Agent: Bears will cut Chester Taylor today

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Earlier this week, the agent representing Bears running back Chester Taylor said that coach Lovie Smith had informed Taylor that he’ll be released.  The Bears then contacted Taylor’s agent, Ken Sarnoff, to tell him that Taylor wouldn’t be cut.

But while Taylor survived the move to 80 players, he apparently won’t make it to the final 53.

Sarnoff now says, via Twitter, that Bears personnel exec Kevin Turks (fitting name for today) has called to say that Taylor will be cut.

The bizarre back-and-forth from recent days suggests not only a disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff, but also a possible effort to trade Taylor to a team that needs a tailback.

Regardless, the impending release of Taylor means that 66.666667 percent of the much-heralded first-day-of-free-agency haul that the Bears made in 2010 will now be former Bears.  (Tight end Brandon Manumaleuna is long gone.)  Given the performance of defensive end Julius Peppers in 2010, it can still be regarded as a pretty good effort by the franchise.

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  1. My guess….he’ll end up in Seattle. Darrell Bevell is the OC there. Chester Taylor had good times with Bevell in Minnesota.

    Usually that is what ends up happening, player goes back to former team or coach.

  2. I am not smack talking here but the Bears have this weird negative vibe this year. Players complaining , FO seems to be making strange errors, Lovie decides to test KO rules the way he did instead of just taking delay of game penalties etc. Not saying it means anything to W-L, just an observation.

  3. Bizarre? It’s the Bears’ SOP. They ought to trade Angelo, Martz and Smith to anyone for a sixth round pick to be named later.

  4. Minnesota fans love Chester, he gave his all and deserves to be back — hope the $$$$ allow it to happen.

  5. Chester Taylor will probably go down as one of the more underrated RB’s of our time… but it’s obvious he’s not what he once was. In lieu of a desperation move by, say, Miami or Seattle, I hope CT has a comfortable retirement.

  6. So, is it just me, or has this song and dance routine happened before in Chicago this offseason.

    At the draft, a “mistake” happens that Chicago won’t own up to. Then Olsen being traded gets leaked ahead of time, then taken back, then actually happens anyways, and the Bears try to pass the buck to him and claim it was his fault, not theirs. Then Kreutz gets let go instead of paying him an extra 500K. Then it takes months to get a deal done with your best offensive weapon. Then, Lance Briggs basically claims he wants a new contract despite not deserving one (probably wants out). Now, this one. Taylor thinks he’s been told he’ll be cut, then they go back on that stance, then they actually do cut him.

    Now, lets be honest. At some point, Bears fan or not, you have to see this as the new most disfunctional team in the entire league by strides above the competition. If it’s always somebody else’s fault, and these issues always follow you around, it’s probably your fault, not everybody else’s. Even if the moves are not all bad, that’s not even the point anymore. It’s chaos from within.
    I’m starting to think Urlacher might want to restate his poinion about the Bears being the best team in the NFC.

  7. Da Bearssss couldn’t take advantage of the ref’s gift in game 1 last year. The slide now begins for Lovie and Co.

    Lions 10-6
    Pack 10-6
    Vikes 8-8
    Bears 7-9

    Originally thought the Bears could get to .500, but then they signed Roy Williams. That man is a walking, talking disease. I still shudder from his days as a Lion.

  8. Gee with all this negativity about the Bears front office, Lovie’s, decision making with players and the general bad attitude of the players in question and Bears fans claiming that this team being the most dysfunctional in the NFL maybe they should think about relocating to L.A ………………( sarcasm )

  9. 2001: 13-3 1st, 2nd seed
    2002: 4-12 3rd
    2003: 7-9 3rd
    2004: 5-11 4th Lovie’s 1st year
    2005: 11-5 1st, 2nd seed
    2006: 13-3 1st, 1st seed, Lost Superbowl
    2007: 7-9 4th
    2008: 9-7 2nd
    2009: 7-9 3rd
    2010: 11-5 1st, 2nd seed,Lost NFCCG

    For everyone that says how terrible the Bears front office and coaching is (usually Bears fans/media), since Angelo (2001) and Lovie (2004) have been with the Bears, they have been at least an above average franchise.

    They have had a few pretty good runs, and rarely embarrass themselves for a full season. So while they aren’t a consistently elite team, a lot of franchises would gladly trade for those results.

  10. For $7 million last year, Chester Taylot sucked, but the bigger problem is Matt Forte is going to make less than a half mil this year. So really the signing blew up in the Bears face.

    Chester was outplayed by four Bears HBs and deserved to get cut.

    Olsen never fit into Martz’s offense. If Martz isn’t retained after this season, trading Olsen will be a big mistake.

    Lance Briggs drama is all his own doing, he’s a whiny lil bitch that got the bulk of his money up front and now isn’t happy he has three more years to go. Suck it up #55.

  11. Just another indictment of Jerry Angelo. How in the world can you justify the two guys he brought in last year. Manumaliuna and Chester Taylor made a huge amount of money and did squat. I hope and pray that George Mckaskey can see what’s up. If you want to throw large amounts down the toilet, let Jerry and his buddy Ruskell do it. They know how….

  12. shouldve signed with dtown chester,good management,good coaches,winning team for the next decade,too late.

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