Report: Bears’ offer to Forte is $15 million guaranteed


As of a couple weeks ago, the Bears and running back Matt Forte were thinking dramatically different numbers in negotiations for a contract extension. We don’t know exactly what Forte’s numbers are, but the Bears are reportedly offering $15 million guaranteed.

That number comes from Michael C. Wright of, who writes that a $15 million guarantee is in the neighborhood of what the Bears are asking Forte to sign up for.

There’s no word on the length of the deal or the total value, so it’s tough to gauge how that offer compares to other recent contracts for running backs. Frank Gore got $13.5 million guaranteed for a three-year deal with the 49ers. Ahmad Bradshaw got $9 million guaranteed for a four-year deal with the Giants. DeAngelo Williams got $21 million guaranteed for a five-year deal with the Panthers.

Forte obviously isn’t going to get DeAngelo Williams money, but the Bears have apparently offered him more than Frank Gore and Ahmad Bradshaw money. So far, Forte hasn’t accepted that.

25 responses to “Report: Bears’ offer to Forte is $15 million guaranteed

  1. Take it, Matt. You’re a good back who fitz Martz offense perfectly, and $15 mil guaranteed is nothing to sneeze at.

    That said, your position isn’t worth what it used to be and you can be replaced. Don’t get left out in the cold.

  2. If nothing else, I’m happy we screwed things up for teams like the Bears and Giants by paying DeAngelo Williams what we paid him… who’s the cheap bastard now?

  3. Better sign it Forte, you got Marion Barber breathing down your neck and ready to take your place. Get your money now! Actually with Barber and Forte, you got a very good combo attack. It’ll also keep each RB more fresh.

  4. If there’s one position that’s replaceable in the NFL, it’s running back. With the exception of the absolute elite, which nobody see’s this guy as. If Forte can’t see the writing on the wall, show him the door. He’s not worth that much more than Gore.

  5. I would take the deal, Forte. You’re not as complete of a back as any of those backs. You’re terrible in short yardage situation and you can disappear for 5 games at a time.

  6. The DeAngelo Williams deal is the worst deal for a running back since Clinton Portis. $21 million for 5 years for a 28 year old running back. What is Carolina thinking?

  7. So let me guess… this site believes a deal can get done and the two sides compromise. In other words the Bears give Forte exactly what he wants.

  8. That offer is unbeleivable. He would be wise to jump on it since he’s not that great a back and is one knee injury from a career ender.

  9. Why shouldn’t he get DeAngelo Williams money? Here’s their total yards since they’ve been in the league (excluding return yards)

    DW: 4211 rush 922 rec 5133 total in 5 years 1027/year
    MF: 3236 rush 1495 rec 4731 total in 3 years 1577/year

    Forte is a top 10 back and should be paid accordingly. He’s never caught less than 50 passes and never rushed for less than 900 yards in a year. He’s not CJ or AD but without him that offense is stuck in neutral.

  10. i dont see what is so great about him, most of his “runs” only gain a couple of yards at best, every now and then he will get a rare 10 plus yard run, but far to few, far less then most first string rb’s. it might be bears offensive line hampering that, but he is the one that has to rise to the occasion if he wants to get paid like a star he should actually play like one. i think he does better catching the ball then running, they should make him a te instead. but this is great money, makes me wonder what kind of person would turn down more money then he seems to be worth. maybe he is worth it and more, but he really needs to prove he is worth this kind of money, and get longer runs more often then once a blue moon.

  11. Forte deserves a heavy contract. Although he might not be considered an elite pure runner, there is a lot more for a RB to do in the NFL than to take handoffs all day. Forte does it all, and does it all very well. Excited to see what he does this season.

  12. For the idiots saying forte isn’t a complete back and doesn’t deserve the money, look at his yards from scrimmage compared to the rest of the league since his rookie season. VERY few are better than he is. Peterson and Johnson are about it. I recommend watching espn once in a while, just leave it on in the background broskis

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