Ndamukong Suh not fined for swipe at Mankins

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will avoid paying a second fine this preseason.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com reports Suh will not be fined for his open-handed swat at Patriots guard Logan Mankins that did not connect.

Mankins had a fistful of Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson’s facemask before Suh got into it. A scrum formed after that, but the NFL must have decided that it was a case of “boys will be boys.”

In this case, we appreciate the reticence to fine Suh.  It didn’t seem warranted.

27 responses to “Ndamukong Suh not fined for swipe at Mankins

  1. League decided that first time swiping of an opponent with your tongue wasn’t a fining offense.

  2. Even Goddell doesn’t care about the Brady Bunch anymore – they just aren’t good enough to justify special protection. You have to show at least some slightest inclination toward playoff success before Goddell rains down his “special punishments” on opposing teams.

  3. He was sticking up for a teammate – the refs didn’t have a problem with it. It’s a non-issue.

  4. What a load of garbage. You appreciate no fine in this instance. The media is making the most of every opportunity to label Suh a dirty player. My favorite being the “hitting Cutler too hard” fine last year.

  5. Throwing a punch is an automatic ejection. An open-handed swat that doesn’t connect isn’t anything. This only became an issue because of Goodell’s bizarre and subjective fine policies … and because the player’s name is Suh. Like James Harrison, he’s getting negative attention for who he is as much as for what he does.

  6. Suh is a force to be reckoned with for sure. Nice picture, is that a bucket of KFC he’s sizing up?

  7. idk about suh being dirty, it’s not like he’s throwing a tantrum and trying to headbutt a QB cause his team is falling behind in a big game.

    …*cough “peppers!” *cough*

  8. While I appreciate the “let them play” mentality, I don’t get them fining guys like Harrison for leading with the head but then not doing it for an out and out punch. The fact that it was a girly punch doesn’t change the intent. You have to be consistent with this crap. What happens if someone tries to punch a QB…I guess you don’t fine them if the QB was “antagonizing” the offender?

  9. NOR should he have been.

    Mankins should’ve been dropped on the spot for that grade school move…

    All he wanted was for Mankins to let go… Guess what? He did. Success.

  10. Obviously the ‘boy named Suh’ was auditioning for the part of the ‘Pillsbury Dough-Boy’ commercial (in the pic) …….

    All laughter aside ……. Before the end of the season, there’s a good chance that Suh will miss a game or two due to suspension …. He still refuses to accept the rules of the game ….. His attitude & constant excuses will doom him & the Lions in 2011 …… Another 6-10 at best.

  11. Only a Lion fan would get excited about preseason play……..I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but you went 0-16 last time you went 4-0 in the preseason.

    Lets see them play for real, then we will talk.

  12. It’ll be fun to watch the Lions start losing again… And we can put all of this silliness behind us!

  13. It’s funny that no one noticed the punch he threw earlier in the game that did connect. During New England’s first field goal drive, Suh punched Patriot’s guard Ohrnberger in the face mask while he was lying on his back, and then screamed in his face! It was awesome!

  14. As a Pats fan I don’t think Suh should have been fined for that so they got it right this time. The in game penalty was good enough. Mankins himself had no problem with what Suh did either.

  15. This has been blown out of proportion from the moment it happened…nice going media. All your Suh negativity, for nothing it seems, but you had to have something to complain about right? He’s just too good to be legit apparently… The NFL doesnt know a good thing when its staring them right in the face.

  16. LMAO @ woodyg. Dude, the bounds of your ignorance are limitless. Rainman has a better grasp of reality and he’s freaking fictional. lol

    Suh is not playing outside the rules at all. He hasn’t injured a single player and will not be suspended this season no matter how much y’all fear him. Wait until Fairley comes back. QB’s will be pissing themselves behind their lines. It’s football ladies. Get ready for some good ole fashion competitive violence.

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