Latest vets to be cut: Sinorice Moss, Max Jean-Gilles, Josh McCown


Sinorice Moss caught three passes for 49 yards in Philadelphia’s preseason finale, but he couldn’t make his way on to the team.

The Eagles cut Moss on Saturday, a league source tells PFT.

A more surprising cut happened to a former Eagle.  The Bengals released guard Max Jean-Gilles, per a league source.

Multiple reports also indicate the 49ers cut No. 3 quarterback Josh McCown.  This could be a sign the 49ers will look to pick up a different veteran arm in the coming days.

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  1. It’d be nice if the 49ers could find a QB good enough to beat out CK7 for the backup job. Kaep is really a pretty good athlete, but he’s got a lot of developing to do. I don’t feel good having him be the 2nd best option behind Alex. Speaking of Alex Smith, this is absolutely his time to shine or get packing.

  2. “This could be a sign the 49ers will look to pick up a different veteran arm in the coming days.” I am so glad I’m not saddled with being a 49ers fan. A true horrorshow of a front office.

  3. I bet the eagles make a play for max jean-gilles on the cheap given there shaky o-line and previous history

  4. There’s no way Harbaugh goes into the season with Kaepernik as the nuber two. They must have something cooking. Maybe with Palmer?

  5. OMG, this is the second time I heard veteran arm. I hope football isn’t going to start using that lame stupid slang of referring to body parts as a position like they do in baseball. I guess if someone needs a running back, they need a leg, kicker will be a foot, what other corny body parts can be applied to football positions. Is it too hard to just say qb?

  6. @scudbot

    You mean the same front office who didn’t overpay players and actually took the patient approach to get guys like Donte Whitner, Braylon Edwards(who has looked great and signs are looking good to no suspension), Jonathan Goodwin(who will be a leader for that young line) all for very cheap and then extended Frank Gore’s contract in such a way that it is risk free for the team is a horrorshow because they cut McCown? There have been years where that statement could be true but this off-season has been anything but considering the lockout situation.

    Could just be they are waiting to see who gets cut from other teams or becomes avaliable via trade.

  7. dirtyjersey9er, it’s been pretty bad for a long time. I hope the 49ers are turning it around finally, but there’s a long way to go on the O side and some of the draft decisions are still puzzling.

  8. @scudbot

    Baalke/Harbaugh deserve a chance to prove they will be good or bad before judgements are made but even Nolan/Singletary/McCloughan made some decent moves. The problem is in to the stubborn tendencies of all 3(Nolan and Singletary were both frighteningly stubborn and McCloughan didn’t budge much from his draft tendencies of “Player from a big conference who is big and is a Senior”.

    The Baalke/Harbaugh union thusfar has shown more in terms of flexibility.

  9. Heckert and the Browns should make a play for Giles. Heckert and the Philly connections are obvious. Throw in losing Eric Steinbach at guard for the season and having a 5th round rookie filling the role in Jason Pinkston, and you get an obvious starter/depth roster aqcuisition.

  10. @scudbot–

    every team has had their share of “puzzling” and bust draft choices in the past. 49ers, no more than the best teams. I happen to think the 49ers are just a decent QB away from being a perennial playoff contender. They have pretty much all other pieces in place.

  11. Keep your head up, Josh McCown. You’ll always have this moment immortalized by Tecmo Super Bowl:

  12. “Why is Alex Smith still starting? Can we call him a bust yet?”
    Man, He’s not a bust as long as he still has a job.
    He was drafted by idiots WAY above where he should have been taken. Not his fault.

    That said, He hasn’t done very well, although he’s shown flashes of adequacy.

    I’d say he needs two years in the Harbaugh system to determine his ultimate standing as a bust.

  13. “I’d say he needs two years in the Harbaugh system to determine his ultimate standing as a bust.”

    During that time, Packer fans will continue to enjoy Aaron Rodgers.

  14. I’m tired of people trying to make the Alex Smith/Aaron Rodgers comparison. Obviously, Rodgers has a better career to date. But, he was drafted into a cushy situation where he sat behind arguably one of the best QBs of all time for three years. I don’t want to give Alex Smith all kinds of excuses, because he needs to step up. But let’s face it, realistically, the 49ers have not been a good situation as a whole. Very few QBs in the league have the talent to single handedly turn the junk heap the 49ers had been into a perennial SB contender. Lighten up and give this guy a chance. If he absolutely blows it, then give him hell. Either way, support your team or don’t, but stop bitching about what ifs from 7 seasons ago.

  15. I agree, get over the Aaron Rogers thing. If he was drafted by the niners, he would suck too. I am a Niners fan, I am super tired of Alex Smith sucking, but anyone who makes Aaron Rogers comments is really saying “I’m an F’ing idiot who knows very little about the game of football”.

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