Carson Palmer isn’t in Cincinnati, yet


Several of you have pointed us to a report that not-yet-officially-retired Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer was spotted on Saturday with agent David Dunn at Paul Brown Stadium.  Per, the information comes from the protected Twitter page of WLW producer James Bedingfield.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s not true.  Neither Palmer nor Dunn are in Cincinnati.

Though the failure of Palmer to file retirement papers has fueled speculation that he may show up soon and collect what would become a guaranteed salary of $11.5 million, the Bengals have bigger fish to fry than to meet with Palmer and Dunn on Saturday.  The powers-that-be are in the process of cutting the roster to 53 — and also scouring the other cuts that are made by other teams in the hopes of finding some new players.

27 responses to “Carson Palmer isn’t in Cincinnati, yet

  1. Take the guaranteed $ & let them sit you, that’ll show them about what everyone else’s dream job is about.

  2. Palmer may show up for his money, and soon as he does, Brown will say, “Good, you’re here. Now get out there on the field, you’re playing quarterback.”

    So what will Palmer have accomplished in all this besides missing training camp?

  3. He’s playing them perfectly. What can they possibly do other than trade, cut or pay him? He wins, no matter what.

  4. Mike Brown is a cheap, vindictive twit with no commitment to winning which is probably why Carson Palmer doesn’t want to waste the rest of what’s left of his career with him. I feel sorry for the Bengal fans who have to be subjected to the worst owner in the NFL.

  5. Palmer would look really bad showing up now and facing the guys in the locker room who he quit on. I would hope he has more integrity than that. That said, I would sacrifice the little bit of integrity that I have for 11.5 million.

  6. billinva says:
    Sep 3, 2011 12:37 PM
    He’s not there yet because Mike Brown is too cheap for bus fare.

    At the time that Palmer signed his $100 million extension with the Bengals a few years ago, it made Palmer one of the highest paid QBs in the league. Palmer got more than bus fare, and his contract was anything but cheap. It is Palmer who has decided not to fulfill it, not Mike Brown and the Bengals.

  7. carson seems like a good guy, and he’s a good qb. he’s probably tired of being on a losing team that can’t seem to get going in the right direction.

  8. He’s working out in San Diego. Just saw him at the gym. Pretty sure it wasn’t a cardboard cut out.

  9. I would love to see Palmer show up, be thrown into game 1, and let him see how it feels when his O-Line quits on him and allows him to get destroyed. Its a team game and he was part of the problem the last few years, his play was mediocre at best. Him quitting was pathetic; and a blessing for Bengals fans, he hasn’t been the same since having his knee blown up. Time to look forward…. again.

  10. I think he just wants to avoid paying back a part of his bonuses for retiring (like Barry Sanders and Jake Plummer). If he officially retires, there’s no way Mike Brown lets him keep the money.

  11. Come back and own the Ravens one more time Carson. He helps the Steelers win the division every year. Baltimore cant deal with Palmer for some reason

  12. Ahhh, more madness with my team, huh. The fact is, we should have gone ahead and traded him for a pick as soon as he became that vocal about not wanting to be there. I’m not “mad” at him for not wanting to be there but did think that he might have had more integrity than to sabotage to team with this stunt. I guess $11.5M will make you do strange things… it would be nice to test that hypothesis!

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