Torain and Stallworth appear to survive Redskins cuts


The Redskins haven’t officially announced their roster cuts yet, but Mike Jones of the Washington Post has figured them out anyhow.

News of the releases has leaked out throughout the day, to the point he’s got the 53-man roster set.  Quarterback Kellen Clemens, running backs Keiland Willians and Evan Royster, defensive tackle Anthony Bryant, and safety Chris Horton were among the notable names to get cut.

Here’s the rest of the list:

QB Matt Gutierrez, RB Keiland Williams, RB Evan Royster, RB Shaun Draugh, WR Aldrick Robinson, WR Isaac Anderson, TE Tony Curtis, TE Derek Schouman, T Selvish Capers, G Clint Oldenburg, T Artis Hicks, G Maurice Hurt, C Donovan Raiola, DL Anthony Bryant, DL Doug Worthington, LB Horatio Blades, LB Edgar Jones, LB Thaddeus Young, CB Reggie Jones, S Anderson Russell,  and S Davonte Shannon.

Hicks was reportedly almost traded to the Browns.  Ryan Torain is the No. 3 running back; look for Royster to go on the practice squad. Donte’ Stallworth apparently made the team for now at wideout.  Special teamer Brandon Banks is also aboard.

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  1. “…were among the notable names to get cut.”
    Since when did the Washington Redskins have notable names?? I wouldn’t recognize any of their players on the street without Google images

  2. As a Skins fan it sucks to see a 30 year old injury prone WR in Stallworth make the team at the expense of a promising rookie in Royster.

    And good to see Chris Neild make the team at NT. Guy reminds me of Chunk from Goonies with a beard. Should be a fan favorite for this year.

  3. Based of last years average age list, redskins are now the 5th youngest team in the league. Finally we took our medicine and can try and build a real football team.

  4. Cutting Anthony Bryant came as a shock. He played well at the end of last year, and Nield hasn’t stoodout much in pre-season. I think he will be a solid player in a few years but he looks very much like a rookie. It’s this move that makes me think Shanahan is in rebuilding mode, despite what he said recently.

    I’m also surpised about Hicks. He’s not great, even as a back-up, but he could provide cover at tackle as well as guard. At the moment we’ve got 3-reserve linemen and none of them are guards. What with having 8-receivers, I really cannot see this being the final 53.

    Maybe they are hoping to trade one of them away. Maybe they think Banks will end up on injured reserve after a couple games. I suspect they are going to wait until just before the first game before cutting Niles Paul. In the hope that delaying his release might reduce the chances of another team picking him up off waivers.

    Then again,maybe they want Hankerson to play cornerback. His hands certainly appear to be possessed by the spirit of Carlos Rogers.

  5. Lets Shock Em Skins..lets do it…we can make it far..we just have to work hard, be patient, stay healthy, its a long season..lets enjoy….Hail Skins..Waxx from washington DC

  6. Royster wont be on the practice squad long. He’s shown to have promise. Someone will pick him up for sure. Im very excited about helu tho he has played great.

  7. The redskins will not win more than 6 games. They have some talent(Hankerson will be good) and in 2 years they will be a contender. As of now they are the worst team in their division.

  8. Lots of depth at LB, WR, TE, LB and DB.

    The year will be dictated by how well the DL and OL hold up. If they do they will defeat some very good teams. If not, another year under the system will work additional wonders.

  9. Not very many teams can boast of having a WR who drew probation for manslaughter. Not even the Bengals. But at least you have two elite QBs. Hail!

  10. I feel better about the team this year than I have in a while…not because we’ll win lots, but because we are finally seeing the management of the team change it’s ways….it appears they’re truly building a new team instead of throwing a few things together and hoping it flies.

  11. Sounds good. Stallworth is a pro, not a maybe. The people clamoring for all these rookies to make the team are the same folks still stuck on Babe Laufenberg and Colt Brennan.

  12. Kellen Clemens got cut, no it can’t be!! The QB that Merrill Hoge said would be a Hall-of-Fame player..No Way.

    I guess now you’ll tell me Brian Brohm is not the first string QB for the Packers and an All-Pro QB.

    Hoge said it, SO it must be true. STOP LYING on this blog…

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