Sponsored post: We may have a spot in our NFL.com fantasy league


You may have noticed on the right side of the page an ad for the league’s official fantasy football game.  (If you haven’t noticed it, please notice it now.)

For the past several years, I’ve hosted a family league of 12 teams.  Last year, we weren’t able to fill the 12 spots, so two readers were invited to play.

This year, one spot remains.  And we possibly will have to fill it with a reader.

If you’re interested, make your case for inclusion in the comments.  Either way, be sure to use NFL.com for your fantasy football sickness in 2011.  The game has everything but Arian Foster’s medical records.  Which he’ll eventually put on Twitter anyway.

138 responses to “Sponsored post: We may have a spot in our NFL.com fantasy league

  1. 1) I will win
    2) I read pft at least 20 times a day, only reason I have a smartphone
    3) I was once in 35 leagues in one year
    4) From Cali, but I’m a Buc fan
    5) I want in another league, only in 3 this year

  2. Fantasy football is for guys who don’t have the cojunes, smarts or money to actually bet on games..It’s T ball, where mommy sits on the sidelines, except mommy has been replaced by the wifey……

  3. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the invitation, I’m a daily reader here and I would be siked if I was selected to participate!

    Please consider allowing me to join your Fantasy Football League, unless your too scared a reader would beat ya!

  4. Count me in!! I have been a devoted reader since long before the nbc days!!!! This would make my year complete!!!!!

  5. I’d like to be in. I’d won both by $$$ hometown leagues last year and I want to compete at a higher level. This is my 10th year of fantasy football. I don’t let anything slip by and I’d dedicated to making my team better with trades, pickups and sly drafting.

    Cory T from the D

  6. I would love to join a real Fantasy League. After 8 years of playing online the leagues always end up with people who don’t play and make the overall experience boring. So just once I would like to know what it really is like to play in fantasy league.

    Thanks for the site and consideration.

  7. Jimmy Graham Sleeper of year!! hes got antonio gates upside in the future and a qb who is ready to get him there.Eric decker is inches away from unseating the speedy playmaker in eddie royal and for a guy who was close to being rookie of the yr a few yrs back thats saying alot for the youngster decker. Mike tolbert is not ready to sit by in SD and let the under achieving ryan matthews get all the spotlight,running back vulture this yr,DRAFT HIM. Washington might not be that good this yr but with a rejuvenated o-line hightower has a thousand yard and 8-10 TDs writen all over him.Ben tate is a solid pick up for hand cuff purposes for arian foster owners. The hardly known yet 11 touchdown machine for NE last is bejarvus green ellis and he fails to repeat steven ridley seems to have the trust of the guru belechik to step in and hopefully not miss a beat. And if mcfadden gets hurt this yr as he usually does michael bush is drooling on the sidelines. And with the emergence of hakeem nicks in NY that means double teams all season…look for manningham to reap the benefits.Fantasy is not built on flashy names,just names that can flash points and in a twelve team league all these guys are flashing with high upside. Draft Them and collect your leagues winnings at the end of the season.

  8. I should be allowed in your league because I know absolutely nothing about football……in direct contrast to my ID…..I only THINK I know it all.

    Instead of a ringer entering your league, I will be the perfect patsy to beat up on and build your win totals. I will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their early days, the Detroit Lions of a few years ago, and the Bad News Bears pre Kelly Leak all rolled into one!!

    The owner of my team is Mike Brown, that should say it all!!!!!!!!

  9. Mike, i would love to be in your league. i love this website, check it everyday atleast 25 times, my friends make fun of me because im on here so much, and i am a fantasy football nut. you will not be sorry to have me in your league.

  10. Hi,

    My name is Cory and i would love to be the reader you pick.

    I am very active as I have the nfl.com app on my smartphone and I am very involved as well.

    Thank you for your consideration. I would love to be selected

  11. Huge football fan, I’m a federal agent down on the Mexican border. All I do is listen to sports talk radio in my free time and I probably give you at least 50 page views per day – even during the lockout. Plus I’m amicable.

