Lance Briggs asks for a trade, again

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In a move that could cause some confusion as to whether it has been written now or in 2007, Bears linebacker Lane Briggs once again has asked for a trade.

“The Bears made their decision, now I have to make mine,” Briggs told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune.  “It’s just how the business works.  It’s not going to take away from what I do on the field.”

And then Briggs added a line that would make even Yogi Berra cringe:  “I’m 100 percent a Bear, until I’m not a Bear anymore.”

Briggs is entering the fourth year of a six-year deal that he signed after hitting the market as an unrestricted free agent, and after insisting during a season of franchise-tag money that he’d never play for the Bears again.  In 2008, he accepted a six-year deal from the Bears — and now he doesn’t like the last three years of it.

We’ve got no sympathy for Briggs.  He knew what he was signing when he signed it.  And he agreed to commit for six years in order to get the kind of up front money that he was only going to get with a contract of that duration.  If he wanted to be free again after only three years, he should have signed a three-year deal.

Of course, the Bears can’t claim to be surprised by this.  Briggs is merely doing what Briggs already has done.

“Who doesn’t want a new contract?” coach Lovie Smith told the Tribune.  “All of us would want a new contract.  But still, you go to work every day and do your job, and that’s what he’s doing.  I have no complaints about him.”

Yet.  Though Briggs claims that he’s still all in, how can he truly be all in when he has formally asked to be shipped out?

67 responses to “Lance Briggs asks for a trade, again

  1. Uh, the Giants could definitely use this guy, considering every player we have defensively will be on IR by week 3 at this rate…

  2. He’s 100% about himself. He’s not going to be traded now so why open your mouth? He put the Bears in the driver’s seat. He’s got to perform this year in order to get paid. The Bears get a good year out of him and better trade value.

  3. The only thing that surprises me is that a team is still willing to hand out a six-year contract. They know this is going to happen. Why put yourself in this position?

  4. Once he starts this crap he’s toast…ship ’em out and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Briggs & the Bears…they deserve each other! LOL

  5. If I was the Bears I would give him an option. Pay back all the bonus/upfront money and we will let you walk after this season. Otherwise just shut up and play ball….

  6. Next to not trading 2 first round picks for Chad Johnson (thanks for being so stupid Cincinnati), not trading a first and a third for this whiner is the best trade the Redskins never made. Seems like every 2 years this guy is crying about a new contract while his performance continues to decline.

  7. Briggs shouldn’t be blaming the Bears for his unhappiness. He should be blaming his agent.

    It’s ridiculous. You can’t pretend to be a leader in your locker room and pull this kind of crap after just pulling this kind of crap a few years ago.

  8. Wait he was unhappy with his deal so he demanded another one. They caved and gave him another one which he signed and now he’s unhappy with that deal? Has he ever been tested i think he has a sprinkle of retardation.

  9. Remember when he was an UFA and thought he was going to sign a mega-deal? Well, the offers weren’t there, so he tucked his tail between his legs and came crawling back to the Bears.

    Not only that, he signed a long-term contract for the guaranteed money with *full knowledge* of the salary implications at the back end. When will these players learn to stop signing these long-term front (or back) loaded contracts? They never work. Either you are underpaid at the end, or you can be cut once the salary becomes unmanageable. Take a fair offer with reasonable salaries through the year. It’s not like this is a new thing; every year, at least a dozen guys complain about their deals. Learn your lesson. Short-term deals or guaranteed money with an uneven cost structure. No sympathy for Briggs.

  10. what the hell could you possible expect for a 32 year old weakside LB in a tampa 2 scheme that already has a lot of injuries??? His agent is a dumbass and so is Lance. My feeling is that they probably saw that the depth of LB the Bears DONT have is a great leverage to get more money….in which case, screw Lance and screw his agent

  11. Atlanta’s 4th & a 2013 Conditional 5th for Briggs.
    Briggs Will LB, Dqwell Jackson Mike LB, S. Fujita Sam LB. That would definitely help contain the edges & shutdown the big gains of screens & wheels to opposing RBs.

    Unfortunately, a better offer cannot be made for a 31 yr old veteran.

    Tom Heckert, GM Cleveland Browns

  12. why do players forget about the up front money that overpays them, when it comes to the back end which underpays them? the contract gives them a nice average salary over the years. players might understand this if they actually had to attend classes in hs and college.

  13. Every contract should be a ONE year deal. The player should be able to test the market price, and then the team should be allowed to match the offer.

  14. I guess the Maserati into the guardrail head injury has finally kicked in.

    Lance Briggs has ZERO leverage.

    He’s not even halfway through his current contract.

    He was a free agent when he was younger and in his prime, but because his sack/interception numbers are pathetic – he garnered ZERO interest.

