Will Smith still waiting to hear about his status

Getty Images

Back in late April, when the lockout was at its zaniness just before the draft, the NFL declared victory in the long-running legal battle surrounding the StarCaps case.

We thought the four-year saga was finally over, and that four-game suspensions for Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, and Will Smith were on the way. Kevin Williams said he was “at peace” with the decision.

A report surfaced in late August that the suspensions would be reduced to two games, but that was never confirmed.

Now we’re only six days from the season opener, and uncertainty remains.  What’s going on here?

Smith and the Saints have no idea.  The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports the Saints are moving forward at this point like Smith will be eligible to play the Packers in Week One, but they don’t really know.  They haven’t heard anything from the league, who is remaining mum.

The question of whether players will be suspended 2 games for testing positive for diurectics is likely part of the ongoing negotiations regarding a new steroids policy.