  12. I can’t guarantee that I am going to come and in win your whole league like everyone else is stating. But I can guarantee I am dedicated and stick through the ENTIRE league. I’ve been playing FF for about 13 years so far. I eat, live and breath Fantasy Football. I would seriously love the opportunity to play with you guys! I’ve been following PFT for roughly 2 or 3 years now, and you guys are definitely my source for information. So much so, you’re my homepage. From all the places I’ve tried FF, NFL.com is by far, leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Humbly a fan…


  13. Sign me up.
    1 reason: My username is RomoMania09.
    ( I know it has nothing to do with why I should be chosen to be in the league, but that’s my quarterback)

  14. ill join.. giants fan from albany NY. ill participate everyweek no matter my record (which i guarntee will be top4) and i will talk smack each and every wk.. love ffb..

    @jw731…stfuuu.. u have no idea wut ur talkin about on bettin just to let u know ppl put money on fantasy football im in a few money leagues highest bein 300..300 times 12= what, about 3600 dollars for 3-4 months of FFB.. thats almost 1000 a month which is nowadays normal pay per month for reg. person… and i still bet on the games and win usually….take u illogical comments somehwere else.. Tball?! lol i didnt know ppl bet on t-ball games and have fun with it? u prob jus come in last all the time n lose ur money haha

  15. if you have an opening, I would love to be in your league. I’ve only lost one season out of 8 or 9, I’m working on becoming a sports director/reporter (went to college for broadcasting), and I would really like to see how I stack up against some professional sports minds!

  16. I’d love to play in your league! I have been playing fantasy football since 1998. This would go straight to the top of my fantasy memories list…like these things.
    I remember deciding between Edge and Faulk w my first overall pick.
    I remember beating my head against a wall over Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.
    I remember starting a season cheering for Garrison Hearst as he trucked down the field for a giant touchdown.
    I remember starting Michael Vick on a whim, and having a magical fantasy week.
    I remember being early to hop on the Priest Holmes bandwagon…and late to leave it.
    I’d love to join the league, it’d be great.

  17. I’m not the best looking fella. You could use that against me during trash talk to boost yourself up. I’ll be helpful I guess.

  18. I am not going to make crazy predictions about winning the whole thing as we all know it depends on who you can draft and who doesn’t get injured during games. I will have fun, am not easily offended and can talk some trash and would be honored to be invited. You will not be disappointed!

  19. Because I am passionate about both the NFL and fantasy football, I check this site at least 20 times a day, 365 days a year, and I will photoshop your head onto the box of intimate whisper flavored douche if I am not invited.

  20. Good afternoon mike- please pick my self I’m an avid reader of you sight I prob check your site honestly around 100 times a day. I what u would call a faithful follower and think I’m very deserving on joining your league. I have great football knowledge and feel I could add so great computing to your league… Again please pick me to join atleast my wife could see something positive about being on your site 24/7/365!!!!

  21. I’d be honored to join your league. I’m an active fantasy football participant who has both ran and participated in numerous leagues in the past. I do my research (relying less on sources) and take calculated risks… and am successful in doing so.

    That, and I’m a Lions’ fan. Throw me a bone.

  22. Been playing fantasy football for 7 years, since the age of 13. I’m always a contender and made the playoffs 5 of the 7 years I have been playing including 1 ring and 2 championship appearances. I’m a avid football fan who devotes each and every Sunday to watch football from 12PM to 12AM. Also I will have plenty of time because I’m in only 1 other league and have a easy timetable in university. I probably check PFT 20-30 per day on my phone and laptop. Pick me. Contact me at afozard@uoguelph.ca.

  23. 1. I love West Virginia football
    2. I am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan
    3. I’d use my last pick on Pat White because he’s so good that he deserves to be on a roster this season
    4. My last name is Nameth, and we all know that Nameth guarantee’s come true
    5. I guarantee I will win the league with Pat White on my roster

  24. Sign me up please! I’d be a competitive owner who is dedicated weekly.

    I’m a rotoworld subscriber using the draft guide and season pass. I was originally supposed to do 2 leagues this year but one of them fell through. The other league isn’t as serious so i’m looking for a league with good competition to make up for the loss of the other league!

    I’m on profootballtalk daily. Give me a chance!

  25. 1) I’m an avid pft reader and I actually like you, Mike.
    2) I will be a full participant and manage my team even if my season is lost.
    3) As a victim of the lockout, I am only in one other league and need another team to manage please.

  26. I am a fantasy football GOD…. no not really, but i have called into your show before Mike… Sometime around mid-season last year, i asked about the Packers chances of post-season success and you stated, “I like their chances even with all of their injuries….” But you seemed cool when we talked during the break for a minute….

