Obama reassures NFL fans: Speech will end before kickoff


With President Obama’s address to Congress set for Thursday, September 8 — the same night that the NFL season kicks off — fans were understandably concerned about TV coverage of politics cutting into TV coverage of football.

The White House is promising those fans they have nothing to worry about.

I can assure all you football fans that he will be completed before kickoff,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

Obama’s speech will begin at 7 p.m. Eastern, and the Saints-Packers game that night doesn’t begin until 8:30. So there shouldn’t be any trouble getting the speech done in plenty of time.

Carney noted that Obama didn’t want to miss the game, either, saying, “It means he will have the opportunity to watch the game, like millions of other Americans.”

95 responses to “Obama reassures NFL fans: Speech will end before kickoff

  1. May it’ll cut down on Cris Collinsworth’s opportunities to yap about nothing, if only slightly.

  2. If Obama’s Labor Day Long-Term Jobs speech is going to be a new yearly tradition (this is the second one in a row), maybe they should start to use it for the kickoff game’s halftime show every year.

  3. Let’s keep the political rhetoric to a minimum, football fans. Plenty of other places online to share your viewpoint as far as that goes.

  4. And a job for every applicant…. A chicken in every pot…. Free college education for illegal immigrants…

  5. haha his polls are already in the toilet he doesn’t need nfl fans (more) pissed at him too

  6. Bad clock management. If he starts at 7:00 p.m., I doubt he talks until 8:25, which would leave no time for the Republican rebuttal before kick-off.

    Jeez, Andy Reid could be President.

  7. How dare the President lay out a plan for the economic future of our country when there’s staring at the TV to be done! An outrage!

  8. I don’t have a problem with the Republicans pushing Obama to the 8th. They had a legitimate reason (the already scheduled televised presidential debate), even if they didn’t want to admit it.

    BUT, Obama should time things so that the Republican response to his speech is ignored because of the football game.

  9. In all fairness, Bush wrecked the country… Obama just isn’t doing a good job of fixing it.

    I think it’s all Reagan’s fault.

  10. For those who choose to castigate the President, for everything — please enlighten me how it will be better under Republican rule.

    I am by no means happy with much of what I’ve seen lately — but unlike many on this forum, I fully understand the goals and objectives of the pervasive Big Business Washington Lobby–

    My opinion is–they really don’t represent 99% of us who post here.

  11. Don’t understand why he’s making a speech when he could be off on another vacation.

    Cheers, BostonTim

  12. He needs to go on forever so fat, smelly uneducated and unemployed Packer fan can’t see there team! Game comes on when Packers down by 10 and Rodgers getting carted off field with broken fibula! Cancer survivors will applaude!!!

  13. I would feel better if he assured us he was resigning before kickoff. We would be in much better shape.

  14. icewalker, that made me laugh.

    Clearly a cheesy attempt to goose the viewership for his speech which is about a year late (having gotten sucked into that childish tea party waste of time nonsense).

    Too bad the process also made him too like a total toolbag.

    And to think, the GOP has no one that can come within 60 electoral votes of him. He’s the 2011 Seahawks, thoroughlt mediocre but up against a clownish division.

  15. “Does that mean they are cutting out all the BS from the speech, or is it the truth they are leaving out?”

    The BS is what they like to call “talking points”.
    That’s all it will be. There won’t be any truth to be left out. Just a bunch of words strung together that, at the end of it all, mean nothing.

  16. Postponing this useless speech for 24 wouldn’t kill him would it? It’s not like one day will make that much difference to the unemployed considering how his plan wouldn’t help immediately anyway. Save the speech for Friday…..better yet save it forever boob!

  17. After this post-season, it would have been appropriately ironic if politics delayed the start of the season even just 15 minutes more… the only difference is we’re not rid of these jokers when the talking is over.

  18. I hope everybody knows this was all about the Republicans not want to change timing on one of their 10 plus debates.

  19. 12 thumbs down? There are actually 12 people who post here who like Collinsworth’s commentary?

  20. “With this stimulus package, unemployment will not rise above 8%”

    “With these hundreds of millions of federal dollars, these green energy companies will prosper and spur intensive job growth in the renewable energy sector”

    “My jobs speech will be over well before kickoff”

  21. So the NFL won’t yield for I’ll-Bomb-Ya but I’ll-Bomb-Ya will yield to the NFL.

    Shows ya whose really running this county.

  22. “imjinbrdgr says: Sep 1, 2011 7:39 PM

    I hope everybody knows this was all about the Republicans not want to change timing on one of their 10 plus debates.”

    I’m sure everybody knows that the Republican debate was already scheduled, if it was soooooo important then maybe Barry should have gave his lip service before his vacation.

  23. *Insert some witty comment slamming the President so that I look like I know what I’m talking about here.*

  24. Expect congress to purposely delay the speech so that it interferes with the start of the game. This way, Barack can get be blamed for yet another thing.

    Barack should just break down the Packers-Saints game in his speech.In true politician fashion, He can pick both teams to win.

    By now, It’s become painfully obvious. That even though Obama is the head coach. He has not been allowed to call any plays on offense or defense. His whole coaching staff has been trying to get him fired since he got the job.

