Your PFT Live AFC North preview

On Monday, PFT Live predicted that the Jets would overtake the Patriots in the AFC East.

Tuesday’s edition previews the AFC North and Florio once again thinks there will be a changing of the guard.

The entire division should be happy because of its non-division schedule.  They face the NFC West and the AFC South, which isn’t a murderer’s row.

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20 responses to “Your PFT Live AFC North preview

  1. I’d be at least a little concerned facing the Colts and the Texans. I don’t think the AFC South is losing too much sleep over the two Ohio teams.

  2. Steelers 12-4
    Ravens 9-7
    Browns 7-9
    Bungals 2-14
    Ben has nto lost to teh Ravens in last 7 appearances and streak will continue in week 1!
    Pitt 24 Ravens 16

  3. I am very concerned about the Ravens on offense – most of their skill players were not there last year, and had a short training camp to pick up the complicated offense. Besides Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin, almost everyone is a new face or a new starter in at running back or receiver this year. Flacco took a long time to get on the same page with his new receivers last year, and it may take longer without the off-season workouts this year.

  4. As long as Flacco is the “franchise QB” for Baltimore I see nothing that is going to change the outcome of the Steeler games. I can’t even bring myself to call it a rivalry.

  5. Love the hacks at Flacco. Only QB to win playoff games his 1st 3 years, all on the road. Not all his doing, and not franchise either. Just legit, without locking bathroom stalls.

    The $64000 question in this division is which juggernaut gets its Oline together first?

    The Bengals? (I know, you just spit in your drink laughing so hard)

    I think it’s the Ravens. Grubbs Yanda and Oher are Pro Bowl caliber already. Guessing McKinnie bounces back. If he doesn’t, it’s a horse race.

    If he does…Ravens 13-3, Steelers 11-5. Harbaugh does not lose many/any games he shouldn’t.

    Lee Evans might be the biggest difference maker in the league this year.

    And as tough as the Steelers D is…half those guys are looking a little long in the tooth these days, although Hood and Heyward could counteract most of that if they can play at the level they were drafted this year.

  6. Ravens goin all the way to the Super Bowl, gonna win, Ray is gonna retire, and i might cry. Lookin forward to this season.

  7. We’ve missed the playoffs after our last three Super Bowl wins. But we won the division following our only other Super Bowl loss. Going into the season, I think the Ravens have a few more issues than we do, but it’s close enough that anything can happen. Both the Steelers and Ravens need to be watching the Browns, who could easily surprise and earn a wildcard. It will be a long year for the Bengals.

  8. ravensfan4life52 says: Aug 31, 2011 11:05 PM

    “Ravens goin all the way to the Super Bowl, gonna win, Ray is gonna retire, and i might cry. Lookin forward to this season”

    Oh, you’re gonna be crying alright…

  9. As a bengals fan, here’s my 2011 Preview :

    1st – 12-4 Baltimore Ravens : The aging defense seems to somehow year after year keep it together. With Ray Rice they finally have a great RB, and adding weapons at WR for flacco is only bolstering that ravens offense. This team gets over the hump against the steelers and finally wins the division again. Not to mention hardly ever does a team win back to back division titles in the AFC North

    2nd – 10-6Pittsburgh Steelers : This team only wins 2nd in the division for their divsion record against the browns and AFCN. The steelers are not getting better with tomlin as HC and drafting, and its going to show this year. They get off to a slow start, a couple injuries hurt them and they slide into the wildcard. What happens from there who knows.

    3rd – 10-6 Cleveland Browns : Yes, I know im predicting the browns go 10-6. But im also predicting 10-6 misses the playoffs, because this is the AFC. They went 10-6 a few years ago and missed the playoffs, and remember this is a team who beat the saints and the patriots last year. Colt Mccoy, if he stays healthy, is a franchise QB something the browns havent had in forever. Mike Holmgrem is a great evaluator of talent, esp QB’s, and the browns in usual brownie fashion, go 10-6 but still miss the playoffs due to their horrible luck

    4th – 6-10 Cincinnati Bengals : This team is too young. I want to be a homer and say my bengals win the division but im a realist. Andy Dalton is a franchise QB (im going out on a limb to say that) but the kid has heart, leadership, he’s accurate and he commands the huddle all with no time to prepare due to the lockout. The bengals have the next colt mccoy here. But the rookie offense, continued problems at offensive line, and losing JJ to the texans hurt them enough that they only manage 6 wins. Enough to ensure we wont be drafting andrew luck (who by the way, wouldnt come out of standford if the bengals had the first pick, and even if he did mike brown wouldnt draft him because he just drafted a QB). Although the bengals will be back to a 10-6 record NEXT year, its not happening this year.