    Not to mention i have been coming on here for at least 5 years (seems everyone says the same thing) but i do consider myself a loyal friend of the site….

    I am currently in school full time with hopes of either attending Law of Business school in the near future and i also run a 12 man family/friend league with one other opening… Maybe YOU would like to join my league? We do play for a small fee though…

    Let me know if you are interested Mike… As a fan of your work, i think that would be pretty cool if you joined…..

  27. I love fantasy football and would be an active member of the league, posting on the message board and such. Plus, I’m a Raiders fan. That means I will probably take way too many Raiders way too early in the draft. That is a clear advantage for the others in the league.

  28. As a 35yr old life long Browns fan, I feel I’m deserving of some good fortune. As a long time reader – I remember following PFT when you were in your posting diapers and the hamsters were running out of gas weekly. For once – I’m asking my loyalty be rewarded..

  29. I would enjoy going head to head with you in your Family Fantasy league. I am not however going to kiss your behind and tell you neat and wonderful things about PFT, because if I did not frequent it, I wouldn’t be posting this. Anyways, that is my petition to take up the last spot.

  30. I’m an avid sports fan period. My true love always has been and always will be all things football though. Grew up in St Louis and I live and die by the Rams. Been through a lot with my team and have worn the colors proud even through the last few years. Amazing how people forget how great the Rams were just a decade ago. I have been trying for the last couple of months to get back into a FF league with no luck. Please consider this my application to join yours. I will be a great addition to your league this year if given the chance. Thanks for the consideration.

    Justin from Baltimore.

  31. Fall is the best time of the year for one major reason: football. It is a passion that burns inside a lot of us. Sunday’s are the best days of the week because of football. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, football is on all day long. Fantasy football adds to that excitement and playing with someone such as yourself would be a huge honor and very thrilling. Check out the blog “The Stack” on fannation.com if you still don’t believe the passion for sports that I’m talking about. I believe you’ll find that the intellect you’ll read would make for great conversations in a fantasy league with you.

  32. Lets be honest, I could come on here and say I am the greatest fantasy football player in history or that I am the biggest NFL fan in the world, but here are the realities.

    I am sarcastic, opinionated, I wont share my strategy just so you pick me and possibly beat me since you already know my strategy, cause that would make you a gutless swine and I am at least 45% sure you are not, and when the season is over, should I win, then I will immediately get in touch with Steve Smith and Channing Crowder to let them know so they can hold it over your head for any future encounters.

  33. 1.) New York Giants Fan
    2.) From the great state of PA
    3.) Veteran of United States Armed Forces
    4.) Spend a majority of the time I am supposed to be working on PFT.
    5.) All I do is win

  34. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy that knows this kid that said you were going to pick me for your league.

  35. Mike, I live in Parkersburg (right down the street from you), I’m a huge WVU fan, and I got to watch my son play in his first middle school football game Wednesday.

  36. I’m only in one other league this year (work league) and I keep trash talk creative. This is my main football news site so I’d get a kick out of it…I guess I’m in the same boat as many other readers!

  37. Ok I gave some (hopefully) humorous posts, but now I’ll try a serious one. I’d be honored to join your league because I respect your work and story very much. That’s not really why, I guess, because everyone will say that and that’s why they use your site. However, if I were in your league, not only would I be a dedicated owner (not guaranteeing anything or claiming to make homer picks, just dedicated), but I would also brag to all of my friends and family that I was in said league. This would then lead to more page views for your site. Thanks for considering your readers, and congrats to whomever gets picked.

  38. Because I’m a Raiders fan, and you owe me, and the rest of the Nation the opportunity to be able to smack talk YOUR team, while I build my bully of a fantasy team!

  39. I’ve played fantasy football for the last dozen years, since the days Mark Brunell and Chris Chandler were QB starters. I took fliers on Kurt Warner, Jeff Garcia and Stephen Davis in ’99 and never looked back. I’ve been in a long-running 2QB keeper league and have competed for the title every year (despite starting Chad Henne last year). I think I would be a worthwhile, knowledgeable addition to the league.

  40. Hey Mike. I am a lifelong Steelers fan having lived in Pittsburgh until 3 months after we won our 4th Superbowl. I have been playing FF since 1985 and have been in the same bragging-rights-only 14-team dynasty auction league since 1997 (I’ve won 3 times). I am an active player who will give 110% and never quit even if my team sucks – which it likely will not. You need someone you can count on to stay and play full force for the entire season and be considerate of all the entire time. I pledge to do that and more. If I am fortunate enough to be selected, I look forward to the challenge. Thank you.

