Your PFT Live AFC East Preview

Before we move on to Wednesday’s PFT Live with a guest spot from Mike Mayock, we’ve got one more clip to share from Tuesday’s show.

Florio previews the AFC East with overrated storylines, underrated storylines, and predictions for the division.

Here’s the short version: He likes the Bills, and expects a decline from the Patriots.

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44 responses to “Your PFT Live AFC East Preview

  1. If a decline by the Patriots means 12-4 or 13-3, maybe 11-5 from 14-2 then yeah I guess so….

    I think the Patriots have more talent this year, but at the same time they werent as good as their record from last season. They still win the division though.

  2. I remember a few years ago when Peter King picked the Dolphins to win the east and make it to the super bowl… they went 1-15 that year.

  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chan Gailey over Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

    Yeah that makes sense.

  4. I think the Bills are better than people think. The Patriots are the class of the division until they prove otherwise. The Jets are overrated and the Dolphins are underrated. How it all shakes out in the standings will depend on little things throughout the year. I would place the Pats at the top simply because of the TB/BB combo. The other 3 teams are not far apart. Bills were in a lot of close games, Dolphins D could have been a bigger impact if they held on to the ball. The Jets came through in crunch time last year.

  5. Just like last year many said the Patriots would be 8-8 because they were too young on defense. Unfortunatley they went 14-2. They are equal or better at every position this year. I’ll agree they could fall back record wise slightly, as 14-2 is pretty crazy, but they’ll still be the best team in the division.

    The Bills are up and coming???? They have no offense at all. They will be 4-12.

    The Jets are still good, but they weren’t close to winning the division last year, They have to go 5-1 in the division and at least 7-3 out side the divison to have a chance to win it. A tall order for a team that can’t score points. The Jets are built for the playoffs, but have to make it there.

    Also, analyizing based on how they felt after last year’s playoffs is rediculous. These players get paid millions of dollars to play football and they are professionals. They have no problem starting again at 0-0.

  6. willysantos says:
    Aug 31, 2011 11:48 AM
    Jets are winning the AFC East and the SB. The regular season is just a formality.

    Typical Jet fan, setting up for the reality check due in January, so they then can complain and cry how “cursed” they are when in actuality they’re just not that good.

  7. “I remember a few years ago when Peter King picked the Dolphins to win the east and make it to the super bowl… they went 1-15 that year.”

    those werent the same years…… that was saban’s second year when they went 7-9, the next year they hired cameron, nobody expected much, and they went 1-15.

  8. The Bills have not beaten the Patriots since 2003 (the lawyer milloy game). Now you have them winning the division? Really?

  9. Dirty D Fo says: Aug 31, 2011 12:00 PM

    ‘Dirty’ Sanchez is oh, oh, oh, oh, verated. What has this fella’ done? Really?
    Oh gee, I don’t know, only taken his team to the AFC championship game in his first two seasons. Only one other player in NFL history has done that. Not even Peyton or Brady has done this.

    With the win over the Pats in his second year, he tied four other quarterbacks for the most post-season road victories by a quarterback.

    Is he great? No. Does he put up gaudy numbers? No. Do I expect him to be the next Manning/Brady/Montana/Marino? No. But is he winning games, and learning how to get better? Yes.

    Inter-division rivals will continue to hate and bash, Jets fans will continue to defend. I’m neither, just an outsider looking in, but to say Sanchez has done nothing is just a flat out ignorant statement.

  10. For the losers, hope springs eternally. You really want to discount Tom Brady and them? You might see a real difference in the NE defense this season…

  11. Dirty D Fo says: Aug 31, 2011 12:00 PM

    ‘Dirty’ Sanchez is oh, oh, oh, oh, verated. What has this fella’ done? Really?

    Can’t say Sanchez is overrated. I think everyone knows what he is. A pretty good NFL QB, but not elite. He’s clearly a winner.

    Better than at least half the teams have.

    As a Patriots fan I wan’t him to fold like in the one game last year, but he’s pretty resilient.

    It’s annoying. Nothing a pass rush won’t fix though.

  12. To be an honest Bills fan:

    They arent winning the division, but I think they can knock the Jets down a few pegs this year.

    The dolphins D is good but what else do they have? If their offense cant keep their D off the field, what does it matter?

    Pats win the East.

    Jets finish 3rd.

  13. bullcharger says: The Bills are up and coming???? They have no offense at all. They will be 4-12.

    No Offense? How about Stevie Johnson? The #1 rb in the AFC east, Fred Jackson? The up and coming (your gonna hear his name quite a bit)Marcus Easley? Not to forget the leadership and drive of “The Amish Rifle,” Ryan Fitzpatrick? The play calling of Chan Gailey for players like: Roscoe Parrish, Brad Smith and Naaman Roosevelt? Come Week 8 this season your mind will be changed.

    Go Bills!!!!

  14. Any honest Patriots fan will tell you that they didn’t see them finishing 14-2. I thought 11-5 and a second place finish behind the Jets.

    This year I don’t think the Jets are as strong as they were last year when I always posted how the jets pushed their chips to the middle of the table but couldn’t cash in.

    This year’s Patriots team is much stronger than LY’s version even though they might finish 13-3 or 12-4. Questions surround both lines for the jets as their guard situation raises questions as does betting the farm on rookie DL.

    Bills will be better than LY’s version and the Dolphins could finish anywhere from 10-6 to 6-10

    Time will tell and we will see !

