Bears sign Brandon Meriweather


It didn’t take Brandon Meriweather long to find a new team.

Less than 24 hours after the Patriots released Meriweather, he has signed with the Bears.

The Bears announced that they’ve signed the safety to a one-year contract. No word yet on how much he’ll be paid.

Meriweather played in all 16 games for the Patriots last year, starting 13, and he’s been chosen to the Pro Bowl each of the last two seasons.

57 responses to “Bears sign Brandon Meriweather

  1. Even though Jerry Angelo has been an idiot recently…I actually agree with this pick-up. How many pro-bowl safeties are just sitting out there? One year contract so if he doesn’t work out- GOODBYE!

  2. Good. Now the a team in the division that wears #12, Roger something, that needs his clock cleaned. Handle it.

  3. buddybowl69 says: “Good. Now the a team in the division that wears #12, Roger something, that needs his clock cleaned. Handle it.” He’s a safety, doofus. He has two sacks in his entire career.

  4. talkintrashallday says:
    Sep 4, 2011 11:42 AM
    Even though Jerry Angelo has been an idiot recently…I actually agree with this pick-up. How many pro-bowl safeties are just sitting out there? One year contract so if he doesn’t work out- GOODBYE!”

    After you see Meriweather play you’ll realize just how big a joke the Pro-Bowl is.

  5. A move almost enough to get a Bear’s fan excited that the team signs good players…..till week one and you see Roy Williams lined up on offesne

  6. buddybowl69 says:Sep 4, 2011 11:47 AM

    Good. Now the a team in the division that wears #12, Roger something, that needs his clock cleaned. Handle it.


  7. If he gets paid for blown coverages, running over his corners, doing headshots, shooting people, and generally being out of position…

    He just became the highest paid safety in the NFL.

  8. Would like to see the Bears snag Tate from the Pats cuts too, he’s a playmaker too & you know how much the Bears favor 1)speed and 2) the return game

  9. Don’t get t0o excited bears fans, you’ll see a hell of a collision once in a while, he’ll also occasionally take out one of your own trying to make the impressive hit instead of the sure tackle and his dreadlocks will flow through the air majestically as he chases behind a wr because he took another horrible angle.

  10. “you know how much
    the Bears favor 1)speed and 2) the
    return game”


    they do, unfortunately the powers that we have decided they want to castrated the game a bit. the whole kickoff thing is a joke, why even do it? all it does is take sponsor money, as there’s 4 mins of commercials before, kick out of endzone, then 4 more minutes of commercials.

    merriweather is another one year, low risk signing. they need the depth, and if he proves to be a busy, he’s gone. no worries.

  11. If he’s so good, why did the Patriots dump him? I’m guessing they know something, kinda like when they traded Moss last year.

  12. Get ready, Windy City, “The Big Bang Clock” is on the way. And no, he is not called that because of how hard he hits. He thinks thats the name of “Big Ben”, the clock in London.
    A mental midget with some decent skills, if only he knew how to take a straight line to break up a pass or make a tackle.
    He is the perfect example of a high risk – high reward player. He makes plays, and misses just as many. After 4 seasons, Belichick finally came to the conclusion that the bad outweighs the good.

  13. Meriweather is a hitter but he lacks the mental control of his emotions. He’s not a leader on the field and causes more harm than good in the Pats system. Kinda like Rodney just more immature

  14. deconjonesbitchslap says:
    Sep 4, 2011 12:47 PM
    when belicheck cuts a player, there is a very good reason for it.

    Yeah, because he wouldn’t blow him.

  15. It’s not really clear if he’s even going to start. I guarantee that urlacher, peppers, Tillman and the coaching staff will keep him in line or he’ll be gone.

  16. catdelmonte says:
    Sep 4, 2011 12:23 PM

    good move by the bears retarded move by the pats
    I’m a Pats fan. Have been for 40 years. I watch every game.

    Brandon Meriweather is: A) a moron B) a turd C) a defensive liability

    He made the Pro Bowl because he’s “flashy”….kinda like Boy George/Madonna/Lady Gaga. When he made the Pro Bowl people here in New England collectively said…”Are you kidding me!!!” The fact is, he blows coverages all the time, freelances and is not mentally capable of even grasping why it’s a problem. Every time I see coaches talking to the secondary on the sideline, he’s looking every which way but at what the coach is actually showing on the board. I think the guy probably has a serious case of ADD. Belichick doesn’t cut guys loose for no good reason. He knows that Brandon Meriweather is a mental midget, a turd, and defensive liability.