  41. Here’s why I deserve to be in your fantasy league:

    Last year your colleagues at Yahoo! Sports held an amatuer league with similar sign up. I boasted my way into a roster stop and finished in 2nd place– bottom seed entering the playoffs, I beat an editor in every round before falling just short in the championship.

    All this with a team that i was forced to autodraft since the Navy rarely agrees with fantasy football agendas.

    So since they’re not holding it again this year– let me wreck havoc in your family league. I can only promise active participation everything from the message board– to clutch free agent pick ups that you can freely write articles about 😉

  42. All these comments saying you should include them because they will win are stupid. So are all these sympathy requests, I like fantasy football, check PFT everyday and I need a team. Boom, that is all.

  43. I have an unfair advantage with an inside source for all the latest NFL information. There’s this website at nbcsports.com that…oh wait, nevermind.

    How about:
    1. I know my way around NFL.com fantasy football.
    2. I’m in it until the very end.
    3. When one of my players scores a touchdown, I do the Ickey Shuffle
    4. My wife spends all my money so this is the only fun I get.

  44. I would love a chace because I have never lost in a league in ten plus years. I have been a very good drafter and have never seen what a real competitive league is like. Also I’d be willing to bribe you with cash or make you a god parent of one of my children.

  45. I want to try NFL.com’s fantasy football. I love the game, don’t quit, and will win the league championship this year. (And doesn’t every league need a Cowboys fan as an owner?)

  46. I managed to win my league last year while deployed in the Iraq/Kuwait theater of operations with the United States Army.

  47. I am 42 years old. I have been a Lions fan for 42 years. I have suffered enough. I travel 7 hours each way, twice a year, every year, to see the Lions play. I have suffered enough. I truly believe the suffering that I have endured merits a place in your fantasy league. I promise with my 1st round pick to take a Lion. Please help to end my suffering

  48. I wanna play. You should pick me because I love football, will stick with it, and you could use an angry Raiders fan in the league. 😉

  49. Go Irish!

    I would be a great addition to your family league due to the fact you need someone to raise the bar and push the competitiveness to the extreme!

    I have the sources to make your head spin when I pick up players and you say to yourself…”How did he know” Is that the person your looking for?

    But if your looking for a softie in your league I’ll understand.


  50. I believe I emailed PFT during the lockout about doing a joint writers/readers FFL and I haven’t heard back. So I should get dibs.

  51. 1. I know enough about FF to appreciate Mike Thomas more than Sidney Rice. I’m another Twitpic away from drafting Ben Tate. Had Moeaki not been hurt today, I could’ve told you he had sleeper potential.

    2. I commish a league, so I know how annoying it is when a team doesn’t give their best effort.

    3. My trash talk will adhere to the 2011 Associated Press Styleguide.

    4. If you’re ever in Seattle, I’ll give you so many suggestions for good coffee and beer that you’ll be able to put Peter King out of the nerdness business.

    5. Like one previous commenter, I’m a lifelong Browns sports fan. Maybe I can deliver Cleveland its long-awaited championship. Or if you beat me in the title game we can give your title-winning moment some fancy name with a definite article.

  52. 1. I have been following your site from the very beginning.

    2. I bring a different flavor and perspective to the table than everyone else who has posted.

    3. I am the only logical choice.

  53. You should pick me because:

    1) I can tell the difference between Mike Williams
    2) I understand that smack talk is the essence of fantasy football, and I have a secret list of MDS smack sitting in a secure location ready to be unleashed at teh most appropriate time
    3) I am unlikely to draft any player who went to West Virginia, leaving teh fireld clear for you.
    4) I will hunt down anyone who makes the “championship” joke during teedraft and subject them to a 6 hour loop of Antonio Cromartie trying to remember the names of his children
    5) I will be competetive, passionate, and dedicated without ever losing my sense of humor, perspective, or Arian Foster’s humanity
    6) I will have fun, and so will everyone else in the league

  54. I’m from a small town in South Dakota. Nothing ever cool happens in South Dakota. Nothing. Playing in a ffb league with the likes of your self would probably get me dinner with the mayor! If you play your cards right I may be able to get you a key to the city! All your accolades can’t hold up to that! Thanks

  55. Been with you guys since the days of making stuff up and seeing if it sticks, wait you sometimes still do that, anyway would love to join!
    I’m a Raider fan and have been with you guys since Jan 2002 and I blame you for the streak of sh*t we’ve been on ever since then. Every season I say I’m going to stop visiting this site to hopefully end the jinx but i just can’t so let me take it out on you in fantasy! Thanks!

