Robert Gallery, Sidney Rice among ailing Seahawks


The Seahawks offense finally looked moved the ball in the team’s fourth exhibition game Friday night against the Raiders, racking up the 377 total yards. Receiver G0lden Tate had a huge night.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that left guard Robert Gallery and defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson both left Friday’s game with knee injuries. They had to undergo MRIs.

“We’ll know more when we see the MRIs tomorrow, but both of them, they’re significant enough where we’ve got to be concerned about next week for these guys. We don’t know,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

Uh oh. At least Carroll indicated linebacker David Hawthorne, tackle Russell Okung, and running back Marshawn Lynch should be ready for Week One.

Wideout Sidney Rice’s status is less certain.  He aggravated a shoulder injury on Tuesday and hasn’t been seen since.

“Sidney’s shoulder is still sore,” Carroll said. “He has made a lot of improvement in the last couple of days already so we’ll be watching that day to day.”

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  1. Pete the Poodle won’t last long in Seattle. Fool signs a bunch of injury prone free agents and thinks he pulled off a coup.. And with Tom Cable in charge of pass protections their QBs won’t be too far behind Gallery and Rice… I remember a game against Denver in 2009 we went through 4 QBs in one game.

    Feel bad for Seahawks fans… Actually no I don’t.

  2. As a Vikings fan, I truly feel sorry for Seattle fans. To have T-Joke as your starter…well you guys are gonna be pulling your hair out. And to have a coach that’s that stupid! Sidney Rice, on the other hand, is a good (not great) player WHEN AND IF he’s healthy. Which is half the time if you’re lucky. He can put up great numbers if he has a great quarterback throwing to him. He will put up average numbers with an average quarterback. And bad numbers with a bad quarterback.

  3. I really wish that my Rams had a true no. 1 receiver, but I’m still glad they didn’t take a chance on Rice. It might work out for the Seahawks, and I wish him a healthy career, but signing him to a big contract was risky business.

  4. TJoke and Sid Rice are living up to expectations for sure. Sid Rice is much like Randy Moss in the sense that he “plays when he wants to play”, he just doesn’t verbalize it. Sid had one good year with the Vikes when things were going well with B. Favre but otherwise when a team is losing or rebuilding, Sid can miss 2 weeks with a broken fingernail.

  5. As a Viking, that headline about Sidney Rice being injured sure looks familiar. A lot of prognosticators were lamblasting the Vikings for letting Rice walk. Well, this is why they let him walk. He can’t stay on the field.

    Look, I hope Rice turns it around and has a great year. But when you start the season hurt, it’s not likely. Of course, there’s also the issue of who’s throwing him the ball. I can’t believe that Tarvaris Jackson is going to hold on the starting spot past the end of September. Charlie Whitehurst has played better, and will be the starter before long.

  6. Seahawks paid 18.5 Million guaranteed for Sidney “glass” Rice. They’ll find out how often he’s hurt and realize what a blunder that was. Good luck.

  7. Sidney Rice and his agent bamboozled the Seahawks with that ridiculous contract.

    He had one good year (playing with a HOF QB who had his own best year that same season) and has been injured pretty much the rest of his career.

    And T-Jack? Ay-Yi-Yi! That’s a whole other can of worms…

  8. Karma Baby!!!!…I’m glad Gallery got injured since he chopped blocked Brodrick Bunkley of the Denver Broncos during their preseason meeting. All he needed to do was block Bunkley during a screen pass, instead he went low and whipped Bunkley with his legs causing Bunkley to be injured. Sincerely, Denver Broncos Fan in NJ

  9. Rice is a joke. He is always injured and will play injured even after he is cleared by the doctors. He will do everything in his power to delay his return to his team. This isn’t the first time and unless he retires today, it won’t be the last. Just look back to his last injury and you will see his true character. His season ended in January that year. He waited until August I think it was until he had his hip surgery. He eventually was cleared by doctors but refused to go back. Once he was given the option of IR or playing, his hip was suddenly well enough to play. How did that happen? I’ve worked on a lot of hip surgeries myself and played semi-professionally. I only mention this because I know of all the “you don’t know what you’re talking about” comments on here. I do know what I’m talking about. I understand the hip procedures from beginning to end and I understand the game and the pain. With that move he proved he is weak and anything BUT a team player. I was glad to see him leave. I pity Seattle. They have been trying to get Minnesota back since the Steve Hutchinson pick up and have failed now 3 out of 3 times (T. Jackson, N. Burlson & S. Rice).

  10. Just wait — Sid’s shoulder ain’t gonna be the problem — it’s his hip condition. Not that it matters when there’s no one to throw him the ball. For what it’s worth, he’s good when (and if) healthy, and ay great guy and a good team-mate.

  11. I, as a viking fan…don’t get ANY joy out of seeing the same thing happen to Seattle that happened to our fan base here in Mn. Childress/T-Jack/Rice ruined this franchise for at least 5 years. And I feel bad for the Seahawks fans who have to deal with the same thing!

  12. Glad the Seahawks are popular enough to get so much hate.

    Is it really odd that a guy with an injury would sit out the final preseason game, as Rice did?

    Bit more concerned about Gallery, since he has more NFL starts than the rest of offensive line combined. He’s supposed to be the veteran presence that helps hold things together. If he can’t go, I’m guessing Tyler Polumbus will slide into the left guard spot. Also a bit concerned about Wilkerson, but the addition of Clinton McDonald in the trade for Kelly Jennings makes that easier to take.

    As for Jackson, Seattle signed him to a two-year deal. If you think he’s seen as a long-term solution at QB, well, you’re not terribly intelligent.

  13. The Seahawks should quit trying to get even with the Vikings for the “Poison Pill” deal with Steve Hutchinson, they took Burleson off their hands (thanks), now TJax and Sid Rice? Its like a bar fight thats already decided and the beat down drunk gets up for another 2 punches in the face. Sweet if you’re doing the punching…

  14. @trollhammer20,

    If you think even 2 years of TJack is ok, you’re not terribly intelligent. Did I miss something or were there no other options for a QB on the market? You could have done better than TJack, even for a band-aid starter.

    And the popularity has only to do with Vikes/Raiders fans enjoying your misery with our leftovers. We’re just saying we told you so.

  15. trollhammer20 says:

    Bit more concerned about Gallery, since he has more NFL starts than the rest of offensive line combined. He’s supposed to be the veteran presence that helps hold things together.

    Now, as a Raiders fan, I’m used to being accused of being delusional.

    This statement however takes the cake.

  16. Look at all these salty fans in here bitter that their top free agents spurned their garbage teams for a playoff team that is still ascending (Seattle). U mad, assclowns?

  17. I wouldn’t waste time on former Vikings playing in Seattle, but instead focus on the current Vikings playing in LA. It might be closer for Viking fans to watch these guys in Seattle than LA. Long drive either way…

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