Sanchez’s buddy McKnight among Jets cuts


Among the players who didn’t make the New York Jets’ 53-man roster is wide receiver Scotty McKnight, the best buddy of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, other Jets cuts include quarterback Drew Willy, four offensive linemen (Dennis Landolt, Nevin McCaskill, Peter Clifford, Trevor Canfield), wide receivers Dan DePalma and Michael Campbell, three linebackers (Brashton Satele, Joey Laroque and Eddie Jones), safeties Davon Morgan and Byron Landor, defensive end Lorenzo Washington, running back Chris Jennings and tight end Keith Zinger.

The Jets have 11 more cuts to make to reach the 53-man limit.

13 responses to “Sanchez’s buddy McKnight among Jets cuts

  1. And these guys actually got cut BEFORE Aaron Maybin??? Great evaluation you got going on that Jet’s team when Maybin is still around. He is the worst football player I have ever seen in my life and I’m not kidding.

  2. @cjspiller

    I know that you may not have considered this, but perhaps Maybin is showing some promise on the Jets because he’s no longer stuck on a perpetual 4th place team with an absence of talent akin to the way a desert is absent of water. Just a thought.

  3. i hope maybin makes the team. it would be a nice story, could use a pass rusher, and i trust their judgement (most of the time)

  4. if you’re in this goup of 15 i think it’s safe to say there’s no practice squad in your future. at least not here.

  5. i have actually been impressed with maybin so far. he has talent no doubt, BUT absolutely must bulk up and add like 10-15 lbs of muscle. he is just too small to play linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

  6. @ampats

    Please explain to me how Powell is a bust when the season hasnt even started yet?? Hes a rookie drafted in the 4th rd. You obviously dont know this but when you draft a player that late in the rounds it usually takes time to develop the player and that player isnt nfl ready at the moment. Yet another great comment from you. I guess that means all the rookies on the pats that didnt play alot during preseason are a bust too. You guys are going down again this year, you guys looked great agaimst detroit really.

  7. @cjspiller

    Maybin has three sacks in two preseason games. Why would they cut him he hasnt been that bad so far

  8. @nyjalleffingday………..The Jet’s are really not all that good, very nice defense, offense is nothing to write home about, I believe the Bills have a better offense. The Bills have a better QB too. Sanchez will be nothing but a career backup in the next couple of years…….wait and see.

  9. @ny82jy………was that against your cheerleaders that he had his 3 sacks? I’m not being a smart $ss, telling you he is the worst football player I have ever seen, worse than the LB you guys cut that got cut by the Bears. He only weighs 228, he doesn’t lift weights, only martial arts and yoga. He went to the combine and gained weight to 250……….it had to be roids for him to get that big…..he can’t keep weight on without roids….defensive backs are bigger than him and he can’t play that position because he is to slow. He runs around on the football field like he has no clue whatsoever. His first year, he was actually the one that broke Poz’s forearm from piling on after the play was dead!! And to nyjalleffingday……..nice smart comment LOL, yeah, the Bills are not all that great, but it has nothing to do if you have talent on your team or not………Aaron Maybin is not a football player, never will be.

  10. @cjspiller

    Haha yes, I’m sure. The Buffalo offense was so good that the NFL had to take wins away from Buffalo to be fair, that’s definitley what happened.

    Anyway, back to reality. If Buffalo had a good ANYTHING they wouldn’t have drafted 3rd this year. Your broken english response proved nothing except that there is nothing going on in your head. Fitz played decently against half rate teams and STILL couldn’t scrounge up more than a handful of wins, and you wanna say he’s better than Sanchez? Pass the L, homie!

  11. cjspiller

    the jets offense is certainly nothing to write home about, but you would have to be out of your mind to think the bills’ is stronger. that is just crazy talk. you guys have nice backs and that’s it.

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