  56. Pick me and you will laugh often, usually with me sometimes at me.

    I am high school teacher, a suffering Bengals fan, I celebrate Festivusand my team is called the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.


  57. I would really like a spot in your league. I promise to stick with it and give maximum effort until the last game even if i’m in last place. I should also mention that I’ve been a fan and loyal reader of PFT since it’s inception.

    Lastly, I’m a loyal Texans fan but will leave you guys Schaub, Dre and Foster and instead pick Leinart, Bryant Johnson and Tate… and still win the whole damn thing…

  58. People can say that they are great at fantasy football. They can also say they will win the league all they want. I, on the other hand, can make a different type guarantee. If I don’t win this league, I will personally pay for the next 100,000 new PFT subscriptions…current price rates apply of course.

  59. -Born in Parkersburg, and graduated from Morgantown.
    -I visit this site nearly every hour of the day. Some of it is to support a WV’an, but mainly because I’m addicted, its the best site for NFL and NCAAF news in my opinion.
    -I hate sPITT.
    -I have finished in the top 3 of my FFL’s every year and one the last two.
    -I’ve traveled Rte 50 a thousand times and only hit a deer once.
    -Because you need a reason to put PuckFitt in an article.
    -I’ve been peppered sprayed on Mountaineer Field, rushed the goalpost after we beat Cuse to go undefeated.
    -Anyone that takes a RB with a bad hamstring with the first pick has never had a bad hamstring.
    -FFL is won thru the waiver wire not the draft.

  60. Im 22 years old I attend college I started playing fantasy football at the age of 6 on sandbox.com which no longer exists, I have more experience than anyone else at a younger age let me in

  61. Five reasons to invite me to join your league:

    5. I need a midlife crisis (I turned 40 on Thursday)
    4. I miss your April Fools’ rumors
    3. I’ll post the results of the draft and season on my favorite FF site
    2. I live in North Pole, Alaska
    1. My kids, 11 and 7, will add plenty of smack talk

  62. I have a few great reasons for you to add me to your league..

    1. I am a Seahawks fan so that means I have nothing positive going for me in my life right now.
    2. I am a University of Idaho fan so again nothing positive.
    3. I live in Kooskia Idaho (population 600) yet again nothing positive.
    4. One of my fantasy teams last year had Andre Johnson, Mike Vick, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Wes Welker Brandon Jacobs and the Jets defense so obviously I know how to manage a roster.

  63. Because I’ve been supporting your site since day one! I’m here every day and feel I deserve a chance to Stomp with the Big Dogs!

  64. I will commit to doing a Bernard Pollard-style booty dance while exposing my Sprint and NBC tattoos at my rookie introduction. I will then avow to not change the way I act or stop using profanity due to the cameras.

    Not choosing me? Child please.

  65. 1st of all I like how everybody says they are the best fantasy football player, haha…. Les be honest everybody no good jus like me, example in my FF league draft I do with my buddy’s my 1st 3 picks were WR, insert laugh now, but that’s okay cause I think outside the box cause I’m different than all these folks that post I’m the best FF player…

  66. Pick me pick me. I know way too much about football, yet I always lose in FF leagues, and pretty much in all forms of betting. So I can talk a good game, and then lose. Perfect for you.

    Plus, I’ve seen every Seinfeld episode about 50 times each, so I can impress you and your good time buddies with obscure references.

    I’m gonna go start getting my team together. Too bad Terry Bradshaw is dead, or I’d make him a high pick.

  67. Though I pride myself in being an analytical guy, I have been an average to below average fantasy football manager. To make matters worse, my nine-year-old son beat me out last year in our league and finished in second place overall.

    Pick me for your league, and you’ll be nearly assured a bottom feeder team for others to pad their stats with.

  68. Id love a spot. But if I win the league you gotta give me a fantasy column somewhere on the site. Be prepared to follow through, there is a good chance I stomp your face like Im Albert Haynesworth!

  69. You should pick me to compete in the final spot in your league for a few reasons.

    -After being a reader of this site since its inception, this article finally got me to create a wordpress account.

