The cuts have started


The majority of roster cuts will take place on Saturday, but some teams will start the process on Friday.

We’ll try to focus on the interesting names that come out, and get you completely caught up on all the moves when they are official.

In Tampa, the Bucs have already let go of three names we recognized.  The Bucs have cut defensive tackle John McCargo, defensive end Kyle Moore, and linebacker Tyrone McKenzie already, according to Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times.

McKenzie, a former Patriots second round pick, thought he had a shot to start at middle linebacker. McCargo was once a first-round Bills pick. Moore was the fourth-round pick of Tampa in 2009.

11 responses to “The cuts have started

  1. Hmmm a former Patriot ILB. If only there were a team in need of at least some depth at ILB that loves former Patriots…..Welcome to the Chiefs Tyrone!

  2. Another Patriot second round draft bust – how shocking. Since they lost the brains of the operation in guys like Pioli, Weiss and Romeo, these tools have shown almost a complete inability to draft and coach up talent. They are giving the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry and Steven Jones a run for their money in terms of worst personnel department in the league.

  3. Hey flagstaffphoto. Romeo and weiss were not the brains. Its Dimitroff. Why do you think the falcons are that much better now.

  4. Flagstaff,who cares if he was a 3rd rd pick? The Pats have had so many top 60 picks in the last 4 years that they are bound to miss on some. For every Tyrone McKenzie there is a Sebastian Vollmer.& another thing- Aaron Hernandez- 4th round, Edelman-7th, Spikes-3rd…want to go old school- Brady-6th, Dan Koppen-5th, Matt Light-2nd- notice a trend? It doesnt matter where they are picked. The more picks you make, the better chance you have of finding some gems. Ask Jimmy Johnson if he gave a damn what round they were drafted. Yeah, horrible personnel department.

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