Troy Aikman wonders what he’d do if he saw Skip Bayless


Fifteen years ago, Skip Bayless wrote a book about the Dallas Cowboys called Hell Bent, and in that book Bayless delved into rumors that then-Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was gay.

Time has passed, but Aikman is still so upset with Bayless that he hinted in a recent radio interview that if he were ever to see Bayless again, he might take a swing at him.

“I will tell you this,” Aikman said on 1310 The Ticket, via the Dallas Morning News. “I’ve not seen — I’ve not physically seen Skip Bayless since that time. That was in ’95. And I still kind of wonder what I might do to him when I do see him.”

Asked whether he might have a physical confrontation if he saw Bayless, Aikman said, “Well, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Aikman says it still irks him that Bayless used rumors about his personal life to help sell books.

“When a guy like that comes out and, whether it’s intimated or stated, and there’s no substance to that claim, and he’s doing it purely to gain interest in a book, that’s a problem,” Aikman said.

Aikman declined to take the high road in commenting about Bayless, saying, “I’m not so sure Skip’s not gay.” Aikman says he has never read Bayless’s book, but it’s clearly a book that still gets under Aikman’s skin.

110 responses to “Troy Aikman wonders what he’d do if he saw Skip Bayless

  1. please beat him up he always talking nonsense the guy is stupid literally one time he said he will pick vince young over vick and manning last year to get him a win and one time he said shaq was never any good like really

  2. Skip is a moron and I can’t believe people think it’s a good idea to hire him for their show.

    I loathe the Cowboys but I’ve always respected Troy Aikman. Glad Troy ain’t takin’ no ish from this dbag.

  3. Skip Bayless is a worm IMHO, and I’m happy he’s no longer involved in sports media in the DFW area. I’m no Cowboys/Jerry Jones fan, but Aikman was a great, tough player, and he deserved nothing that Skip Bayless dished out. I turn off the TV whenever ESPN shows Skippy’s mug.

  4. I’m a Skins fan, and I’ve always Troy was a classy guy. Messing with someone’s life to sell your own book is very low-class. Troy doesn’t need to do anything but ignore this clown.

  5. “I will tell you this,” Aikman said on 1310 The Ticket, via the Dallas Morning News. “I’ve not seen — I’ve not physically seen Skip Bayless since that time. That was in ’95. And I still kind of wonder what I might do to him when I do see him.”

    Pucker those cheeks Skip, He’s comming hard for you.

  6. @drevilstolemymojito – You know that it is funny that you do turn off ESPN when he is on. I do the same thing.

    As for Bayless – he is another example of a classless reporter who sensationalizes his topic. I would love to see Aikman take care of this guy.

    I am willing to bet that ESPN no longer had this guy on their shows. Everytime I see him, I know that it is comedy hour.

  7. Wait in line Troy, there’s a whole lot of people who want a swing at Skip’s ugly mug.

  8. He always stated that football came first. Look, I’m a life long ‘Skins fan, but this guy ain’t gay. He devoted every oz. of his being to the Cowboys. So many QBs would be way better than they are/were if they just put in the effort Troy did. Plus you never know what someone really wants when you meet them if you’re a star QB. Peyton met his in college before he was even that good. Many get worked over both mentally and financially by meeting and getting married to women that aren’t really sincere. So he avoided that trap, played the field a little(he was the QB of the Cowboys after all) dedicated himself soley to his team, then waited to meet that important person? That’s gay? I think that’s pretty fing smart. Just as it was, if you read up on his history, that he banked his first contract in case he never made it, then only spend anything upon contract #2 and only considered himself set when he signed contract number 3. Not that there is anything wrong with that…

  9. “I’ve not seen — I’ve not physically seen Skip Bayless since that time. That was in ’95. And I still kind of wonder what I might do to him when I do see him.”

    sounds like the last time they seen each other they got a little *close*

  10. Punch that loud-mouth in the nose Troy an I’ll donate 500 dollors to the charity of your choice

  11. Skip Bayless knows what he’s doing. He’s a “shock-jock” who makes bold/ridiculous/usually stupid claims in order to piss off people. Love him or hate him (hate him), he’s made a name for himself doing it. Kinda the sleazy way of becoming a nationally known analyst, but good for him I guess.

  12. Not an Aikman fan, but Bayless is the type of journalist/TV personality that makes journalists/TV personalities on cable news channels look almost respectable by comparison.

  13. I love how you are not allowed to say one thing about Troy Aikman possibly being gay.

  14. As an Eagles fan, as hard as this is to think about, Aikman would vault himself into my top 20 all-time favorite players if he laid down a righteous, Old Testament-style beatdown on Skip Bayless.