    -I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan stuck in Albany, NY home of the Giants training camp, ugh.

    -I started out really getting into fantasy football around 6 years ago. My dad offered me a spot in his work league, did that for a few years and unfortunately I have lost touch with him recently and never really sought a paid league since then.

    -My hair cut is much better than Mel Kiper Jr.

    -Somebakedkid, you know it makes you giggle.

    Thanks for your consideration, i really would appreciate the chance to compete with you guys in your league.

    Justin Monaco

  70. Because I started playing fantasy football when we were only counting touchdowns (I’d like to thank Daunte Culpepper and Marshall Faulk for taking me to the championship that year)

  71. I invented Fantasy Football. I’m smart, funny, and a liar. And, an editor. It never hurts to have one around. I’m a good competitor and I over-manage, which keeps it exciting. I almost always get into the playoffs and win once in a while. My team is the Vikings, so I need SOMETHING.

  72. Do you like football? Do you like nachos? Would you like to watch football and eat nachos? And then, drink beer?

    Having me in your league will be better than fried cheese.

    Unlike anybody else on this list, seemingly, your family league will be my only league. I will approach it with the sacred intent any football fan should with a full season spared from the lockout’s wrath.

  73. I’m probably the greatest fantasy football manager ever. Every Christmas all I ever ask for is that my mom pay to have my latest league trophy tattooed on my back… I have 38 and may have to start putting some on the arms and face soon. I’m pretty easy to get along with too as I have 894 Facebook friends. If you picked me to be in your league it would really mean a lot. My moms been pretty down on me ever since I took her mortgage money and bet it on the Patriots to win it all last year. I really was just trying to help her out. I heard her telling uncle Pat that I would never amount to anything. This could be just what I need to prove her wrong.

    Lastly, I drafted Warner in 99’… early.

  74. Someone else was favored for my spot in my usual fatally league which leaves me without a fantasy home. I read the stories on this app probably 5-15 times a day and I really don’t go anywhere else for my football information. I would be ecstatic to be in your fantasy league.

  75. I’m an avid reader of PFT and would love to be in this league. I’m a veteran HSFF player. I won a national fantasy football contest last year finishing 1st out of 400 players. I entered two teams into the National Fantasy Football Online Championship. Those teams placed 22nd & 25th overall out of 720 teams. I also entered the Fantasy Football Players Championship placing 38th out of 1608 teams. I would be a very challenging opponent who would honor the opportunity to play in this league.

  76. Hi Mike –

    My best reason: we’re coworkers. I work for the NBCU overlords, Comcast, and I promise that if you ever come to our world headquarters in Philadelphia, I’ll buy lunch and/or the schnapps.


  77. Last year I tried to beg and be funny to play in your league. This year I’ll just say please pick me.

  78. I’ve been reading PFT since 06 (back when Taco Bill was still kicking) after I saw a blurb about this site in a copy of Sports Illustrated. Also I’m not awful at fantasy football.

  79. You should choose me out of pity. Not only am I a longtime Minnesota Vikings fan, but I also have to listen to PA 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. YOU KNOW MY PAIN.

    And my fantasy website of choice is NFL.com!

  80. Mike,

    Because i read this post on an RSS accumulator (which only accumulates PFT & TheJetsBlog) and then read back through 3 pages of posts on my PC to find it.

    Then I created a wordpress account so I could tell you how much I want to join.

    And now im starting a UkJets Blog with my wordpress account because I watch NFL 24/7 even though im from the UK.

    Thats how into my fantasy football I am.


  81. I appreciate your consideration to participate with you and your family in a fantasy football. I share your enjoyment of football as an almost-attorney and maybe soon-to-be-former attorney. I am a family man who can have fun, be competitive, and talk smak without dragging the conversation through the gutter. I have not participated in fantasy football in a few years because it got a little out-of-balance and stopped as a favor for my wife. I believe that getting an invite to join your league will win her over. Finally, I am no expert, so can virtually guarantee that, excepting a major miracle, you will not end up last in this year’s league.

  82. This year marks the 20th year in fantasy football and every league I have been in, I have the top winning % and its all done old school.

