Kentwan Balmer lasts a week in Carolina

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In 2008, Kentwan Balmer was a first-round draft pick of the 49ers. He lasted two disappointing years in San Francisco before being traded to Seattle for a sixth-round pick. Then he lasted one disappointing year in Seattle before being released and picked up by the Panthers.

And now he’s lasted one week in Carolina.

The Panthers have cut Balmer, just a week after picking him up off waivers from the Seahawks. The decision to release Balmer before even putting him on the field for a preseason game suggests that whatever Balmer did in practice over the last week, it wasn’t impressive.

And so Balmer may have reached the end of the line in his NFL career. It sounds crazy to say that about a 24-year-old who’s a talented enough athlete that he was a first-round draft pick, but Balmer has already had three different teams give up on him. He might not get a fourth chance.

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  1. If Balmer couldn’t make an impact on THAT defense before stepping foot on the field, it’s gonna be an uphill battle for him.

  2. Freaking McCloughan. Goes all the way to North Carolina to draft this turd when DeSean Jackson is practically next door at Cal and available.

  3. The Niners have drafted beyond poorly for at least 8 years, with a few exceptions (Willis, V. Davis). It’s the sign of a bad organization, which it most certainly is. The owners are the problem in SF, and their insistence on hiring GM’s with no experience and, at times, having no GM at all. Wow.

  4. The switch to the 3-4 has seemingly destroyed so many young careers the past few years.

    Move from DT to DE
    Justin Harrell
    Kentwan Balmer
    John McCargo
    (Seems like only Haloti Ngata successfully made that transition)
    Move from DE to OLB
    Vernon Gholston
    Aaron Maybin
    Larry English
    Robert Ayers (moving back so we will see)

  5. The guy couldn’t play in the NFL, that’s no reason for anyone to be attacking him personally. He didnt draft himself in the first round, a horribly run front office did.

  6. I called it. Dumped by three bad teams in three years.
    Time to hit WalMart or something. He can be the guy that stands at the door and eyeballs everyone as they leave to make shoplifters sweat.

  7. The pro’s are the cream of the crop!!! He might have been a really good college player, but in the pro’s everyone is strong and fast….. Technique is key in the pro’s, some guys don’t have great technique and it becomes a learning curve in the NFL…..

  8. snoqualmieterry says:
    Sep 1, 2011 11:19 PM
    How can these players do so well in college and then suck badly in the pros?

    Most of the are damn lazy and once they get paid motivation be damned.

  9. My 49ers have ignored a lot of CAL players: Nnamdi, Aaron Rodgers, DeSean Jackson, Tyson Alualu, Cam Jordan, etc. *Sigh.

  10. Stevio I hear ya, but they havent done that bad in the draft. Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis, all pro bowlers. The jury is still out on Crabtree. He had a great rookie season but a disappointing sophmore season. The 2 picks they blew obviously passing on Aaron Rodgers. But drafting Kentwan Balmer instead of Deshaun Jackson was a huge mistake. What makes it worse both guys were from Cal. But ill admit niners brass have made plenty of mistakes since the Yorks have owned this team. Mike simpleberry what was he thinking.

  11. This (not being good enough) is a bigger reason football players have such short careers, more so than injuries from the violence of the sport. Of course the fringe players at the back end of the roster usually account for this more so than 1st rounders.

  12. The past is the past. The new niner regime has done a great job plugging the holes in the dam. The pass rush has been solid so far. Pass coverage is a upgrade from last year. I can count a 3 game swing because of the poor pass coverage from last year.

    And the depth on both sides of the ball is a welcomed sight.

    The niners will be a team on the rise with the new regime the Yorks have put in place.

  13. Wow back home to live wit the ‘rents already that would suck. Makes ya think tho. I’m 24 maybe I could play for the niners huh lol

  14. nomoreseasontix says: Sep 1, 2011 10:57 PM

    I called it. Dumped by three bad teams in three years.
    Time to hit WalMart or something. He can be the guy that stands at the door and eyeballs everyone as they leave to make shoplifters sweat.


    Are you talking about yourself??

    You do know he’s a millionaire right??

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