    Time for the Bears to get serious about drafting a linebacker or two EARLY in the next couple of drafts – as Briggs is a malcontent and Urlacher isnt getting any younger. Ironically, Briggs wasn’t drafted early (3rd rounder) and Urlacher was a physical freak of a safety who got converted to LB.

    Matt Forte is the next guy who should get a new contract from the Bears – then Chris Harris.

  15. He demands a trade? That would be like me demanding that my wife let me sleep with Mila Kunis.

    He really thinks somebody would PAY for a 30+ year old WSLB who already makes too much money and has three years left in his contract?

    Man…I wish I could be that oblivious and self-centered. The sky must be soooo pretty in Lance Briggsworld.

  16. The only reason this is public is because he wants to be a distraction to the team to try and force a trade. It’s pretty selfish considering he’s under contract for 3 more years. It’s not like it was an unfair rookie contract. This will cause some issues for the Bears on the field for sure.

  17. jasonbournepe is exactly right. The national media might not be aware, but the Bears are super thin at LB this year, which gave him leverage. He’s like a child testing boundaries. The Bears caved before, lets see if they will again. Playing a lesser player this year and letting another team have him is a short term problem. Giving him another deal is creating a long term problem.

  18. The teams should pay the players at the end of the season, based on performance in that season. If you don’t produce you don’t get big money.

  19. Crap like this makes me regret I just bought a Briggs jersey last year…..I should have known better…..I should have bought the Urlacher jersey….

  20. @jasonbournepe Does missing four games in eight season count as “a lot of injuries”?

    Lance is very good at what he does, but his specific skill set doesn’t give him much more financial value to the Bears. Likewise, the trade value for a weak side Tampa-2 linebacker who can tackle is pretty limited. There are lots of linebackers who can tackle. He’s not out of order in asking for a new deal, but he has no leverage. He’ll be a Bear this year and probably the remainder of his contract.

    But if Philly would consider that Asante deal…

  21. thelomasbrowns says:
    Sep 2, 2011 9:18 AM
    Remind me again why most talking heads are picking this mess of a team to finish ahead of the Lions in the NFC North?

    Oh, I don’t know, the historically losing organization who parlayed their last 4-0 preseason into an 0-16 regular season comes to mind.

    Check in again when the Bears snap twig Stafford again in front of Monday national TV audience…if he even lasts that long.

    By the way, where can I go for the 4-0 preseason parade for Detroit? Are Lions emblazened bullet-proof vests included?

  22. no way will the Bears cave in.. these demands just show that he’s GREEDY.. seeing how everyone is getting contracts and guaranteed money.. guess what Lance.. you signed it.. now suck it up.

  23. Is it just me or is this happening more and more. The nfl is turning into such a soap opera. These dudes are such whiners when they don’t get exactly what they want. It never ends. Do these dudes get TRICKED into sighning contracts? I don’t think so. They put the pen to the paper so shut ur mouth and play. And its not like briggs is some young up and coming backed either. He doesn’t deserve much more than what he’s getting. That’s why when he was a free agent he didn’t go elswhere. That should tell u something.

  24. He knows he’s not going anywhere at this stage, and in making this public, is really only doing this to be a nuisance. It’s a shame really, for a veteran who has been as good as he has been. Heck, I might even agree that relative to other LB’s, he’s a bit underpaid. But going public at this stage is not going to help him.

    There’s talk that the Redskins may shop Rocky McIntosh around. I wouldn’t mind it if the Bears sent a mid-late round pick for Rocky, to add some depth, and an option in case they decide to move on from Lance.

  25. trade the the spoiled brat. He’ll just be a cancer in the locker room when things head south for da bears this season.

  26. Briggs has no leverage. Bears are thin at LB. Okay. Briggs needs to play and play well to get a good payday. Bears can trade, draft or sign a replacement in the off-season. (Angelo willing.)

  27. Detroit won’t beat the Bears. We always crush Mr. Brittle. We’ve even put #9 on the door of our cart and painted it Honolulu Blue. Who’s your back up this year? White Line Orlovsky? Greg Landry?

  28. ”a line that would make even Yogi Berra cringe”

    That line makes it sound like Yogi’s talent for making uniquely paradoxical statements was a bad thing. Respect the Yogi!

  29. Maybe Briggs should talk to the same front office guys that called in the Raven’s draft day trade or told Chester Taylor he was being released — he might get better results this time.

  30. tom35mt says:Sep 2, 2011 10:35 AM

    This guy made Urlacher a star, he deserves whatever he’s asking for

    Really? I seem to recall that Warrick Holdman and Roosevelt Colvin thought the same thing. Where are they now? The reality is that Urlacher makes THEM look better. Without 54 look at what the others have done – nothing. Briggs needs to stop running is sewer, play, and be glad the opposing O focuses on 54 rather than him.

