Dolphins cut Larry Johnson and Will Allen

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Larry Johnson’s stay in Miami was a short one.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that L.J. was released only a few weeks after Miami picked him up. Lex Hilliard should be Miami’s No. 3 back.

Cornerback Will Allen’s five-year run with the Dolphins was a lot more productive, but it has also come to an end. Florio reports via a league source Allen was cut on Saturday.  He was thought to be a possible nickel back for the team.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post has a few other early cuts: QB Kevin O’Connell, TE Dedrick Epps, S Gerald Alexander, and S Mark Restelli.  The full cuts are due at 6 p.m. ET.

13 responses to “Dolphins cut Larry Johnson and Will Allen

  1. I LOVE IT!! Keep the cuts coming, Larry Johnson and Will Allen? Two empty gas cans!!! The turk rules the day….LOL!

  2. The Dolphins sign Larry Johnson and everyone rags on Miami for making the move. Now Miami cuts Larry Johnson and the Dolphins are stupid?

    You know what’s stupid ryanmallettsbluntwrap? The Patriots cutting Brandon Meriweather!

  3. Is Clinton Portis just done? He seems like a piece the Dolphins could use, maybe move a few tickets with his ties to the area.

  4. Go home, Larry. You got a conscience about 5 years too late. Consider yourself lucky no one came to your house and beat the crap out of you for the things you’ve said and done to this point.

  5. Lol on larry saying he feels Young and in his Prime all over again…Spoiled Prime Rib out the Door…Yuck…I use a webber Kettle for my Bar b Q Ribs..Hail Skins..! we the BEst!!

  6. I agree, def happy to see Larry Johnson go, the guy is a piece of dirt. KARMA. Sad to see Will Allen lose his job, not a Dolphins fan but he was one of my favorite players when he was with the Giants.

  7. @nyjalleffingday Do the Jets still have the best QB in the NFL? Oh wait they never did! At least they have the worst! Have fun watching the Jets implode from within this season. Like your boy Rex said last year “Superbowl or bust” well the Jets didn’t get to the Superbowl so I guess here comes the BUST!!!

  8. @nyjalleffinday, uh you must be a moron. Will Allen being cut in no way makes the tandem of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.

    Know what you’re talking about before trying to sound cool.

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