Patriots put Faulk, two others on PUP to get down to limit


The Patriots, as always, seemed to have the most interesting cuts on Saturday.

We’ve been updating the news all day in our cut-down tracker, but in case you missed it Brandon Meriweather, Brandon Tate, Sammy Morris, and Eric Moore were among the Patriots already let go.

The team announced the rest of the moves Saturday night.

Three players were placed on the reserve/PUP list: RB Kevin Faulk, DT Ron Brace, and DL Brandon Deaderick.  None of those moves come as a surprise.

OL Rich Ohrnberger was placed on injured reserve.

The rest of the cuts: DL Landon Cohen, LB Niko Koutouvides,  WR Tiquan Underwood, OL Thomas Austin, RB Eric Kettani, DB Ross Ventrone, LB Markell Carter, DL Aaron Lavarias, DE Alex Silvestro, TE Lee Smith and TE Will Yeatman.

Smith and Yeatman were fighting for the No. 3 tight end spot. Don’t be surprised if the Patriots pick up a veteran there.

8 responses to “Patriots put Faulk, two others on PUP to get down to limit

  1. Ochocinco to the rescue? I bet you money these tools sign T.O. The moment he is healthy. I think that Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Al Davis are running this place.

  2. There’s another TE Gronkowski that just hit the market. Think about a Double Gronk goalline formation… devastating.

  3. With Meriweather cut, there are no draft picks from the patriots 2007 draft class. So much for the genius of Belichick’s draft strategy of trading down and getting more picks. It looks like that strategy backfired.

  4. The next intelligent thing flagstaffphotos has to say, will be his first.

    Yets fans, aren’t you tired of seeing this moron representing all of you?

  5. By the way, where are all you morons who were talking for weeks about Haynesworth and “85” getting cut????

    Can we hear from you NOW, geniuses????

  6. Paulnoga – I could write a laundry list of patriots drafties that stuck and are significant impact players but that list is too long and I can’t fathom dealing with both you and flagstaffphotos. Idiots. Whatever, the world needs gas pump attendants too. Fill it with regular, please.

  7. foobarfoofoo says: Sep 3, 2011 7:39 PM

    Wow, they cut Yeatman?
    My reaction too. Kid looked good this preseason.
    I think they still have Garret Mills, not sure.
    They need some OL help in the interior especially.

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