  31. Unless we get a first rounder or a #1 receiver I say make him suffer through the last three years of his contract.

    He’s been to 6 straight pro bowls. Somebody has to pony up a first rounder. My suggestions if not a first rounder:

    Eagles for Jeremy Maclin and a 2nd round pick.

    Patriots for Brandon Meriweather and one of their 1st rounders.

    Wishful thinking:
    Panthers for Steve Smith and a second rounder.

    But this is Jerry Angelo we’re talking about he never does the right thing. He’ll probably cut him.

  32. I’d gladly give up a 3rd for Briggs if I’m Jerry Reese. Our LB’s are already thin, especially at strongside after Sintim going down and Kiwi’s groin injury. I would do this in a heartbeat… it’d instantly upgrade our LB’s, though he’s almost 30.

  33. trade the gaggle of Eagles that wont make this squad, Hall + 2-3 WRs, & 3 DL + 2 CBs .. we can get briggs , his contract & have loot to sign DeSean.

  34. I swear, when I saw this headline, without even clicking it, I thought: “THIS mother F*&$ER!”
    How about the Bears just do what the Giants did- set a baarely unreasonable pricetag for trading him, say 2 1st rounders, and let Rosenhaus look for it. When he doesn’t find it, him and Briggs can come back with their tails between their legs to the Bears AGAIN. Or if the Bears were smart they’d just make Briggs look bad, “Right now the only contract we’re working on is our prospective free-agent Forte, not anyone 3 years into a 6 year deal. We won’t be honoring any trade requests now that we are a week and a half from the season opener, as OUR only concern is winning football games.”

  35. He’ll be out of football in 3 years or less and probably arraigned on some charges within another 5 or 6 for something. Guy is a turd.

    To the “lomasbrown” Lions fan….

    How about your QB getting thru the first half of the season healthy before you’re popping off about this year’s performance. You must suffer from extended memory loss, let me remind you, Stafford gets hurt buttering his toast in the morning….he’ll be down again before long with that trick shoulder, and your back-up may as well be Scott Mitchell.

    Barring any major injuries to the Packers or Bears (last year’s top 2 NFC teams), you’ll be lucky to beat out the Vikings for the corner spot in the basement cellar.

  36. He tested the free agent market, the Bears offered him more than anyone else was going to, he signed the contract and then said “Why would I not be happy?”

    You can’t just take the front loaded money, blow it and then piss and moan about wanting a new deal so you can start over and do the same.
    I can’t stand Jerry Angelo but this is not on him in any way.
    Briggs has a contract, he is well paid and he needs to shut the hell up already.

  37. Thanks guys for the reality check. I guess I’m making too much of your offensive line (aka Suh bait), your #1 receiver Roy Williams (lol), your defense that’s looking more and more like a nursing home outing, and your GM who solicits email suggestions for how to improve the team.

  38. thelomasbrowns says: Sep 2, 2011 9:18 AM

    Remind me again why most talking heads are picking this mess of a team to finish ahead of the Lions in the NFC North?

    Because they have more talent, lost by only 7 points in the NFC Championship game to the eventual Super Bowl winner and the Lions have been the biggest joke in the NFL for the last 10 years.
    They had to win 4 in a row just to suck and were 2-10 before that.

    And why do you believe that the Lions will be the better team?
    Based on what exactly?

    NOT going 2-14 for a change?

  39. @ bearsrulepackdrool

    you are a joke!!

    Eagles for Jeremy Maclin and a 2nd round pick??

    so basically one 1st & 2nd for an old slow playing mouth runner? what world do you live in?

    anyone over 30,, you are getting a 4th at most.
    you’ll be lucky to pick up a few of our dud WRs & CBs that are goin to get cut in a trade for that cry baby OLB.

  40. Yeah, if you trade him you’re not getting much back even if he is a perennial pro bowler… A 3rd rounder would probably be a bit out of reach, but I didn’t think Olsen would fetch a 3rd rounder either.

    You’re better off trying to trade him for another team’s problem…

  41. This guy is a completely egotistical, self-centered jerk. After all the crap the Bears went through with him before. They gave him a new contract before he fulfilled the obligation of the one had in place,……and now, here we go again. He’s crying poor-mouth….again, not finishing his contract…again, and bitching….again. It’s all about his big fat ego. He’s a ME ME ME guy.

    Cut him loose now. He’s a huge negative influence on the team because he’s essentially a very selfish person.

    Cut him loose now. Get what you can for him Bears, but don’t be too fussy….it’s a case of addition by subtraction.

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