    Overall, nothing new here in this divsion. Yes I realize im crazy to some of you predicting my bengals win 6 games, but nobody pays closer attention to cinncinnati than me, and this team has been getting to the QB, installed a new west coast system and used the old addition by subtraction method in getting rid of an aging QB with no leadership skills, 2 cancers in the locker room in TO and Chad Ochostinko. How many other bengals fans are this realistic? not many

  10. The Steelers offense is what is going to carry this team through 2011. Roethlisberger entering his prime (and still comically underrated), a much improved offensive line, better Mendenhall, maybe the NFL’s most explosive receiving corps, and Heath Miller is a top 5 tight end.

    The defense is aging but Lawrence Timmons, Lamarr Woodley, Ziggy Hood, and Cam Heyward are all 26 or younger. Troy is only 30.

    This team had 3 turnovers in XLV and lost by 6 points. The Steelers are still extremely dangerous.

  11. Bengals = Bungles = 2-14.

    Steelers aging fast + Harrison will be hearing the Commish’s footsteps for more fines for cheap shots + Steelers historical .500 range finishes after SB appearances = 8-8 range.

    Hillis will carry Browns to WC competition= around 10-6

    The Ravens, after the old vets purge and replacement by speedy youth, will run away with the division title at 13-3.

  12. I will take Big Ben’s three SB appearances and two wins over Flacco’s first three years winning a playoff game.

    As for Harbaugh rarely losing the games that count, seems to me he has lost plenty of games that counted. At least when he was playing the Steelers. Or do those games not count?

  13. Harbaugh beats teams the Ravens are favored against. Not many upsets.

    Here’s a news flash. They all count.

    Take your tired, dated Steelers promo on vacation, and focus forward. What’s happening this year?

  14. Easy to predict that the Bengals will be at the bottom, they seem in disarray with no real leadership, even if Carson Palmer comes back.

    The Browns should be better, but not good enough to overtake the Steelers and Ravens.

    I believe the Steelers have the best team and personnel overall compared to the Ravens, but they always play so close the games could go either way on a break or call. Improvements for the Steelers this year would seem to be on offense: Ben has no dark clouds over him and should be ready to prove himself after the Super Bowl. The WR corp seems very deep and talented. No reason to believe the running game will fall off. On the defense, the LB’s should be better than ever.

    Steeler concerns for me: The OL, as usual. They need to stay healthy and improve over the season, give Ben time to pick apart defenses. Harrison is not yet in 100% shape and that will be a problem for a few games at least. Steelers deep coverage is a concern, as usual. Someone has to step up and make some plays. Great to have Aaron Smith back but you have to be concerned about injuries. Finally, they have to ensure they don’t fall off after going to the Super Bowl last year.

    The Ravens defense isn’t getting any younger. And while Flacco seems capable and will probably improve, he hs not shown the ability to consistently beat the Steelers.

    I expect it to be close between the Ravens and Steelers all year, with the Steelers winning the division. But the name of the game is getting to the playoffs where anything can happen, so a wild card wouldn’t be the kiss of death either.

    Can’t wait until 9/11 for that BIG game against the Ravens!


  15. I’m not making any serious record predictions, anything can happen in this division although it will be the Steelers and Ravens duking it out for the AFC North again though. Cleveland will be improved but not enough, I’m thinking an 8-8 or 9-7 for them is entirely possible, the Bengals are…well they’re the Bengals.

    The real reason I am commenting is the way to common misconception that the Ravens defense is too old. Yes Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are crucial cogs in that defense and aren’t going to be around too much longer. But other than those two, the only other projected starter on D over 30 is DE Cory Redding (who will be rotating with rookie McPhee and 2nd year Art Jones). OLB Jarret Johnson turns 30 during the season I believe but he too will be rotating with 3rd yr Paul Kruger and. 2nd yr Sergio Kindle. The rest of the defense is in its prime. It is impossible to replace a Reed and a Lewis but other than those 2 the Ravens are in their prime on defense.

    Meanwhile, the only projected Steeler starters under 30 are Timmons and McFadden (I do give the Pitt FO plenty of credit for preparing for their future though, see drafting Hood and Heyward to eventually replace Keisel and Smith).

    Not debating on voice an opinion on which D is better, just pointing out the FACTS that the media and every football fan outside of Baltimore seems to disregard when talking about the Ravens defense.

  16. Luv the Steeler haters out there. Flacco is good but will not surpass Ben anytime soon. I love the Lee Evans, difference-maker comment. The Ravens QB, D, Wr’s, & RB’s are inferior to the Steelers’. The Ravens MIGHT have a better kicking game -wow. Steelers 12-4, Ravens 9-7.

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