    I still keep track of stats in a note book each and every year. I have my notebacks going back to 1992 and would be worth a fortune to any fantasy football owner that also wants my nickname of “The Guru”

  83. Please select me. I never win any sweepstakes or anything, im an active player, love trades and always seem to outwork some leagues I’ve been in. please please select me, im a good patriotic young married ,man with kids and going to school to be a high school history teacher. big football fan of course and would cry with joy if selected. look into your hearts to see if there is room for me in your prestigious league, thank you for you time and consideration. please select me 🙂

  84. Reasons to pick me:

    (1) I know what the Sunnyside slide is.
    (2) I know who the Hamburglar is.
    (3) I know who the three stooges are.
    (4) I live for football and sophmoric humor.
    (5) Unlike Mr. Rosenthal, I have to shave every morning.

  85. hi Mike, would love to play in your PFT League and would be honored to do so. I probably check this AP on my Tablet and /or smartphone a minimum of 20 times a dy as I love to get thewriters as well as readers perspective. Although I didnt go to school for sports media it has always been a secret passion of mine and I felI have an eye for up and coming talent, and thats without ever having watched a day of College Football. I can appreciate the at home feel of a Family league as I too myself only play with the same group of 12each and every year. I am extremely passionate about the sport and feel that Fantasy has only made that passion even stronger. I schedule myself off Sundays and Mondays just to sit and watch football and cannot think of anything more exciting then watching that next `Big Play` transpire. I would love to tell you a bit more about myself but there is neither the time nor space available to do so within your forums. I am honored simply by the pure opportunity to have a shot to play with you guys and can only hope that I am fortunate enough to have the chance to do so. Either way, good luck this year and may the best man(or woman) win. take care sir.

  86. Oh boy, I’m pretty sure that place belongs to me¡¡¡ Here is why…

    1.- I am your best shot to make your fantasy league INTERNATIONAL because i am from México.

    2.-I play with mexican friends, but is the only league i can play because i am not PRIZE ELIGIBLE because i live outside of U.S. then i have no reason to play with persons i dont know (i know you¡¡¡ would be an absolutly HONOR to play with you guys)

    3.- I am a true fan of PFT, i read your site every day, you actually made the lockout kind of fun.

    4.- I was the only person other than you who thinked Pat White had a shot to be a good NFL QB (Oh boy that hurts)

    5.- I will not pick Chris Johnson if i have the first spot (one less)

    6.- I think the number one reason is so great… just imagine: The international PFT Fantasy Football League (Sounds cool huh¡)

  87. Avid reader of the site. I’m a huge Lions fan and a diehard fantasy footballer. Normally, I’m in a money league but I’m leaving for Marine Boot Camp on September 19th so I’ve chosen not to play in it this season or any for that matter. I’d love the opportunity to play in this league. I can have my brother maintain my roster while I’m gone for Weeks 3-14. If no setbacks occur, I should be back around Week 15 or 16 just in time if my team gets to the championship game before I’m sent back for MCT. Appreciate the opportunity to even potentially join.

  88. Would love to join your league for a couple of reasons¦

    1) Nobody has been able to maneuver the NFL fantasy site at my work to join my fantasy league. When dealing with a department full of IT professionals, this is maddening.

    2) Expecting the birth of my second child in November. No, this has nothing to do with fantasy football, but I will use anything I have going for me to get me in.

    3) Been visiting this site forever (or insert any type of pft glorifying remark you like here).

    4) As a lifelong Bills fan, I need a break.

  89. I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 12 years…. I live eat and sleep football I even studied sports in school and worked a bunch of football jobs.

  90. I have been running a League for 15+ years….Have Directv for that long and have subscribed to the NFL package for at least 15 years. Watch football games (college and pro) abundantly. Been reading PFT for a while. And I’ll bring the food and drinks to the draft. LOL

  91. Mike, I’ve played continuously since 1984, when I joined through a company called Sun Sports. I played there for a few years and won a championship (John L. Williams was my title game MVP) against some NFL sports writers, including Dick Shine and John Clayton of the Pittsburgh Press.

    I now run my own friends league, which is a salary cap dynasty league that is in it’s 17th year this season. It is an ultra competitive 14 team league, where 10 of the team owners have been in the league for at least 15 of our 17 seasons. The competition is good, with 15 different champions over 17 years. I won twice.

    Eventually, I’d like to invite you to join, if you were interested in a slightly complex, but most realistic format.

    You should choose me, because I’d be your best challenge. Thanks!

