Panthers re-sign Hangartner, who could start right away

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Guard Geoff Hangartner left the Panthers for the Bills in 2009.  Two seasons into his Buffalo tenure, Hangartner got the boot.

Steve Reed of reports that Hangartner is back with the Panthers, and that he could start this week against the Cardinals, due to injuries to Geoff Schwartz and Garry Williams.

Hangartner and newly-signed Max Jean-Gilles are the primary candidates to take the spot between center Ryan Kalil and right tackle Jeff Otah on Sunday.

Though Hangartner was never a full-time starter, injuries allowed him to start 27 games in his first stint with the Panthers.

Hangartner started all 28 games in which he appeared during his time with the Bills.  He served as an offensive captain in 2010, after quarterback Trent Edwards was released.

11 responses to “Panthers re-sign Hangartner, who could start right away

  1. Excellent signing. The line may be nearing 2008 form and ready for Double Trouble to set records again.

  2. I admit, I didn’t follow what he did in Buffalo. The only question I have is, if he’s “that guy”, why did Hurney let him walk in ’09 and why was he expendable by the Bills?

  3. From a Bills fan, Hangartner was a fair center but he often would get bullrushed by larger dt’s. He was basically benched in Buffalo as a starter but I think the Bills would have kept him if not for his salary. Paying a backup $2.5 mill a year when you can get similar play from a lower paid backup is why hes gone. Its a decent stop-gap move by the Panthers but not one thats going to bring them a Lombardi trophy.

  4. THis move allows the Panthers to dump CJ Davis because Hangman plays center. and if Max Jean-Gilles can beat out MacKenzie Bernadeau, they can dump a million dollars worth of salary for a backup because Max can play behind both guard positions.

    Starting to see the light on the OL: Gross, Wharton, Kalil, Hangartner, Otah. Reserves: Ziemba, Max Jean-Gilles, and Bell, who played every position except center in the preseason.

  5. The Panther’s o-line will be Gross-Wharton-Kalil-Hangartner-Otah. The last time this combo started for the Panthers, Williams had for 4 TDs on the Giants, and Double Trouble had 250+ yards on the Saints.

  6. I liked Hangartner for depth. The Bills would’ve and should’ve kept him, if not for the salary.

    It’s not like we replaced him with anyone noteworthy.

  7. @dldove77

    There is no way this is a good signing…I hate the bills but I am from buffalo and am stuck to watch there horrible games and hangartner was pitiful to watch he would get blown backwards on running plays! He’s not in the top 5 offensive lineman on the bills which is saying he sucks

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