Jim Irsay is freaking out Colts fans


Before an Indy radio report about Peyton Manning’s status set off a Sunday night flurry of follow ups, Colts owner Jim Irsay was already sending signs via Twitter things were not well.

Irsay’s tweets are often song lyrics. When they aren’t lyrics, he’s often just messing around. But Nate Dunlevy at the excellent Colts blog 18to88.com compiled some of Irsay’s tweets since Friday and the result is compelling.

Here are a few that stuck out, although you could check the whole list here.

1. “There was the Rams-K Warner Sup year./ There was Patriot 2001-Brady Sup.year.— Every year. is interesting n unpredictable in NFL!!!!” Irsay wrote.

Irsay translator: Both of those years began with quarterback injuries.

2. “Stampedblue and Jon Bauges/random or silly tweets,they r not..ur not hearing what I’m saying..riddle n codes r done4a reason,but it’s there.”

Irsay translator: He’s telling some Colts bloggers that his series of downer tweets aren’t just a goof.  (He’s also saying that mean Mr. Polian doesn’t like too much information out there.)

3. Florio mentioned this one last night but worth repeating: “Excuse me, sir, I think this will be our finest hour.”

Calling upon Apollo 13 motivation about when things look darkest.

4. A new one from after midnight:

“I’m trying2prepare 12th Man as best I can,BUCK UP..if I’ve told u twice- The only thing the pity pot produces is a red ring around ur ass!” Irsay wrote.

That one is self explanatory.  Pity pots now available at all major Indianapolis convenience stores and select locations of Steak ‘n’ Shake.