Chris Johnson’s goals: Playoffs and 2,000 yards


Now that his holdout is over and his contract with the Titans is signed, Chris Johnson has some lofty goals for the 2011 season.

Specifically, Johnson says he’d like to get to the playoffs (as the Titans last did in his rookie year) and get 2,000 yards (as he did in 2009).

“We haven’t been to the playoffs in two years, so I want to get back to the playoffs, hopefully win the Super Bowl here,” Johnson said Friday night. “I’ve got a lot of team goals. We haven’t been in the postseason so that’s the big thing this team hasn’t done, and I always got that goal to rush for 2,000 yards again.”

Johnson said he knows his new contract means people are expecting him to produce, but he says the highest expectations are the ones he puts on himself, referencing his goal of 2,000 yards.

“I don’t think expectations can be any higher than that,” Johnson said.

No NFL player has ever had multiple 2,000-yard seasons, and it’s probably not realistic to think Johnson will be the first. It’s also probably a long shot to think the Titans will make the playoffs. But you can’t blame Johnson for thinking big after his big payday.

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  1. At least he added the team goals this time. He has a good schedule against bad run defenses (based on last year) but he also has to avoid the injury issue prevalent with holdouts

  2. Playoffs. Playoffs. Is this guy 4 real! Set goals that are attainable. That is a joke! As for 2000 what happend last time he said that? Maybe set a goal that you can read your kid a bedtime story, that is more within his reach…. I hope!

  3. What do you expect him to say if he expects to win back the fans he told to STFU. Is he greedy? You bet he is. But Adrian Peterson hopes he walks the walk as well as he talks the talk. His payday is dependent upon CJ proving that it’s worth paying big $$$ for top RBs.

  4. Oooo, I’ll say 0 for 2 but like MDS says, it’s not bad to aim high.

    A smart person told me;
    It’s better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit.

  5. Lofty goals are great, but brother might want to learn English and quit calling legitimate criticism “racism” first.

  6. Long shot?
    The Texans haven’t made the playoffs and continue to be the “surprise” team that’s no longer a surprise, just underachievers (could be solved with Wade Phillips)
    The Colts’ hopes rest all on one man (an Iron Man).
    The Jaguars are trying to get back to the playoffs too (w/ Garrard, not Gabbert)
    The Titans have as good a chance as any of them this year (w/ Hasselbeck not Locker).

    CJ is one of the top 2 RBs in the game, depending on preference and perspective.
    If their defensive line holds their own, that back 7 is pretty good.
    They have a solid offensive line with Britt.
    Nate Washington is a big target that can haul in some TDs.
    And there’s a lot of good things being said about TE Jared Cook.
    Not as far off as you think, or perhaps you were taking a shot at a team that needs things to fall their way.

    Ha, not even a Titans fan, I just realize that a lot of teams will surprise people with their level of play.
    Titans, Jaguars, Browns, Rams, Bengals, Panthers, Raiders, Broncos, and Lions will come to play every week. It may not translate into wins for all of them this season, but they’ll make teams work for a win, and make them think twice about overlooking them.

  7. Might as well change his nickname now, the sooner better, how bout CJ1K or maybe even CJ.9K. How a guy could get a nickname like CJ2K after 1 good season is baffling to me.

  8. He will run for about 1,400. He’s not a secret anymore. Film’s out on him. 2000 yds is a tough feat and guys who usually say they are gonna run for 2,000 yds never do. Funny now is that he has team goals now when in his holdout he had an individual agenda first.

  9. When he ran for 2000 yards his second year no one expected it. Why wouldnt he be able to do it again. CJ is still very much in his prime.

  10. This guy is a great loser but is just simply stupid, can’t speak any English and is clueless…he just got paid so I think he will have a terrible year

  11. This guy is a great player but is just simply stupid, can’t speak any English and is clueless…he just got paid so I think he will have a terrible year

  12. “its funny how a 1300 yard season is bad these days, thats how good he’s been and thats how much he’s raised the expectations”

    Who said it was bad? It’s just more realistic than what Johnson is saying. He says this BS every year and then rushes for hundreds of yards less. 1300 is a legitimately good season, but it is not a 2000 yard season.

  13. To the people claiming that he didn’t care about team goals before he got paid, his goals the last 3 years have been 2,000 yards and the Super Bowl (except last year he said 2,500 yards and the Super Bowl). You want proof? This is June, while he was getting set to holdout for a new contract:

    “My goal is to make it to the playoffs,” he said during his third annual youth football camp at Battle Ground Academy on Saturday. “We haven’t been to the playoffs in two years, so my goal is to get to the Super Bowl.”

  14. He doesn’t have a QB who’s willing to hand off to him 75% of the time now. Philly’s got that one now.
    Whatever. If CJ gets 2000 yards, the Titans won’t break 3500 yards for the season.

