Mort: No new procedure on Peyton’s neck, “as of now”

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The good news for Colts fans?  According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, a new procedure/surgery on quarterback Peyton Manning’s neck has not been performed nor is plan.

The bad news?  Here are the key words from Mort:  “As of now.”

Mort says that Manning is “getting multiple opinions” and “still waiting for answers on slow progress.”

Mort also offered up an ominous but vague assessment of Manning’s availability for Week One against the Texans.  Pointing out that the Colts didn’t believe Manning would be ready for the opener upon signing quarterback Kerry Collins, Mort now says that “[b]arring [a] miracle, that’s more evident.”

As to Manning’s status and the slow recovery following the May procedure, Mortensen writes that “[o]ne possibility is scar tissue trapping inflammation/nerves,” but that there is “no consensus” among the doctors who are on the case.

Bottom line?  It’s looking more and more like Manning won’t play in Week One.  The bigger question at this point is whether he’ll be available come Week Two, and beyond.

50 responses to “Mort: No new procedure on Peyton’s neck, “as of now”

  1. wheeeeeew! For now. Come on peyton your fans believe in you! Buy a new neck from the 6 million dollar man, something please bro!

  2. Knock knock, who’s there? Peyton’s neck. Peyton’s neck who who? Peyton’s neck to retiring, ohhhhhh

  3. Bottom line? It’s looking more and more like Manning won’t play in Week One. The bigger question at this point is whether he’ll be available come Week Two, and beyond.

    Whether the Colts like it or not, Manning’s health will be the biggest story in the league this week. (And possibly every week after that until he’s ready to play.)


  4. The only reason I’d like to see Manning miss some time is so that Caldwell can be exposed for the horrible head coach that he really is. He is a great man and a human, but has no clue what he’s doing as an NFL coach.

    Also, Bill Polian will be exposed as a sham of a GM. Polian has been given so much credit for the Colts success, but the truth is this is really a 4-12 football team disguised as a perenial contender because of one man… Peyton Manning

  5. My Dear friend

    Relax don’t rush back get healthy don’t be concerned about my …….er the consecutive starting street or TD record. Stay out as long as you like. Do you still live in the same house?

    Wait I have my friends from the physical therapy clinic on the other line I’ll send them over no charge.

    Expect them around 9pm they will be wearing surgical masks their names are Jeff Gillooly, Shawn Eckhard, and Shane Stant

    Be ready for the 1st game buddy


  6. Could it be that he waited until 2 months b4 training camp to have neck surgery. Its a different thing. The nerves of a neck heal on their own time table. Nothing can do with it but be patient or risk permanent damage

  7. Why on Earth should we care ab0ut what “Mort’ says?…dude is an idiot, throws around lots of stories of which about half pan out as true, hes no journalist, just a BS artist with zero cred.

  8. There might also be no new procedure “as of now” b/c they might’ve already had the 2nd procedure and just didn’t tell anyone ala TO and his knee.

  9. Mort is just running cover for the Colts. You can tell with the “as of now” comment.

    There is definitely something wrong and Mort is doing the Colts / Polian a favor now. This will be repaid in the future with some “inside” information.

    This is classic insider journalism. Don’t believe anything that his jughead Mort is saying.

  10. Manning or not he hasnt even practiced.Of course he isnt playing week 1 and never really was

  11. I’m curious as to what the first surgery was to repair? Anyone know? Recovery often is dictated by the type and local of the injury they are attempting to repair. All in all though I wish Manning a speedy recovery. As much as I don’t like the colts he is a fun QB to watch.

  12. Indy doesn’t let information leak one way or the other. We won’t and can’t know what is going on till the very last minute.

  13. If he can not play, is Indy still on the hook for all the guaranteed $$$$ in his rich new deal?

  14. Good thing the Colts didn’t sign him to a huge contract with millions of guaranteed money then! Oh ……….. 🙂

  15. @stairwayto7..
    Yea laugh all u want.. No Peyton = 4 win season this yr = shot at Luck = another friggin’ decade + of Colts contending!
    Ciao (iggles fan)

  16. If Peyton doesn’t play much (or at all) this season, the Colts will get a very high draft pick. Peyton is the ultimate deodorant and has covered up a lot of stink on the team. I know the haters will say that Peyton’s contract hurt the team over the years from being competitive, but that is junk! Polian has simply done a poor job evaluating talent the last handful of years (and can be quite stubborn when he is wrong.) Brown, Pollack, Hughes, Gonzales, the list just goes on.

    Hopefully this will spell the end for Jim Caldwell…nice guy, just not up to the task of being a head coach.

    The two happiest guys in the league have to be Jack Del Rio and Gary Kubiak. Both men’s attempt to retail their job just got a little easier. (However, if either fails to make the playoffs in the AFC South with a Manning-less Colts in the division, it is the end of their tenure!)

  17. By the way, Mort also reported a few years ago that, for sure, the Colts were heading to Los Angeles. FWIW.

  18. Without Manning the Colts will be exposed. This team has been wasting draft picks for years and the Head Coach isn’t a Head Coach. Without Manning this is no more than a 5-11 team.

  19. Instead of trying to time your surgery so you can duck training camp, get it done right after the season so minor set backs like this have time to heal.

  20. Of course he’s having slow progress recovering from surgery….he has a damn Oldsmobile parked on top of his neck.

    He should be walking around in a neck brace made out of titanium and concrete.

  21. “Without Payton Manning Colts are a 5-11.”

    Thank you Captain Obvious. Season without Tom Brady in NE, no playoffs. How would the Packers be without Aaron Rodgers? It is a QB driven league and Payton is one of the best.

    You cannot replace his production in anyway. It is why Miami and Buffalo have been irrelavant since their hall of famers retired. QB is the most important position on the field.

  22. Hey, ease up on Pay-me-a-ton….

    It takes a strong neck to hold up a forehead THAT big.

    Seriously though, why did he wait so long to have this surgery done?

  23. Wow look at the photo. You know he is bad shape when he breaks out the “Manning pout face” .
    Typically the pout face is resevered for implying blame at WRs or the O-line during a loss.

  24. @Andrewfbrown – “Thank you Captain Obvious. Season without Tom Brady in NE, no playoffs.”

    No playoffs with an 11-5 record…. Big difference between failing to make the post season with 10+ wins and watching your whole season go down faster than the Titanic.

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