Jim Irsay is freaking out Colts fans


Before an Indy radio report about Peyton Manning’s status set off a Sunday night flurry of follow ups, Colts owner Jim Irsay was already sending signs via Twitter things were not well.

Irsay’s tweets are often song lyrics. When they aren’t lyrics, he’s often just messing around. But Nate Dunlevy at the excellent Colts blog 18to88.com compiled some of Irsay’s tweets since Friday and the result is compelling.

Here are a few that stuck out, although you could check the whole list here.

1. “There was the Rams-K Warner Sup year./ There was Patriot 2001-Brady Sup.year.— Every year. is interesting n unpredictable in NFL!!!!” Irsay wrote.

Irsay translator: Both of those years began with quarterback injuries.

2. “Stampedblue and Jon Bauges/random or silly tweets,they r not..ur not hearing what I’m saying..riddle n codes r done4a reason,but it’s there.”

Irsay translator: He’s telling some Colts bloggers that his series of downer tweets aren’t just a goof.  (He’s also saying that mean Mr. Polian doesn’t like too much information out there.)

3. Florio mentioned this one last night but worth repeating: “Excuse me, sir, I think this will be our finest hour.”

Calling upon Apollo 13 motivation about when things look darkest.

4. A new one from after midnight:

“I’m trying2prepare 12th Man as best I can,BUCK UP..if I’ve told u twice- The only thing the pity pot produces is a red ring around ur ass!” Irsay wrote.

That one is self explanatory.  Pity pots now available at all major Indianapolis convenience stores and select locations of Steak ‘n’ Shake.

52 responses to “Jim Irsay is freaking out Colts fans

  1. It’s good to see that regardless of background, education or income, most tweets are an illegible mess.

  2. The best thing about the stuff Irsay tweets is thinking about how angry Polian must get. 😀
    I wouldn’t want my team’s owner tweeting, but it IS the man’s team and he has a right to do whatever he wants. And he is usually entertaining.

  3. Mr. Irsay, the actual quote is “With all due respect, sir, I believe this is going to be our finest hour.”

    And I believed it more when Ed Harris delivered the line.

  4. mrbigass says:Sep 5, 2011 9:10 AM

    What’s wrong with this guy?

    The biggest thing wrong with him is that he’s the son of Bob Irsay…

  5. Stupid spoiled moron who did too much drugs in the 60’s. You know this generation and their selfishness is why america is a disaster today right?

    Just goes to show regardless of race, creed, or backround- ghetto trash is ghetto trash.

  6. The rest of the country is finding out what Baltimore knew about the Irsay family…..They are a few bricks short of outhouse to store their pity pot in…..

  7. Has everyone taken into consideration that he is messing with your heads? Personally, I am not a Colts fan, but I love seeing the owners actually interact with the fans. I.e, Irsay, Cuban. Where does it say that an owner of a professional sports team has to be an old man with a stuffy attitude?

  8. Skins, tweeting has a character limit so most people abbreviate. When you listen to Irsay talk he isn’t Chris Johnson or anything. He’s normal sounding.

  9. steroid use from the 80’s catching up??? and to the person who said what daddy built… daddy traded for an then tore it down because he was a drunk!

  10. The “finest hour” thing actually originates with Winston Churchhill in World War II regarding the Royal Air Force givin’ their lives to save your people, Rosenthal. Have some respect and some sense of history, huh?

  11. This man is a fool. Any high profile guy like Irsay shouldn’t go anywhere near a twitter account. It’s never been so easy to say stupid thing to the world, and it’s never been harder to take them back. Idiot.

  12. To all of you saying Irsay is a disgrace, a moron, etc., you are all buffoons who just need to shut the hell up. To those of you thinking he is posting cryptic messages, you have to remember that a couple weeks ago he was posting lyrics about being down in Mississippi which started ridiculous Fayre rumors. Most of the lyrics he posts are just random, some are to answer peoples questions(which are blatantly obvious), and some are for his trivia. So many of his posts are just a part of a game in which you can win tickets, hats, jersey, and other memorabilia. I post random lyrics all the time myself, they’re just not from 60 year old songs. Lol.

  13. Hi…My name Jim…..Jim Tangueray……i’m gonna tweet now…….i may seem insane, but i’m just yanno drunk

  14. It’s like he just can’t stop talking. This guys show all the sign of being a lucky sperm kid.

  15. This is funny…because it’s the Colts owner and the subject is Manning’s health…or lackthereof. I’ve been saying it…let the Painter Era begin!!!

    Polian has done a pretty good job of getting guys around Manning that play well for them…but having to bring in Kerry Collins at the last minute does not speak well for developing a contingency plan…and at the least, trade bait for other teams.

    As far as Irsay goes…well, he’s from that era regarding the song lyrics. I find it kind of funny that he’s embraced twitter and like the fact that he interacts with the schmoes of the world wide interweb.

    Porp’s line about believing the quote more from Ed Harris was great. 🙂

  16. The phrase ‘our finest hour’ goes back 70 years to the British evacuation of Dunkirk in the darkest hours of WWII.

    For Irsay to attempt to appropriate the phrase to describe the plight of his silly football team is beyond pathetic.

    But not really surprising

  17. This post really pisses he off! Not because I’m from Baltimore and he’s an Irsay, but because I LOVE Steak n’ Shake!

    Don’t f— with Steak n’ Shake, Rosenthal!

  18. Where are all the rabidly pro-owner commenters from the lockout days now? You know, the ones who described the owners as heroes of free trade and good business sense, fighting the good fight against the marxist player’s union.

    I’ll answer the question: they’re back at their desks at nfl.com.

  19. Irsay:

    -1 for inheriting a team

    +1 for communicating directly w/ the fans, and not just hiding behind your wall of money

    Though I’m confused as to why he’s trying to reassure the Seahawks fan base about the Manning situation.

  20. This is what happens when your team is built around one player and Father Time comes calling for him.

    Odds are good that Peyton Manning had produced his last sequence of high level play at the NFL level. Colts will be a much different team without him and much worse.

  21. “It’s good to see that regardless of background, education or income, most tweets are an illegible mess.”

    Either you can’t read or you have a poor comprehension of what illegible means. Maybe the word you were going for is quite applicable to yourself..

  22. Gink gink gink gink gink gink…..tweat tweat tweat tweat tweat…..gink gink gink gink gink gink……..

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