UFL after the Colonials folded.

  6. Hey come on now, what happened to all that tiki to pitt guarantees spun by the media. Dont give up hope now guys, you called it SO close… clowns.

  7. C’mon, Tiki’s not that bad. He’s just not that good either. UFL is not a fallback. UFL is where he will retire. His confidence is good, but he wasn’t exactly breaking into the record-books when in his prime, so his chances are incredibly slim to get back in the elite. He’ll get a shot of reality once he starts playing UFL and realizes that he can’t break out.

  8. somebody will pick him up after week 1. Vets get their contracts guaranteed if they are on the roster going into week 1. Watch the injury list. My prediction- Indy.

  9. Maybe if the NFL would let Tiki play for the federal minimum wage instead of the NFL veteran minimum salary, some team would take a chance on him.

  10. “…but he wasn’t exactly breaking into the record-books when in his prime…” -blackgolddomination

    Tiki was the 3rd player ever to have 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards. He was also the first player ever to rush for 1,800+ and receive 500+ in the same season. He is one of three players to have three 200+ rushing games in the same season. Tiki Barber led the Giants in rushing in every game from the beginning of the 2002 season through the end of the 2006 season, an NFL record 80 consecutive games.
    He was the Giants all-time leader in receptions (only the fourth RB to ever do that for his team) and leads the Giants all-time in rushing TD, rushing yards, rushing attempts, rushing YPG, and has the longest rushing TD in Giants history. He was 300 yards shy of the all-time single season all purpose yards record in 2005, and is 12th all-time in all purpose yards despite retiring in his prime. He played the same amount of time as Barry Sanders and has only 1,000 less all purpose yards.

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