  15. Naturally, Joe Buck would be watching this fight with the rapt, loving attention he always gives Troy Aikman.

    Now, there’s a dude if you want to talk about someone who sets off Gaydar…

  16. Hey Troy,
    I thought people only became mad at rumors about themselves only if they were true.
    Come on dude. “F” that guy. You are a Hall of Famer. Brodcaster. Father. Who cares if you took more balls across the chin than Cartlon Fisk.

  17. Troy has turned down more trim than this Dbag has ever fantasied about in his entire life. I would pay to see Aikman kick that azz.

  18. Not sure about Troy, but pretty sure Joe Buck is in love with him. He always stands so close and stares at Troy like he’s just mesmerized by him.

    And Skip Bayless is one of the most annoying sports commentators on TV.

  19. In Skip’s defense, Aikman was frequntly sceen vacationing with Piazza at Sandals resorts around that time.

  20. Bayless, Mariotti, etc, are nothing but hack alarmists. No different the political alarmists that spew bs everyday. Amazing that people would even give those two any credit for anything.

  21. Is it really that important who has sex with whom? Troy was a great QB, that’s all that matters.

  22. Bayless just talks for the sake of getting people fired up…that is it. He’s not serious…he’s like Al Sharpton.

  23. raiderfanforlife says: Aug 31, 2011 7:33 PM

    I can’t wait to see how Skip is going to respond to this one on First and 10 tomorrow. LMAO.

    Way to go Troy!


    I wasn’t aware that anyone actually watched 1st and 10. Learn something new every day.

  24. trbowman says: Aug 31, 2011 7:59 PM

    I love Skip Bayless. Gotta appreciate a fellow contrarian.
    did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?

  25. Get on him (whatever way possible) to the point where he’ll cry!!!

    Then we’ll see that he’s a bigger woos than he’d want us to think!!!!

  26. Bayless is a despicable human being who gets excessively praised by a corrupt enterprise like ESPN!!!!

  27. Funny how anyone who agrees that Aikman is gay gets the thumbs down.

    Like it or not people, there are gay NFL players.

    He was a great QB, great athlete, great leader.
    Personally I think he is good on TV.

    If he is not gay, and was so upset this book, why did he never sue for defamation?

    If you have gay friends, ask them what the view of the gay community is on Troy.

  28. Skip Bayless could never put out a book announce he was gay cause it would never sell. So, he does it to someone else.

  29. isn’t skip the same dude that ripped on Ted Thompson for choosing Aaron over Favre?

    Then last week, the dude is all in on the tim tebow “youth movement” bandwagon….

    Guy just tries to go against the popular opinion just for the sake of it.
    for all we know, he’s probably gonna start accusing Michael Bay of being a magical filmmaker.

  30. It’s a well known fact Troy can’t pass a wet ball.
    Rock me!
    Seriously though, Bayless is a joke – would love to see Troy knock him out.

  31. Who cares if either of them are gay or not. Nobody cares about that. But, if Aikman really isn’t gay, I doubt he’d be acting like is so upset about it still that he’s going to take a swing at Bayless. He’d be more like, “whatever I don’t care.” Usually people with something to hide are the most vocal, I guess trying to deflect suspicion or something. Look no further than the long string of vocally anti-gay politicians who get caught with some boy – 2 more of those guys have been busted in just the past couple of weeks. And the guy’s name is “Troy” – what more evidence do you need.

  32. Never been a Cowboys fan but I do respect Aikman. As for Bayless, he’s the Chaz Bono of sports reporting.

  33. In Skip’s defense, Aikman was frequntly sceen vacationing with Piazza at Sandals resorts around that time.


    You mean like Tom Brady and his child-like love of water slides?

  34. If he is not gay, and was so upset this book, why did he never sue for defamation?


    Two reasons. First because it didn’t meet the legal definition of defamation, and secondly because that would have just given Bayless publicity.

  35. I will always hate the Cowboys. I’m a Hurricanes fan, so I love Jimmy Johnson and Michael Irvin. Troy Aikman, I respected a great deal along with Emmitt Smith. He didn’t date much because he was a hard worker. Skip put this out because many wondered about his sexual orientation. If I were betting, it would be on the fact that Skip likes men sexually. Anyone with sense knows Skip is a joke, especially based on what comes out of his mouth. It would be funny if Troy knocked the s**t out of Skip. I’d love to see that.

  36. Thumbs up if you hate Skip Bayless for than Jay Mariotti.

    Thumbs down if you hate Mariotti more.

    Hmm, we need a third button for Woody Paige.

  37. Bayless is a worm who’s never done anything meaningful in his life. The paparazzi who pimp Michael Jackson autopsy photos think Bayless is a classless weasel.