  15. Awol.West says they have a solid offensive line with Britt. Yeah, that’s why they won’t be much good. Changing Britt from WR to OL is just not going to work out.

    CJ might be one of the most exciting players in the game but they have nothing but a bunch of pedestrian parts after that. Hasselback, Britt and Washington will scare no one, leaving defences to key on CJ. It is going to be a long season in Tennessee.

  16. Saying something like this, as well as printing it, is moronic. Goal setting is a tool for regulating behavior. For example, if your goal is to lose 2 pound per week, you use this to decide how many calories you can eat. That is how you use goals constructively.

    On the other hand, every NFL player presumably does his best every play, and is trying to win every game. Goals like making the playoffs do not modify their behavior, and so are meaningless. Reporting them shows lack of journalistic judgement.

    As for Mr. Johnson, he may have a goal of rushing for 2000 yards, but it is a stupid goal. Is he going to avoid scoring a winning touchdown at the end of regulation so as to enhance his opportunities to gain yardage in overtime? Is there some productive way in which his goals will change his behavior?

  17. pual harhgis’s goal is to have a date with a real live girl before playoffs begin. I like Chris Johnson’s chances better…

  18. Man, so many pathetic comments on here – I understand you all may be pissed u traded him for 80cents due to the holdout but come on guys, enough hate.

  19. Johnson is a retard I lost slot of respect for him with his tweet crap he’s gonna bust this year watch. 2000 yards yea rite 1200 if lucky

  20. And Kirstie Allie just pulled her hamstring. Not the one in her leg, but the string of hams she pulls behind her everywhere she goes.

  21. The last time Hasselbeck had a good running back and line he went to the Super Bowl. Also beat New Orleans in the playoffs last year. Its doable, and nice to see the Oilers up again. Uhhh…..Titans???

  22. Titans < Vikings

    I be that was his thought process. Team first = playoffs. Me 2nd = 2,000 yrds. He might have thought first before speaking on this one. He doesn't seem like such a d-bag then. But i'm sure he had to practice it a couple times.
    team…then me.
    team…then me.

  23. Once a turd always a turd. He just got the payday he’s been looking for with a load of guarenteed money. He’ll be like another Titan, Haynesworth, was when he got paid. He’s finished.

  24. The Titans were idiots to cave to this guy. Look at what he has gotten them the last two seasons: 6-10 (2010) and 8-8 (2009).

    You just don’t spend $53M on a RB. They are not that durable, especially at his age, and they clearly do not make that big a difference compared to a quality QB, who you DO pay big bucks to.

  25. Three years after racking up a 10 on the Wonderlic test, CJ showed up to his “I got my deal” press conference yesterday wearing 1) a Cincinnati Reds baseball hat that 2) had the “I’m a new hat” sticker on its brim. Which still leaves him smarter than the Titans front office.

  26. “Maybe set a goal that you can read your kid a bedtime story, that is more within his reach…. I hope!”

    Considering that Chris Johnson is an illiterate moron, its unlikely he will reach that goal either. Glad I passed him up in my fantasy league.

  27. First hopeful sign from Chris Johnson, team goals. That sounds good coming from him. I hope he’s being sincere here. Second hopeful sign, better grasp of reality. This time his rushing goal is 2,000 yards, rather than last year’s publicly-stated goal of 2,500 yards.

  28. yeah, it’s easy to take this seriously. this is the same guy who predicted 2500 rushing yards last year. and missed it by over 1000 yards.

    chris johnson is a moron who will never get back to his 2009 form. he will always be chasing that performance and will always be guaranteeing that again but really, he’s only going to get worse due to age and a worsening offensive line.

  29. No that he his holding all the money. He’ll have to play with sub standard talent as they will not have any left to pay a supporting cast.

    Bet hey.. what does he care. he got his payday.

  30. He won’t last four games before sustaining an injury…no training camp + crappy team = less than 1000 yds. Shame he doesn’t get paid for running his mouth.

  31. These comments are really sad. I can tell none of you are Titan’s fans. Guess you guys are the fake fans Chris was talking about before he signed. No real Titans fan would be dissing our own RB who I might add is the first player in a long time to give us national exposure due to his great talent and how every sportscaster out there mentions CJ2k when the discussion is about running backs.
    He may have lost some of his fans while holding out,except as long as he wears the blue on blue real Titans/Oilers fans will be cheering him on and our rivals will be spending all their prep time trying to find a way to stop the run

    Kids grow up, he had every right to get paid more than his $800,000 rookie contract and you don’t get the big payday unless you ask. If you really are a Titans fan you would be saying “you go Chris get those 2000 yards” and we will leave the Colts wishing they had a different color blue on this year

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