  25. Imjinbrdgr,
    You are wrong. The debate was already set BEFORE he wanted air time. Read what started this whole mess and you will see. Now he wants to say the same thing just like all you Obama supports do. It’s the GOPs fault blaa blaa blaa! He came to my state Pa and stood in a factory bragging about his stimulus plan helped them and 4 months later they had to close. This guy is a joke. His job plans are a joke and you blind supporters are a joke. Keep you Change and stay out of private business. Like stopping AT&T from merging to save Tmobile. No let them shut down and lose more jobs. Brilliant!

  26. And I’m sure his predictions, as usual, will be for victories for teams from swing states. Did you see his NCAA brackets the last couple years? He picked all the teams from swing-states.

  27. I encounter enough dopes talking out in society on a daily basis, I sure don’t need one talking when the first game of the NFL season is going on.

  28. I can assure you Obama, I won’t be listening to your lame speech anyway, I wouldn’t be hearing anything new in your bashfest speech that I haven’t heard from you already numerous times over the last two years, obama is like a broken record

  29. Jobs > Football

    No offense to the fans or anything, but this should have happened the day before anyway. Regardless, jobs take precedent, so even if it cuts into game-time, so be it.

  30. just remember football fans our politicans tell us our country is broke but nfl owners gave out some big money to have men play a game.

    wake up and enjoy the season.

  31. Something else is missing from this.. What about pre-game show?

    Its my understanding that NBC is going all out on this…so what happens with the pre game festiivities?

  32. The moderator must be adding to the thumbs up and capping the thumbs down anti Obama posts ………..it’s just toooooooooo obvious

    2 -1 against him not happening

  33. The speech will end before kickoff and its meaningful content will end before he steps to the podium.

  34. This is great… Does this say something about the relative importance Americans place on sports vs. politics? There would be a general uproar if we were forced to watch our President give a speech and we missed football. I love it.

  35. Most PFT comments, and commenters, are inherently stupid. It is therefore not surprising to see spoon-fed Hannitized crap churned out in comment after comment on a post like this.

  36. stairwayto7 says:
    Sep 1, 2011 7:03 PM
    He needs to go on forever so fat, smelly uneducated and unemployed Packer fan can’t see there team! Game comes on when Packers down by 10 and Rodgers getting carted off field with broken fibula! Cancer survivors will applaude!!!
    Your stairway is out of order.


  37. shows you what a narcissistic out of touch d-bag this jerk is. he actually thinks people even care what the hell he has to say. everyone knows he is a serial liar and he doesnt even know it. he’s a pathetic joke

  38. I think NBC should hire Dennis Miller for color commentary of the Presidents speech. Maybe put Madden on the Telestrator. And Siragusa on the sidelines.

  39. hey maobama, no one will watch you anyway so dont worry about it. every word out of your mouth that you read off your teleprompter is a lie, and we all know that.

    your done – keep living it up now on our dime you looter because in a little over a year your out on your big jugears.

    what a loser

  40. How convenient we get our football back and President Obama decides to comeback from vacation number 10.

  41. Some of you people are sad. I completely agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to politics, but for God’s sake if I had a nickel for every Republican I heard bitch, I could get the U.S. out of the Debt Bush put us in.

  42. Love when a president puts entertainment over duties..”Will have saddams trial after the basketball season, well the bulls season that is”

  43. That’s just great.

    There is nothing I love more than listening to a career politician lecture us by playing the class warefare card again, blaming the previous administration again, telling us that it is big business and the “Wall Street Fat Cats” holding us down line. At this point, I’m half expecting him to start saying it was the gypsies. I find it ironic that a man who has no economic education, no business experience, no private sector experience thinks he has all of the answers. He had is shot and it was an epic fail with the bailouts and stimulus. But now!!! Oh wait, more of bailouts and stimulus and more class warefare…that will work. What a loaf of toilet meat!

    Soylent green is people!

  44. @therealsmiley. Last time I checked this is a FOOTBALL WEBSITE. Us knuckleheads will stick to football and you take care of the politics. But why don’t u stick to politics some place else. Like where there’s smart people and stuff don’t waste your time on here. Sorry the website named profootballtalk.com that u stumbled upon was not what u thought it was. Don’t u hate it when that happens

  45. Your all correct. Having the most stressful job in America deserves no vacations at all. Am I right pro-bush guys?

    “We’re gonna get those terrorists, now watch this drive”

  46. Obama reminds me of Josh McDaniels, book smart but horrible leader of men. In fact he is worse then Josh because Josh tried to lead, Obama is to scared of political outcome to even attempt it. That is why he never puts his plan on the table. We are seeing the Nancy white house, at least she has ball even though her legislation is massively hurting the country.

  47. If this joint address to Congress is so damn important why doesn’t he give it NOW?

    Proof that commenters are complaining without bothering to read the posts. Congress doesn’t come back from THEIR vacation (the horror) until Wednesday, the 7th, the date that Obama originally wanted for his address.

  48. Instead of making a speech, he should be behind his desk listening to independent economists telling him how to fix the mess he made. Jesus this guy works 9-5 and takes time out to watch football instead of doing his homework!

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