Foster’s status remains up in the air

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It’s fitting, we suppose, that for a Week One game in which the starting quarterback for one team may or may not play due to injury, the starting tailback for the other team is now firmly in the will-he-or-won’t-he? category.

With an ESPN medical expert offering up a Bill Frist-style assessment of Arian Foster’s hamstring — and predicting that he could miss up to a month — John McClain of the Houston Chronicle predicts that Foster will be ready to go.

McClain points out that Foster is walking and jogging.  Whether that translates to running and cutting in 10 days remains to be seen.

With Ben Tate showing some promise, the Texans can afford to park Foster on the bench for a week or so to let the muscle fully heal.  Given that Foster fought through a knee injury last year to avoid getting Pipped out of the starting lineup, look for the defending NFL rushing champ to do everything he can to play.

7 responses to “Foster’s status remains up in the air

  1. Dumbest player in the NFL. Signs a one year minimum contract for $525k after leading the league in rushing attempts and yards. I wonder what the Texans will offer him next year if he gets hurt? They weren’t going to give him a long term big money deal after one year but he’s worth at least a one year 2 mil contract.

  2. These people labeling him as a one year wonder dont seem to recognize a beast when they see one. He didnt run through open holes, he bruised and blazed through them. And did it all year long.

  3. One year wonders are often incredible talents, but they can’t keep up that level of production the next year. Calling him a one year wonder is no knock on his ability–it’s just that there is a reason this stud has so much talent yet was undrafted. There have always been serious concerns about his durability. He showed great promise at Tennessee and then he’d be out for a few weeks–his whole career.

    I think he may be good for several weeks this year, but I am valuing him only a couple rounds above Tate–certainly not a 1st round pick for me…

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