Marcus Cannon heads to NFI list


Patriots guard Marcus Cannon’s recovery from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma will include a stop on the non-football injury list.

The move, first reported by Mike Rodak of, was expected for a while. Cannon hasn’t practiced yet with the team, and the move will keep him out the first six weeks of the season.

After Week Six, the Patriots will have a window where Cannon could practice and possibly be activated.  Cannon has been at the team facility working out.

“He has a program, he’s on his own workout program,” coach Bill Belichick said in August. “He does the things that everybody does, but he does things that are specifically for him.”

The Patriots are also expected to place Kevin Faulk on the PUP list to start the year. The Patriots always seem to make good use of PUP as a tool to give them roster flexibility.

14 responses to “Marcus Cannon heads to NFI list

  1. Cannon will become a fixture on the Pats O Line for years to come, once healthy and recovered.
    Solder,Mankins, Cannon and Vollmer are the future.

    Besides Kevin Faulk, Brace and Deatrick are also likely to start the season on PUP.

    September 12th at 7PM can’t come soon enough !

  2. cant wait to see that beast out on the field. As a New England fan we saw this w/Jon Lester, and that worked out very well. Hopefully Marcus Cannon has the same fate. BTW- ampats-good call on those 4 lineman. Koppen is getting older, but they have a great core, and for once, their line could be not just good, but dominant. One thing nobody has talked about is the pats approach to offensive lineman. They NEVER took guys in the 1st round, simply because it was too expensive. Now, with the rookie scale in place, dont be surprised to see the pats go after some of these picks that used to demand mucho $$$$$$.

  3. that ok I have no love for the arrogance of the Patriots, but I am pulling for this kid. If he can get healthy he should be a solid player for years.

  4. homelanddefense says:
    Sep 1, 2011 11:11 AM
    what kind of person hates themselves so much that they thumbs down a post supporting a player fighting cancer?

    Its the same LOSER who hates the Patriots and will post negative things about them whenever they can….JEALOUSY

    anyways… best of luck to him… i heard he possibly could of been a late first round pick hopefully he makes a full recovery ( just for himself and not because im a Patriots fan) and can dominate in the NFL

  5. homelanddefense says:
    Sep 1, 2011 11:11 AM
    what kind of person hates themselves so much that they thumbs down a post supporting a player fighting cancer?

    It’s a person who is a cancer to the planet. They just put a thumbs down on ANYTHING Patriots related. Good bad or indifferent they put the thumbs down for them.

    The cancer most likely is about 50 years old, still lives at home with mom and dad in the basement, has never been in a relationship (never mind being married) and is a fan of some team that has never been or never will be of significance.

    Keep up with your good posts, you usually have something meaningful to say and I enjoy your comments.

  6. pftwstbshmc – it’s probably a jealous Jets fan.

    The Patriots are stocked with veterans and are able to take chances on guys like Cannon who, if healthy, would have gone MUCH higher in the draft.

    … same with Mallet, who might one day be tradeable for a higher pick and actually gets a chance to develop without the pressure of being on a team that needs a QB

    So other teams fans aren’t exactly happy when the Patriots take 5th round draft picks and turn them into 1st round caliber players or draft choices

  7. The Pats are so good at maximizing their roster. They even get value out of guys not on their roster. They used these publicized workouts to motivate the players on their own roster.

    You gotta wish Marcus Cannon the best. I hope he has a long career.

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