    Aikman, by contrast, was and is a legend. No way he’s gay either.

    This from a lifelong Steeler fan who hates the Cowboys.

  38. Its been alleged that Troy Aikman is gay and has been dating his roommate from college his whole life. His old roommate is a doctor and lives in TX also. Its alleged by multiple sources that Troy’s type is young blonde “twinks”

  39. Listen- I have nothing against gays or the gay lifestyle- in fact, I have a lot of gay friends. That said, Skip Bayless should not be accusing anyone of being gay- if anyone’s gay, it’s Skip. What, with the perfected manicured hair, fake tan, makeup, and numerous face lifts, to me he’s as queer as a 3 dollar bill.

  40. i also think its strange that since 1995 that these to men heavily involved in sports and boardcasting have yet to run in to each other

  41. Aikman gay or not would shake like a rag doll just like Jim Everett pushed over Jim Rome for calling him Chris Everett. People have a tendency to think QB’s are little guy’s…. Troy stands 6’5″ 235lbs……..

  42. Gay feud starting up again 16 years later. Reminds me of the gay Star Trek feud. Sulu writes a book a few years ago, coming out of the closet, and also ripping Shatner. Shatner responds by saying ”wow that took courage to come out of the closet…30 years after your career ended”.

  43. There exists a new type of reporting and commentating that cuts across all genres of journalism. People who call themselves journalists, but just don’t have the talent to attract listeners/viewers/a following, are left to say and/or write outrageous things as a means of attracting attention.

    These people have zero insight or critical thinking/analysis ability and are left to planting innuendo and spewing hatred in order to be heard.

    The Skip Baylesses of the world are dishonest and are not really journalists at all.

  44. It doesn’t matter if either Aikman or Bayless is gay. Skippy is an opportunistic d-bag who cares nothing about the truth. I’d love to be in the room if Troy drops him. I volunteer to dispose of the rotten carcass.

  45. I have to agree with several previous posters …that skip is gay. I’ve actually seen 1st and ten a couple of times by accident (channel surfing ) and based on the way he speaks and his mannerisms he sure seems gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hell, my brother is gay, so I’m certainly not being a hater. Just sayin, it seems like skips got a little sugar in him.

  46. Iused to hate Skip too, but he’s just doing his job. No when he starts hating on T.O thats when I get pissed!

  47. trbowman says: Aug 31, 2011 7:59 PM

    I love Skip Bayless. Gotta appreciate a fellow idiot.



  48. Gotta love Shatner…SHATner. Heh heh…

    Anyway, as a Steeler fan I of course don’t care for the Cowboys, but I care for Bayless even less. Aikman was a great QB and seems like a good guy, even if he’s not the best color guy in the booth. Bayless is like a little yapping ankle-biting dog. Not sure how he has a job…oh wait, he’s on ESPN. He is a talking douche.

  49. Skip Bayless is the same idiot that predicted that Vince Young would win 2 superbowls with the Titans. How is that one working out for you, Skippy?

  50. Bayless is the biggest clown in sports analysis. And I don’t mean that in a “funny jokester” sort of way. He’s a douche. He’s an arrogant douche, and most of what he says in incorrect — even his personal opinions.

  51. Skippy is a joke, sits there and runs his suck with no merit or substance to what he’s saying. I guess once you establish an audience the sheep will listen to anything…C’mon people, turn this guy off!

  52. Don’t get me wrong; Shatner is NOT gay. But Sulu is and admitted he wished Shatner was.

  53. I’m sure he’s read that book head to toe. If they ever turned the book into an NBC special movie, Troy could play one of the lead characters since he can probably recite the book word for word.

    Hell Troy, you should have used the book to your advantage…
    I mean, the guy pretty much did all the hard work for you, you know, the whole coming out thing…
    Since you didn’t use the shot when it was given, your still sitting in the closet, bad move.
    One more thing…
    The whole, I don’t know what i’m gonna do when i see him thing… Drop it. Its not you. The whole tough guy thing dropped out of the window years ago, what am i talking about, it was never there.
    If it wasn’t for that amazing front five and a running back named Emmitt in the early 90’s, we wouldn’t even be talking about you right now. You would of been an average Joe, or an average Troy.

  54. Bayless also said that Aikman threw games.

    And he said Aikman as a racist.

    On his radio show during an interview, Bayless told Mark Stepnoski that he wasn’t a very good athlete, and that he (Bayless) was the better athlete of the two, trying to provoke a response.

    Trash under the guise of “journalism”.

  55. Wait….this Bayless guy called Aikman gay?

    Doesn’t that make him racist?


    *This post got deleted too (x2) for some unimaginable reason. Not allowed to mention “gay”, “racist” and “whistling” all in one post or what?

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