Mark Herzlich makes the Giants; Rosenfels to I.R.

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Cancer survivor Mark Herzlich didn’t get drafted, but he did something more important on Saturday.

He didn’t get cut.

The former Boston College Eagle was one of four rookie linebackers to make the Giants’ initial 53-man roster.  The other three: Greg Jones, Jacquain Williams, and Spencer Paysinger.

The other big news from the Giants: backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels was placed on injured reserve with back problems. David Carr will be Eli Manning’s backup.

Florio mentioned earlier that Steve Weatherford won the punting job over Matt Dodge, who was cut.  The rest of the cuts are below:

Wide receiver Michael Clayton, tight end Daniel Coats, guard Ikechuku Ndukwe, center Chris White, defensive tackle Gabe Watson and kicker Rhys Lloyd. Safety Brian Jackson (hip) was waived/injured.

19 players were waived: linebacker Phillip Dillard, LB/DE Adrian Tracy, quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, running backs Andre Brown and Charles Scott, tight end Christian Hopkins, wide receiver Darius Reynaud, tackles Jamon Meredith and Jarriel King, center Jim Cordle, defensive ends Ayanaga Okpokowuruk, Craig Marshall, Alex Hall and Justin Trattou and Dwayne Hendricks and defensive backs Joe Burnett, David Sims and Jerrard Tarrant.

26 responses to “Mark Herzlich makes the Giants; Rosenfels to I.R.

  1. It’s a great story to hear, but honestly; this guy had no business making the roster. Was out of shape, not fast enough and just wasn’t the same player that he was in 2008. I think the Giants let him make the team because he would be a positive story.

  2. Not surprised with any of these cuts except for Tracy….kid looks like he can play in this league. Hopefully he’ll still be around so we can sign him to the practice squad.

  3. Disagree on Herzlich having “no business making the cut.” He played well in preseason, was consistently around t he ball, hurried the QB, and played solid special teams. Plus, a guy like that is someone others will respect and rally around, so he does bring some “intangibles” benefits.

  4. Wow, I went to highschool with Spencer Paysinger, I hope he pans out, ive watched him play in preseason and he has potential. Good luck to him

  5. No one will respect and rally around Herzlich – you think the players give a damn about this stuff. Jesus Christ could come down and play linebacker, and it he couldn’t get the job done, the other players would want him gone. When the Giants start losing games, do you think the owner will say “It’s OK, at least we have that cancer survivor on the team!”

  6. Would love to pick up Joselio Hanson or Donald Lee.


    Hanson is a nickel cb only just so you know. And he does a great job there, but he gets burned ALL the time on the outside.

  7. Herzlich showed some real flashes in the preseason. He had a few very nice plays, and I understand the coaches were impressed with his football instincts and smarts. I’m glad they decided to keep him.

    For once, the Giants showed a willingness to make difficult decisions at cutdown time. Dillard was a mid-round draft pick last year, and they’ve been awfully reluctant to cut those sorts of players in the past. However, he was outplayed by Greg Jones and by Herzlich. They deserved to make the team over Dillard, and I’m glad they did.

  8. Hanson is a nickel cb only just so you know. And he does a great job there, but he gets burned ALL the time on the outside.

    I know that. Fortunately, that’s where our need is right now, at nickelback. Ross and Webster can man the outside effectively. This would allow us to keep Rolle at safety.

  9. @talkintrashallday:

    What games were you watching? Herzlich made a number of plays on defense, as well as special teams. If you watched any of the Giants pre-season games, you heard his name mentioned in the middle of a lot of plays. He certainly earned his spot on the team with his play, not because the Giants wanted a good PR story.

  10. I agreed with every cut except Andre Brown. For the role the Giants are asking D.Ware to play Andre Brown could have easily done it but with more speed.

  11. talkintrashallday can kiss me between my back pockets. This is a team that has several embattled coaches who are likely performing for their jobs this year. They don’t need ‘good stories’, they need guys on the field who can make some plays. This preseason, Herzlich has been just that and evidently showed enough to make the team out of the gate. I, and it appears I am not alone, am very happy he’s on the team, both for the player and the person he is.

  12. Trash in trash writings are trash! He played his way on. Did u watch the preseason? U must be a real winner.

  13. andre brown is a sad cut, guy looks way better than dj ware but hopefully i get proven wrong.

    herzlich deserved to make this team based on how he played in the preseason. at worst this guy is our new chase blackburn, tons of heart and plays his butt off on special teams

    all 4 of these rookie linebackers look f’in awesome. as a giants fan this is the most excited ive been in a few years too see some young players get a chance to be our future linebackers

  14. glad to see he made it. as a skins fan, this is one Giant i’m glad to see earn his spot even though he may be a great player against us. it’s a good story.

  15. I Wish this young man nothing but scucess . how can you not root for a guy like him ? I Just wish the Browns would have signed him instead .

  16. When playing for the Saints, Steve Weatherford once pulled down a punt that was about to be blocked and blasted down the sideline for a 30-yard gain. It was a pivotal play against the Eagles in a playoff game.

    I understand his most recent attempts to run the ball have been somewhat less successful.

  17. Love that Herzlich made the team. He was all over the ball in the preseason games. You’d have seen that if you actually watched the games. I honestly feel he can start in another year or two. Wouldn’t be all that shocked to see him starting this year should the opportunity present itself.

  18. Good story, maybe. But doesn’t negate the fact that the Jersey Gi’Aints will finish last in the division, and probably be in the running for the Luck sweepstakes. Finally, Eli can be the second stringer he deserves to be. HAIL!!!

  19. @buddybowl69 says;

    Watch what happens. Some if not most of the cuts (especially the LB’s) will be wearing Eagles uniforms this year. Happens every year, the Giants make cuts and the Eagles pick them up. A true testament to how good your front office\head coach really is, a Dream Team of Giants scrubs!!!

  20. I love Herzlich, so many of you seem to forget he was ACC Def. player of the year and on his way to being a first rounder until he got the cancer. He has to build his body back up,…. he can sit on the bench for the Giants, play special teams, get back to prime physical shape and then make all of you naysayers shut up.

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