Titans to cut Myron Rolle

At Florida State, Myron Rolle was one of the best stories in college football: A student-athlete who actually put the student first by missing part of a football game to interview for a Rhodes Scholarship, and then skipping a year of football so he could study at Oxford.

It would have been another great story if Rolle had been able to return from Oxford and have a successful NFL career, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Rolle never got on the field for a regular-season game last year after the Titans took him in the sixth round of the NFL draft. And now the Titans have told Rolle they’re going to release him, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

It’s still possible that Rolle will catch on somewhere and have a fine NFL career, but at this point it seems unlikely. If his NFL career is over, we have little doubt that he’ll put his degree in medical anthropology to good use.

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  1. Unless he does something way stupid, looking at his resume credentials, i highly doubt he’s going to miss the NFL like some others..the dude seems to hav eset his goals higher than the pigskin…good luck!

  2. I am glad he didn’t make the team. We need guy’s of his caliber to find cures for Cancer, MDS, etc. Guy’s with his intellect can become millionaires using their brains and helping society.
    Leave football to the Albert Haynesworth’s Myron.

  3. It was a great decision for him to go with education first. But unfortunately situations like this show us why it’s not a more common occurrence. That said who knows if he would have been more sought after had he played instead.

  4. It’s not often that you get a smart guy who values education to come through the NFL. It would be a great story if he manages to succeed elsewhere but he clearly has a bright future ahead of him regardless of what happens in his football career. Good luck Myron!

  5. Funny thing is his career as a doctor will last longer than 99% of the players in the NFL right now. Rolle is a true role model for kids black, white, poor or rich.

  6. Class act, even if he never plays football again. He doesn’t need a ‘Good Luck’ from me (he’s much smarter), though I’d be glad to offer it.

  7. my understanding is that he would go to medical school after football and practice medicine in the Bahamas. its hard not to root for someone like this to succeed. NFL’s loss, society’s gain.

  8. Something tells me God has more important things in line for this young man, like saving lives. Good for him.

  9. This actually is a great story. It shows that an athlete doesn’t have to be the stereotypical knucklehead that Chris Johnson is. The only reason CJ needed that money is that he knew he would at best be a Burger King drive thru attendant after football. I know most people despise Bill Clinton, but he also was a Rhodes Scholar at a time when they didn’t give the scholarship out to Americans. That scholarship is a bigger honor than being selected first in the NFL Draft. Myron will more than likely make a decent living out of being a Dr.!

  10. This kid did it the right way. Good on him. He actually understands what it’s like to actually have to work to earn something. Not like a majority of these players who automatically feel entitled. They complain and throw tantrums when not given the ball.
    Most of these players will leave their football careers and not know what to do or how to even achieve anything outside of football.
    The money will dry up, the mansions foreclosed, the cars repossessed, the jewelry pawned and the so-called friends will move on to the next sucker.
    All while this kid is achieving for the greater good-for unselfish reasons.

  11. Cleveland needs another FS & I would definitely welcome this guys football skills & overall intelligence to the organization. If not football, then we’ve all gained a leader & honorable member in the medical field! Trust me, those are becoming more & more thin.

  12. Myeehh….Rolle will keep trying to catch onto a practice squad somewhere. Unless he gets a soft media or public relations gig instead. Everyone hyping this guy is fooling themselves.

  13. @fanoredsox
    “I know most people despise Bill Clinton, but he also was a Rhodes Scholar at a time when they didn’t give the scholarship out to Americans. That scholarship is a bigger honor than being selected first in the NFL Draft.”

    Not true. Clinton was never a Rhodes scholar. He studied in the program but did not receive his degree and dropped out of the Rhodes program early. Thus, he was a Rhodes “student” for a time but not a Rhodes “scholar.” (Google this if you don’t believe me or care that much) The reason I say this is Myron Rolle deserves to be compared to a better person than a blowhard (literally?) like Bill Clinton.

  14. Rhodes scholar and studied at Oxford, that looks amazing on a resume. I don’t care what his degree is in this guy will have many offers from many companies if he applies. Majority of the people I know are not in a field related to their degree anyway. Good luck Myron, but I really don’t think you need it.

  15. honestly, i WANT him to catch on and be great in another place like Carolina or Washington, but if he doesnt catch on in the pros he will be fine doing another career, he’s a smart guy.

  16. In the grand scheme of things….let’s be honest, what’s more important. He will make more of the educational opprotunities he has been afforded than those he had received from the Titans. Good Luck young man & God Bless

  17. He actually walked the talk. If only every college atheist cherished atleast the experience of college an a potential future like him. Take care. I really hope he accomplishes what he wants out of life. Wish u the best. Hope u r a future hall of famer. Hope if u don’t end up in canton u end up where u deserve man. Go noles

  18. Myron Rolle is way too smart to be a football player. He has much more important things to do. It was great that he tried to have an NFL career, and he still might, but he’ll probably accomplish substantially more in the next 5 years than most professional athletes do in a lifetime.

    Good luck & Godspeed Myron — the world is counting on you!

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