Kevin Ogletree arrested for outstanding traffic tickets

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It’s been nearly a month since the last arrest of an NFL player or employee.  And the streak is now over.

The Associated Press reports that Cowboys receiver Kevin Ogletree was arrested Friday for a pair of outstanding traffic tickets.

Ogletree was stopped in the Dallas area for speeding.  A computer check showed that he had not paid the past tickets, and he was taken into custody.

44 responses to “Kevin Ogletree arrested for outstanding traffic tickets

  1. Really? Traffic tickets gets you an arrest..? He may be a cowboy, but really, wtf? Just pay you’re ticket,I know, but it’s still total crap he got ARRESTED for it

  2. Dang it! Now you have reset the “Days without an arrest” counter (I was looking forward to seeing that thing hit 30)

  3. Wow, now that’s going raise his street cred…..”what’d you get popped for? Manslaughter, drunk driving, drugs, murder, rape?”….”nahh man, I didn’t pay my parking tickets.”…..”damn yo, ain’t nobody gunna f*ck wit you, that’s hardcore.”

  4. IRVING, Texas – Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree was arrested on Friday after being stopped for speeding in nearby Coppell, Texas.

    When police ran his license, he was found to have not paid for a previous speeding ticket and not having his driver’s license during a prior traffic stop in Irving, according to a local report.

    Ogletree was released on bond.

    Hadn’t paid for a ticket and didn’t have his license on him.

    Who hasn;t gotten a ticket?


  5. Although I don’t condone it, getting arrested for not paying traffic tickets is a B.S. reason for being taken to jail! When you think about it, you are going to jail for paying a BILL late! Pay your cable bill late and the police don’t care.. it’s a civil matter, but pay your traffic ticket late? Now your messing with the CITY revenue and it’s a CRIMINAL offense! B.S. if you ask me.. but that’s just MY humble opinion!

  6. Seriously? i mean, we common folk find ways to pay our tickets, how can a person who gets paid pretty well not pay his fines? I know hes not making peyton manning or tom brady money, but still, he still should be able to pay for a few tickets…

  7. readysethike:
    Should re-read the story…. “Kevin Ogletree was arrested Friday for a PAIR of outstanding traffic tickets.”

  8. Relax people.they take you to the station. Normally without even cuffing you. You hang out for a while, pay your bill and your free. Shouldn’t even count on the arrest meter. It’s really no worse than having your friend giving you a ride home, stopping to eat for 2 hrs and making you pay the bill. Not exactly a legal issue.

  9. Ha the cops in my town woulda had back up there b4 steppin outta the squad car an it’d b on the news for a week or 2 atleast lucky guy. News flash ” cops bored as hell all around the country Osama lives no one cares NFL criminal busted!”

  10. The cop was a Cowboy fan and turned a blind eye to the weed & coke. Just like state troopers do in Oregon to Ducks QB’s.

  11. Damn. I honestly looked at the count since the last arrest today and was shocked. Go figure 2 hours after I inquire about it, someone gets arrested.

  12. How fast was he going? Was he a jerk who pzd off the police officer when he got stopped? Was he parking in handicapped spots? Has to be more to it than just a pair of parking tickets.

  13. You can get arrested for one ticket. If you don’t pay, a warrant is issued. I was with a friend who got pulled over and taken in for one ticket (in NJ). It was a while back and he had forgotten about it. I drove home, got some $$, came back and got him out. They release you as soon as you pay.

  14. Cars and the morons who drive them kill 93 people a day in the U.S. Maybe if people who violated traffic safety laws regularly were arrested more often people would respect the lives and safety of others more.

  15. He’ll never make the Cowboys with only traffic offenses. Go for a misdemeanor to make the practice squad. Then, for the game day roster, shoot for a felony. Go beat somebody up. Or maybe stick some candy up your nose. Be a Jerry Jones type team player.

  16. This is news? I didn’t have my wallet on me one day and I happened to get pulled over for nothing. No ticket or anything. I had to mail a copy of my license to them within 5 days. I mailed it 3 days later since I was busy at work. It took a few days to get there, and on the 6th day there was a warrant for my arrest. Such a joke.

  17. To me, not paying a parking ticket is showing a lack of respect for the laws of that area. How many times have we all wanted to just throw it on the ground, but we (or if I were a millionaire playing in the NFL, I would ask my accountant to) pay it. I am neither pro or anti Cowboy, or pro or anti Texas, but I say good that he has become an example of what can happen if you don’t follow the laws of the land.

    I think Ogletree is an adult. He should know better. I know that my minor age, non-driving children would know better.

  18. About 20 years ago I had gotten a fix it ticket for my window tinting being to dark in CA. . I blew it off. About a year later I got pulled over again and arrested for not taking care of it. I spent the weekend in jail and had to pay for failure to appear and the price of the ticket. Yes it happens pay your tickets Cowgirl!

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