    In the meantime, Happy 42nd Gang Green !

  15. The Pats go 14-2 in a ‘rebuilding’ year with a young defense, then do nothing but improve in several key areas over the course of the off-season and you expect them to decline!?!?! You are off your rocker. As punishment for your foolishness, I expect you to buy and wear a Haynesworth jersey after the Pats clinch the division somewhere around week 14.

  16. The Pats will once again win the division, 11 to 12 wins. The Jets O -Line is suspect and against the NFC East alone that will be a problem, 8-9 wins. If Chad can play as well as he has so far, Miami could win 6-8 games. While the Bills Lack of offense will leave them deep in the basement, 4 to 6 wins.

  17. I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the Bills will be better, no turnover at QB or coaching and in a short offseason that will help. It is also not unreasonable to assume that the Patriots will step back from 14-2. I mean if they go 13-3 and clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs that is still technically a step back, so it is not out of realm of possibility.

  18. The Patriots will win 15 games. The loss will probably be to the Jets, but they will fix that in the playoffs.

  19. ej,

    Stop sniffing the wing sauce!

    BJGE( Law Firm) 1008 yards rushing 4.4 avg
    F Jackson 927 yards rushing 4.2 avg

    Here’s hoping the Bills can supplant the hot air coming from Florham Park

  20. 1:10 second mark, of the clip, tells you how far out-of-wack Mike is here.

    +205 on the difference! +205!

    And not a single word. Let’s see, +28 turnover ratio and a +205 score difference and the Jets are going to win the division? ROFL!

    At least you mentioned that interior O-line situation for New York.

    By the way Mike.. taking any action on that Buffalo and possible playoffs talk??

  21. Rosenthal has the Jets winning the division. I always knew I liked this guy.

    Everyone knows Rex Ryan makes outrageous statements to keep the NY press focused on Rex Ryan and away from his team. If you want example of what NY press can do if left to their own vices, check out the articles on Eli.

    But the key is that Rex has a very good, rather Great relationship with the owner. Woody Johnson told Rex when he hired him to just be himself, be brash, and win. Rex is no saint Miami wrestling fans will agree, but Woody has never ever got into any disagreements with the coach.

    I think many posters on this site do not understand all of this.

    Jets should go 12-4 this year and contend for AFC East with the Patriots.

  22. Grulks: Sanchez career, 54.4 completion %, 6.58 yds/catch, 29 TDs, 33 INTs, 13 fumbles, rating=70.2. 2010 54.8 completion %, 6.49 yds/catch, 17 TDs, 13 INTs, 5 fumbles, rating=75.3. He plays a bit better in the postseason, I’ll grant you that.

  23. stanmackley says: Aug 31, 2011 12:42 PM

    there you have it, bullcharger is a pats fan. this precludes him from having to have intellegence woven into his nfl analysis.

    ……….if you’re going to make comments about the “intellegence” of other people’s comments, at least spell intelligence correctly.

  24. gotta love the people posting on here that try to sound unbiased and thoughtful, then make retarded comments because they hate the Jets

    – Sanchez is not a great QB and he’s the weak link on the Jets. But questioning what he’s accomplished when he led 5 game winning drives last year and always plays his best ball in the playoffs is pretty stupid and getting old

    – saying the Jets, Bills and Dolphins are pretty much in the same camp? come on FinFan, stop showing your insecurity

    – and the Bills fan who thinks Buffalo can take down the Jets: which blow out loss last year gave you that much confidence? I think the Jets beat your team by a combined 60 points last year

    The reality is the Pats are favorites, the Jets are in the running to dethrone them, the Dolphins will be lucky if Henne isn’t a debacle, and the Bills will win anywhere from 3-7 games

  25. i’m sorry, but i saw the jets rack up nearly SIX HUNDRED yards rushing against the Bills in two games last year. SIX HUNDRED! and in the second game the jets starters didnt even play!

    we have a better chance of seeing the rapture take place this fall than the bills competing for a wild card spot in a very tough afc.

  26. How are the dolphins NOT going to be in the thick of the division? They kept their whole starting defense basically while upgrading at LB (Crowder had to go), and they get Odrick back as well.

    On offense, say what you want, but Henne has been playing pretty well this preseason. OL has a ways to go and we’ll see what the running game looks like.

    But honestly, how is that assessment any different than the Jets??? Also have no OL and their RB is going to be in shambles this year. Even worse, they have no LBs. Is Sanchez gonna be their savior? Sure wasn’t last year. Is LT going to rush for close to 1,000 again? Wouldn’t be on it…

    Patriots will be a step above again, but Dolphins will be a game or two back. Bills will play their way to another top 10 draft pick next year. Jets will be somewhere in the middle of the pack.

  27. “No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills”


    That’s because no one needs to circle the wagons as often as the Buffalo Bills. Practice makes perfect.

  28. I’m just wondering… How does replacing one starter make your whole o-line suspect?

    I’ll give you that they are thin, but not suspect.

    Oh there are also two pro bowlers and an all pro…suddenly thats suspect???

  29. afc22 says:
    Aug 31, 2011 3:05 PM

    The reality is the Pats are favorites, the Jets are in the running to dethrone them, the Dolphins will be lucky if Henne isn’t a debacle, and the Bills will win anywhere from 3-7 games


    Nailed it.
    (Warning: This is a Pats fan praising a Jets fan for his rationality. Beware of flying pigs, hell freezing over, and other equally unlikely occurences.)

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