    I guess you’re just one of those people who gets sucked in the Boy Georges/Madonnas/Lady Gagas of the world. Are you a teenage girl by chance?

  17. 27 years old. 2 years removed from a 5 INT Pro Bowl season. How am I the only one in at least mild shock that I’m watching Brandon Meriweather sign a ONE YEAR waiver wire deal with the Bears?

  18. The Bears are a dysfunctional organization & adding this character while losing leaders like Kreutz is just another step the wrong direction.

    I love the Patriot fan reaction:
    Patriots fans responses…

    “head hunting d-bag – late to the party – out of position – lousy communicator”

    “I have never seen a safety take worse angles on a ball carrier than Brandon”

    “Good move because Meriweather was just not a good team defensive player. Yeah, he made the impressive hit every once in a while but how many times did he miss his angles and let the receiver gain an extra 10-15 yards? His coverage was mediocre at best

    “no doubt hes a ‘play when i wanna play’ kinda guy”

    “I applaud the move by New England to jettison Meriweather. Despite some flashes of excellence, Meriweather lacked consistency”

    Thank you Chicago. Signed – The NFC North.

  19. dolphins finally do a belichick move and claim a former rival player to there team, with our need at safety you would think it would be merriweather. instead they get will yeatman a blocking te so pretty much another o-lineman. what a circus the dolphins front office is, i hope stephen ross is reading YOU NEED TO GET RID OF SPARANO AND IRELAND ASAP!!!!!

  20. Major upgrade over Major Wright.
    I don’t care how bad people think of Meriweather. He’s still a major upgrade. 2 Pro Bowl Safeties in the secondary with Harris. I love it!

    Just as long as he can do something about #81 in Honolulu Blue. We’re good.

  21. Pro Football Focus has Merriweather ranked 79th out of 85 safteties that played at least 25% of his team’s defensive snaps. They are ranked in 4 categories, pass rush, pass defense, rush defense and penalties. Another reason pro bowl is a joke. I think BB knows what he is doing.

  22. What does that say about pro-bowl Patriots? All we hear is that Flacco is overrated, but who has ever overhyped him? Wouldn’t you have to be overhyped once, to qualify to be overrated? Flacco has beaten Brady away, Rivers away, and should have beaten Ryan away except for the defense that couldn’t hold.

    Net: Flacco has never been to a pro-bowl, yet he is “overrated”. Yet, Patriots makes pro-bowls yet where are the articles about them being overrated?

  23. bigred12 says:
    Sep 4, 2011 12:22 PM
    vikings need serious safety help. way to sit on your a**es, vikes.”

    If the Vikes are in serious need of safety help why would they want Brandon Meriweather??

    PS – Dear Chicago Bear defenders. Keep those eyes in the back of your heads wide open because chances are very good you’re going to get nailed by B-Meri. He brings as much damage to his own teammates with his reckless, undisciplined play as he does the opposition.

  24. jesus…the bears have honestly bagged every washed up big name veteran this offseason.

    roy williams, marion barber, vernon gholston (for 3 weeks), and now meriweather.

    and i’m seriously so sick of seeing that this guy is a “two time pro bowler”.

    should the panthers be rejoicing because they have “former pro bowl quarterback” derek anderson on their roster?

  25. Dear Zimaman

    Let me explain it to you…

    Many Sportswriters think that the NFL is like MLB and that the Red Sox and Yankees are the only teams with talent. That is true in Baseball because those two teams are allowed to spend 4 times more than anybody else. That is not true in the NFL.

    What have the Patriots done in the post season?
    Oh..They lost to the Jets at home. What did the “overrated” Flacco do? He beat them opening game at the new Meadowlands.

  26. Dear Dannom,

    The Bears will need to bag Jesus and have him play QB to make the playoffs this year.

    Bagging washed up vets…that is Belliceks strategy! Of course, don’t forget the videotaping of the opponents helps as well. You must do both, you can’t just do one of those and win.

  27. As a die-hard Packer fan, I’m every bit as excited about this move as you Bears fans. If poor angles, “big hits” and bad character is all true from the Patsie fans……well, then I’m hoping for a restructured long time deal.

  28. The Bears are really thin at S right now, with Conte and Steltz both hurt. They needed someone, and Meriweather was available. End of story.

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