Brandon Graham heads to PUP list as Eagles make final cuts


We’ve already mentioned some of the big names to get cut by the Eagles Saturday: cornerback Joselio Hanson, wide receiver Sinorice Moss, guard Max Jean-Gilles, defensive linemen Anthony Hargrove and Derek Landri.

Philadelphia completed the story Saturday evening by announcing all their cuts and roster moves, including moving last year’s first round pick Brandon Graham to the PUP list.  Graham’s move doesn’t come as a surprise.

The team also activated Winston Justice from the PUP list and released tackle Ryan Harris with an injury settlement.

The rest of the players cut by Philly:

Safety Jamar Adams, running back Eldra Buckley, wide receiver Chad Hall,  wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins, offensive tackle Austin Howard, safety Marlin Jackson, tight end Donald Lee, linebacker Greg Lloyd, offensive guard Mike McGlynn, defensive end Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, offensive lineman Fenuki Tupou, and offensive lineman Reggie Wells.

Te’o-Nesheim’s release is a surprise. He’ll land on the practice squad if another team doesn’t pick him up. Wells’ release is a sign that the Eagles feel a little better about their offensive line.

Jose Acuna was released from on the Reserve/Left Squad list.

28 responses to “Brandon Graham heads to PUP list as Eagles make final cuts

  1. eagles should not have picked TEO…..i am very confused about BG….he should have been picked later…we should have gotten earl thomas BUT nate allen is pretty good before he got injured

  2. Sorry. I just wanted to say what others have said. Max Jean-Gilles was cut by the Bengals. But the fact that you have 2 teams cutting the same player kinda reinforces the point that PFT makes up the facts on the fly, kinda like ESPN.

  3. Imagine that. The Eagles surprised everyone including Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, when they picked himn in the 3rd round…”According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the Eagles called Te’o Nesheim telling him that he was drafted. Te’o-Nesheim told the newspaper that he “was just lying down and looking at the ceiling” when he received the call.

    And now they cut him a year later. Shocking 😉

  4. I dont believe the Eagles made 1 cut that was a mistake. That is the first time I have been able to say that in a decade.

    I went through the lineup and only came up with 52. Who am I missing?

    3-vick young kafka
    3-mccoy lewis brown
    2-celek harbor
    5-jackson maclin avant cooper smith
    9-Peters Dunlap Herremans Justice mathis vandervelde watkins kelce jackson

    5-Cole Parker Babin Tapp Hunt
    5-Dixon Jenkins Laws Patterson Thornton
    6-Chaney Matthews Fokou Jordon Clayton Rolle
    6-Asomugha DRC Samuels Lindley Hughes Marsh
    4-Page Coleman Allen Jarrett

    3-Henery Henry Dorenbos

  5. so julian vandervelde is the only backup Guard? this howard mudd experiment could potentially ruin the season.

  6. I hope they do sign merriweather and cut anderson no knock on anderson but merriweathers just better.

  7. Sorry to see my boy Eldra go, but Lewis is 3rd on the Depth chart and has great upside.

    I am no surprised to see Hall go, he’s undersized and for the first time I can really remember in Eagles history, we have great depth at WR.

    I thought Higgins was going to be our new kick off returner since Calvin got cut?

    Thank got we finally cut Marlin Jackson. That’s all I can say.

    Really? Clay Harbor over Donald Lee? I was kind of surprised.

  8. The Eagles will NOT cut Colt Anderson. Why would any real Eagles fan even question that? He single-handedly came in and save our special teams last year. The guy is a monster! Merriweather is gone from N.E. for a reason, he’s a problem child. He will not be an Eagle, period.

    Also, Harbor is younger and proved in the preseason that he improved his blocking, that is why Lee is gone.

    No cuts were surprising and any of you who say that J.P. should have been cut definitely don’t watch the games objectively. He plays the pass and the run very well and has been under appreciated for sometime now.

    Hall was average at best and Te’o was terrible from the beginning. The only shock there is that he wasn’t cut last year.

    Last thing, I think it is hilarious that we have had to listen to Cowboys fans on here talk about Lonyae Miller like he was going to be their savior. What happened to him…..cut today! Lol!

  9. nooooot gonna lie, im not sad to see Joselio Suckson go…but im surprised about Anthony Hargrove and Derek Landri, thought they did pretty good in preseason. Although, looking at the current starting line up i see why. All in all…i thought they were the right moves.

  10. McGlynn and Lee were not surprising cuts in the least for anyone paying even a little attention. Both Hargrove AND Landri are, however. I was sure one or the other would make it, probably Hargrove. I guess Akeem Jordan or Colt Anderson took that spot.

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