Keary Colbert completes improbable comeback


USC wide receivers have a knack for improbable comebacks.

One year after Mike Williams returned from a few years out of the league to star in Seattle, Keary Colbert has made the Chiefs 53-man roster.

Colbert hasn’t played in the NFL since 2008.  He was in the UFL in 2009 and was a coaching assistant under Lane Kiffin at USC in 2010.  That will make anyone want to return to the field.

When Colbert announced his decision to return, we noted that he had an uphill battle to make a roster.  He picked the right team in Kansas City and apparently had an impressive camp.

A former second round pick of the Panthers, Colbert’s best season came as a rookie in 2004 with 754 yards.  If Colbert follows Williams’ path, we’ll be hearing from him again.