  92. Mike,
    I would sincerely like to be considered to be included in your fantasy league.
    Why should you pick me over the rest of the people submitting requests?
    My wife has MS, my 2 1/2 year old son has Autism and I also have a 4 1/2 year old daughter. My wife does as much as she can, but her health prevents her from doing everything she wants to do. Working 60-70 hours/week and then immediately turning into Mr. Mom for the rest of the day means I do not have much alone time to do things for myself. As hard and tiring as it is, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I have a beautiful family and am very thankful.
    The only time I have a small break is in the early part of the morning before everyone wakes up for the day.
    What do I do during this cherished time alone? I spend my mornings reading PFT and Peter King’s MMQ and other articles.
    I think it would be a lot of fun to be part of your league, as reading your posts and watching your show and online clips provide the sense that I know you to some degree. Playing fantasy football is one of the few things I do to take a break from reality.
    If I am not selected, good luck to everyone this year, in your league and in all leagues. Have fun and always be thankful for everything that you have each day.
    Corey – Austin, Tx

  93. I will be the easiest win for everyone on your schedule. I have two jobs, two kids, and a wife. I’m in two other leagues so that leaves me about three minutes of strategy time for your league. Easiest wins ever!

  94. I am a football fanatic. As a kid, I would take my dad’s sports section everyday (he would have thrown it away anyway, because he never approved of sports or my love for them) and memorize all of the stats. I break everything down to numbers.

    I have been struggling with starting my own data visualization business for the past few years and every time I get a chance, I develop a new tool for analyzing stats. Particularly for looking at fantasy football. Obviously, I have to support my family, so I have another full time job on top of that. My wife hates that I play fantasy football, but I am sure she would be thrilled if I could be a part of your league. She has always asked why I don’t find a job relating to sports.

    To be able to interact and network with someone such as yourself, would be an honor and allow me to keep my dream alive. I went to school for computer engineering and I have no idea how to get involved in sports analysis, broadcasting, commentary, etc.

    I truly believe I can provide both insightful and entertaining commentary and banter. If I am not selected and you would be so kind as to give me an assignment/test of sorts to see if I have any potential and perhaps help point me in the direction of what I would need to do (without forfeiting the ability, in the interim, to “keep my day job”), it would be greatly appreciated.

    At the end of the day, to say you are going to win or lose is ignorant, as it all comes down to luck. A PPR team with Arian Foster, McFadden, Chris Johnson, Phillip Rivers, Roddy White and more and I lost in my finals last year to what, on paper, appeared to be a joke (looks like he got the last laugh).

    Thank you for even considering a reader and sharing your league with us.

    Keep my dream alive 🙂

    Humbly yours,


  95. I deserve to be in this league (or should I say, the new one with the five writers from this site) because I, and only I, know who the fantasy football MVP is going to be this year.

    And the only way I will tell you is if you let me join your league. See how that works?

  96. or maybe I should say I will have major suckage and let players drop to you guys…

    How about a spot for the guy that passed along all the Plax info way back when?

  97. I would really relish the challenge of playing against some NFL insiders.

    I have played fantasy football for so long that my first team had both Akili Smith and Daunte Culpepper on the roster. I would be an active participant in your league. (My choices of FF QB’s have improved as well).

    I’m not looking to be a joker or a smack talker in a family league. I’m just wanting to have fun competing in it.

  98. You want me in your fantasy league for one simple reason: I always lose. I draft killer, championship-caliber teams only to see them undone by injry after injury. I’m easy pickings. Cannon fodder for the regular opponents.

    I keep playing, though. I never give up. One day I will be champion. Plus, I am master of my own holiday surrounding the start of the NFL season. You want to be a part of this glorious holiday. Add me to your league and you can come along for the ride.

    Best regards,
    Mr. Turophile

  99. Kharma owes me. It’s been a crappy year. Death of a close family member, my oldest daughter had her first boyfriend, Charlie Sheen went batsh*t crazy. I can’t play catch with the old pigskin with my five year old son because he says “IT HURTS, DADDY!” I tell him if you catch the ball then it won’t hurt. And it’s not like I’m rifling the ball at him like Aaron friggin Rogers, for christ sake. Now when I toss the football at him he throws his hands up in the air, turns around and runs away screaming. Kind of like one of the doomed citizens in Tokyo when they are being attacked by Godzilla. I’m not giving up, though. Dude will play football. Oh yes.

    But I digress.

    As I was saying, kharma owes me. You guys can help balance the scales of the universe. Wont you hook a brother up?

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